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Example sentences for "deliverers"

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deliverd; delivere; delivered; deliveredst; deliverer; deliverest; delivereth; deliveries; delivering; delivers
  1. In the twelfth century the people looked up to the clergy as their deliverers and friends; in the seventeenth century to parliaments and lawyers.

  2. In the great crises of States and Empires deliverers seem to be raised up by Divine Providence to restore peace and order, and maintain the first condition of society, or extricate nations from overwhelming calamities.

  3. The Saracens were received as the deliverers of the Jacobite church; and a secret and effectual treaty was opened during the siege of Memphis between a victorious army and a people of slaves.

  4. All around Bapaume the villages were looted and the night the deliverers entered the destroyers made the sky lurid with the fires of towns and hamlets.

  5. So the deliverers had certainly had a very easy task.

  6. He thereupon explained at great length how the insurgents had awoke, and how the muskets of the town's deliverers had been levelled at them to reduce them to impotence.

  7. And yet these rulers arose not solely by force of individual prowess, but were expressly raised up by God as deliverers of the nation in times of peculiar peril.

  8. The Black Knight thanked his deliverers with a dignity they had not observed in his former bearing, which hitherto had seemed rather that of a blunt bold soldier, than of a person of exalted rank.

  9. Surrender your charge," said one of them; "we are the deliverers of the commonwealth, who ease every man of his burden.

  10. He spoke of the murder as the most splendid achievement recorded in history, and he regretted only that he had not been taken into counsel by the deliverers of their country.

  11. The tyrannicides, as the murderers of Caesar called themselves, had expected that the Roman mob would be caught by the cry of liberty, and would hail them as the deliverers of their country.

  12. Can you say this to the deliverers of Greece; to people who crossed the sea, and have maintained a war on sea and land, to effect its deliverance?

  13. A lofty enthusiasm of patriotism also distinguishes the Jewish women, and in more than one case in the following sketches we shall see them the deliverers of their country.

  14. It is entirely in keeping with the whole character of the Mosaic institutions, and the customs of the Jewish people, that one of these inspired deliverers should be a woman.

  15. To the devout believer she promised pardons as ample as those with which she had rewarded the deliverers of the Holy Sepulchre.

  16. We are by no means unmindful of the great debt which mankind owes to the Puritans of that time, the deliverers of England, the founders of the American commonwealths.

  17. In the barroom of the tavern there was a crowd of drinking, carousing men, and among them a number of the white-faced debtors, already drunk with the bumpers their deliverers were pouring down their throats.

  18. Stutterers and stammerers become excellent deliverers of speeches in public.

  19. Yet only ten minutes earlier they were loudly acclaiming them as deliverers of their country.

  20. It was altogether beyond the ability of these deliverers to bring order into this national disorganisation, or to abolish the abuse of idolatry, and enforce a strict observance of religion.

  21. These heroic deliverers were commonly known as "judges" (Shofetim).

  22. PAGE 36 The Deliverers of Their Country PAGE 39 "The largest elephant in the zoo was carried off.

  23. People who are going to be their country's deliverers never scream and say they want to go home.

  24. The Deliverers of Their Country It all began with Effie's getting something in her eye.

  25. Then the children knew that they were indeed the deliverers of their country.

  26. We are by no means unmindful of the great debt which mankind owes to the Puritans of that time, the deliverers of England, the founders of the American Commonwealths.

  27. Let me next call attention to some of the predicted deliverers for whom the nations have been looking.

  28. In modern as well as in ancient times nations and races have looked for deliverers or for some brighter hope.

  29. But the time came when the felt want of men for something nearer and more sympathetic led to the doctrine of Vishnu's incarnations: first grotesque deliverers in animal shapes, but at length the genial and sympathetic Krishna.

  30. In despotic lands they become either the deliverers of their country or the pests of society--the terror of rulers, the fomentors of national discord.

  31. They formed a portion of the army of deliverers from Turkish misrule.

  32. I cannot omit to express my most grateful thanks to my deliverers and benefactors.

  33. On being taken up I asked my deliverers when it would be daylight, and they told me it was broad day--it was about ten o'clock in the forenoon.

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