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Example sentences for "dewy"

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dewlaps; dewless; dews; dewtie; dewty; dexar; dextera; dexterities; dexterity; dexterous
  1. We looked for dewy flower, and sunny fruit:-- He serves us up the dirt that feeds the root.

  2. I do not think that any precaution was needed,” Father Rasle said to his companion, as they drove through the dewy woods by starlight.

  3. In quiet shade the sombre valley lay, While all the little hills around were clothed With the soft lustre of the dewy moon.

  4. It was a glittering morning, dewy and warm.

  5. Whither had all those gay picnickers gone in the dewy cool of the morning, all the baskets and accordions and bottles, which the steamer landed?

  6. The chickens cluck over their morning meal; the cow stands in her cosy shed, happy with her dewy green breakfast and chewing the cud in contentment.

  7. The dewy freshness of the morning shimmers on every bough and grassy hillock.

  8. I give you the blessing of the thirsty," she replied; "and offer you in return a bit of bread from the city ovens, dipped in fresh butter from the dewy meadows of Damascus.

  9. The night was tranquil and bright, although there was no moon; Lavrétzky roamed about on the dewy grass for a long time; he came by accident upon a narrow path; he walked along it.

  10. For a long time Lavretsky wandered across the dewy grass.

  11. He made his patients get up early in the morning, get out in the air shortly after rising, the excuse, or, as he declared it, the reason being that they were to walk with bare feet in the dewy grass.

  12. Walking in the dewy grass in his bare feet was another recommendation that had come to him in a dream.

  13. She heard him move, and herself passed on, descending the steps into the dewy garden with again that odd feeling of unreality, almost as if she walked in a dream.

  14. They went out on to the terrace, and drank their coffee in the dewy stillness.

  15. Even as he sent it out into the darkness, he seemed to see the sturdy, eager little figure that had never failed to answer that summons with delight racing headlong towards him over the dim, dewy lawn.

  16. On the green surface of the lake a little boat, with white wings faintly fluttering, rocked in the dewy breeze.

  17. A moment later Arthur rose, kissed the hand, and went softly away across the dewy grass.

  18. Alfleda then Dropping her broidery lifted on her sire Gently the dewy light of childlike eyes And spake, 'But he in time will worship Christ!

  19. The rising sun Flamed on the forests' dewy jewelry, While, under rising mists, a host with plumes Rode down a broad oak alley t'wards the sea.

  20. Faces old long since Grew older, stricken as by hectic spasm, So fierce a pang had clutched them by the throat; While drops of sweat on many a wrinkled brow Hung large like dewy beads condensed from mist On cliffs by torrents shaken.

  21. With dewy eyes The strong king on them gazed, and inly mused, 'To God I gave them up: yet ne'er till now Seemed they so wholly mine!

  22. The morn was on her face, The star of morn within those eyes upraised That flashed all dewy with the grateful light Of many a granted prayer.

  23. Then I took my treasure and put it in a nest of cool dewy grass under the hedge.

  24. First my temple service, and then five miles tramp over the tender, dewy fields, with their ineffable earthy smell, until I reach the little church at the foot of the grey-green down.

  25. Everything was bathed in the dewy balm of summer morning, and he felt very happy as, with his little spaniel frisking round him, he visited the great Newfoundland in his kennel, and his old pet the pony in the stable.

  26. It was long before he slept, but at last weary nature demanded her privilege with importunity, and gentle sleep floated over him like a dark dewy cloud, and the sun was high in heaven before he woke.

  27. Till silly sheep beside His path start tremulous, and once again Look back dissatisfied, Then scour the dewy plain.

  28. I love my love, a bonny lass, She keeps her pails so bright, And blythe she trips the dewy grass At morning and at night.

  29. A slight contraction passes over the radiant, dewy face, so docilely turned towards the western shining.

  30. All readers of Mr. Hardy's novels will remember Tranter Dewy in Under the Greenwood Tree.

  31. In this pleasing little church Tranter Dewy and his family attended service, and here the valiant Thomas Leaf listened to the sermons of "His Holiness".

  32. The meal finished, she, with her husband, hurry to the mats on which the children slept, but the little ones had heard the noise of their feet upon the dewy leaves.

  33. The air, as dewy as early morn in the braes o' Maxwelton, was deliciously cool.

  34. And now through dewy dawn, the rising ray Lights up the radiance of their bridal day.

  35. From out the forest came wafts of dark dewy coolness, overhead the clouds revelled in splendour.

  36. To open her eyes was to be awake, with Wych Hazel; and softly she stepped along the floor and out on the dewy path to the lake side; and there stood splashing her hands in the water and the water over her face, with intense satisfaction.

  37. A gentle land-breeze brought us the dewy fragrance of the flowers which had been distilled from a wilderness of bloom during the tropical night.

  38. III Who blent thy song with sound of cattle lowing, And caw of rooks that perch on ewe and ram, And hymn of lark, and bleat of orphan lamb, And swish of scythe in Bredfield's dewy mowing?

  39. PERCY You wove the wood-flowers in a dewy band Around your hair which shone as black as jet: No fairy's crown of bloom was ever set Round brows so sweet as those the wood-flowers spanned.

  40. Need of the earth unfolds the flower, Dewy sweet at the proper hour; And in the world of the human heart Love is the flower's counterpart.

  41. They call you to these twilight ways With dewy odor dripping-- Ah, girlhood, through the rosy haze Come like a moonbeam slipping.

  42. She gave him her gracilent, dewy hands again, and he thrilled to their provocative spell.

  43. In half an hour he was awakened by their return, fresh, rosy, dewy and jubilant.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dewy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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