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Example sentences for "canny"

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  1. I ken a canny chield at Loughmaben, a bit writer lad, that will put me in the way to sort him.

  2. It would defy the face of clay to do it, you canny lover.

  3. He had come from somewhere nearer the centres of education--had been imported, so to speak, for the special use of Haven Settlement, for the leading men of the place were a canny set and knew the worth of books.

  4. The full significance of the attached possibilities had been put clearly before him by the astute, canny Scotchman, and he realized that it was friendship.

  5. Anderson was a Scotchman, absolute, with all that the name implies in canny conservative stubborn adherence to things as they are; the apparent consistencies.

  6. He was a canny body, and sound on the doctrine, but without unction or the fervour of the Spirit blowing upon him in the pulpit.

  7. So our canny skipper set to work his crooked wits, and for weeks he has been fomenting a rebellion of the port watch.

  8. Oh, Swope was canny, as canny as he was cruel.

  9. Aye, he was a canny brute, was Captain Swope; he knew just how to play such a crowd as we were.

  10. Aye, they were canny fighters--if it came to blows they would not be taken in the flank by surprise.

  11. His consent was won by the promise of a share of the profits (Kidd was a canny Scot by birth) and by the offer of Livingston to be his security and his partner in the venture.

  12. Lachlan was canny as well as braw, and he clinched the terms of peace by first locking the visitors in a room whose walls were some twenty feet thick, and then holding as hostages the two young sons of Angus MacDonald.

  13. Reaching Saint Louis, the canny McDougall looked him over and thought him worth trying out; so over he went to the stock department.

  14. If you could pick up a canny Scot, it would be well.

  15. It was proposed by the canny McAlpin to send him in with a team and light wagon, ostensibly to bring out his trunk, which, if it had not been fed to the horses, was still in Duke's barn.

  16. De Spain was well aware the canny boss ought to know.

  17. Noo, Sandy is baith a canny and a carefu chield; and, if they dinna thrive, I'm sure it wouldna be his faut.

  18. But the Taggarts are a' of the canny breed of Doobtin' Tammas, an sae I'll just keep a calm sugh till I see what the knife lays bare.

  19. It checks up, slows down, and tapers off gradually, and that is where the canny intelligence of a faithful Fletcherizer stands himself in good usefulness.

  20. To return to the callow book of the canny doctor-son of my antagonist of a dozen years ago.

  21. I'd read the words of Sir Douglas Haig, that braw and canny Scot wha held the British line in France, when he said Britain was fichtin' wi' her back tae the wall.

  22. Your Scot is a canny yin; he'll aye tak' his pleasures seriously.

  23. Many and many the canny Scot who's made a great place for himsel' in the world was born and brocht up in a wee village in a glen.

  24. I ken fine that folk think I'm close fisted and canny wi' my siller.

  25. Some of them even forgot themselves so much as to lie down and doze, others were discourteous enough to resume feeding, but a canny few continued to watch my every movement sharply.

  26. Shyly they came to the surface, watching me sharply the while, diving at my slightest movement, reappearing on the farther shore, cautious and canny as ever.

  27. Canny and soft the captain went; And a man of the woody land, With the shaven head and the painted face, Went down at his right hand.

  28. And it was a muckle trooper on a muckle grey horse, not canny to see, and no another soul within sight.

  29. Our canny old hostess, in the bonnet and shawl which seem to be her official wear, was not disposed this afternoon to talk of the Wordsworths, whom she had served in her girlhood.

  30. Even to-day canny Cumberland shows a grain too much of frugality in pasturing sheep in the cathedral graveyard.

  31. She has not eloped with one of our canny Scots, has she?

  32. Now, Cuthbert, I hope you will be more canny over this affair than you were over the affair of the note I sent to Frisbie, which you permitted to fall into the hands of Philistines.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "canny" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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