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Example sentences for "bout"

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bourgeoning; bourn; bournous; bourreau; bouse; boute; bouteille; boutique; boutonniere; bouts
  1. Look to me mus' be somep'm might lamiDAL 'bout 'at statue!

  2. Bout fifteen miles, I guess," said the boy, looking blue.

  3. But I reckon he was so worried 'bout his ma dat he couldn't think of eve'thing.

  4. You better not move a foot till 'way late 'bout two o'clock.

  5. I reckon he studyin' 'bout dat waw an' all you tole him.

  6. Like the needy knife-grinder, whose breeches were so woefully torn during his drinking bout at an inn bearing the same name: "Story?

  7. It was alleged to have been discovered in Kennington Lane, where the palace of the monarch was said to be situated, and the fatal drinking bout to have taken place.

  8. He tole Jeb Case's Willie 'bout it; an' bragged on it, by gum.

  9. Jeb Case; "I hearn them devils go by last night 'bout midnight er after.

  10. Last year, when Oluski war here, your son war always prowlin' 'bout the Injun encampment, and down in the grove war thar gurl used to be.

  11. Miss Lou Diker is making her a dress, and she telephoned she'd be by to try it on 'bout four o'clock.

  12. On this occasion I had, as was my habit, gone alone to the settlement to pass an hour before settling down to a bout of work with Zeula.

  13. It was risky, I knew, as it left rather an opening for a thrust through the arm; but I had to do something, as this prolonged bout was beginning to make itself felt.

  14. I tell you what it is, lads, 'bout that time I thought the Avenger was a goner, for Britishers in American waters are mighty apt to do whatever comes into their minds.

  15. He's makin' a lot of wild talk 'bout what he'll do to us folks when the Britishers come up the river.

  16. To go to his business every day like clock work, and he 'bout seventy-seven years old.

  17. After his bout with physics and chemistry he took his two coaches in literature and history into the Curry County hunting region of southwestern Oregon.

  18. Incidentally, they knew that he lay wounded in Mafeking; that he pulled through a bout with yellow fever in Guayaquil; and that he stood trial for brutality on the high seas in New York City.

  19. She's never had a chance to nurse--never a child of her own to bring through a bout with colic.

  20. But that wouldn't make 'ee tell un nothin' 'bout their landin'?

  21. Dat's whar it tell 'bout David and Sol'mon and all em--dey hab a heap ob wives.

  22. It had cost as near as she 'cud reckon, 'bout two thousan' dollars.

  23. I tell you 'tis 'bout time dis came to an end.

  24. It's 'bout time he did," Tourtel growled.

  25. Now dat job settled, I tink we better go 'bout again.

  26. I guess 'bout day after to-morrow you'll do to see company.

  27. She runs around mighty irresponsible, and she'll stand a prairie-dog 'bout as often as she'll stand a bird.

  28. He cajoled them into a bout of tall stories, and told the tallest himself.

  29. Dess keep dish yeh road fo' 'bout half mile an' you strak 'pon the broad, main road.

  30. Them's mostly Pennsylvania men with you, an' they don't know a thing 'bout that thar region.

  31. Bout twenty of them, he said, led by a big dark fellow, his face covered with black beard.

  32. Sides, there'd be no bother 'bout the coorse.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bout" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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