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  1. Cadiot recommends the drainage of synovia with a suitable trocar and cannula and injecting a mixture consisting of tincture of iodin, one part, to two parts of sterile water, to which is added a small quantity of potassium iodid.

  2. This authority (Cadiot) further advocates the removal of practically all of the synovia that will run out through the cannula and the immediate introduction of as much as one hundred cubic centimeters of the above mentioned iodin solution.

  3. At the conclusion of the operation the cannula is removed from the jugular vein, and the wound is closed by the valvular character of the slit in the skin and vein and the elasticity of the wall of the vein.

  4. This metal lid contains an aperture large enough for the tube which conveys the blood from the cannula to pass through.

  5. Intubation, or the passage of a cannula through a stricture, is referred to later.

  6. The withdrawal of pus by a puncture through the thin outer wall of the inferior meatus of the nose with a fine trocar and cannula will establish the diagnosis.

  7. A silver funnel or cannula (infundibulum seu fistula argentea), for nourishing patients affected with trismus, by conveying liquid food into the fauces, through the free space behind the last molars.

  8. The natural opening of the antrum being re√ęstablished, one irrigates the cavity through it by means of a cannula to which a small syringe has been screwed.

  9. Medicines are introduced directly into the first stomach by the use of an esophageal tube or through the cannula of a trocar passed into the paunch through the side.

  10. When a large amount of effusion is present, tapping with the trocar and cannula is generally resorted to.

  11. The insertion of the ring by means of a trocar and cannula is preferable, as the method is not open to this objection.

  12. With a posterior presentation the abdomen may be punctured more easily either in the flank or with a trocar and cannula through the anus.

  13. It is occasionally necessary to keep the cannula in the stomach for several hours.

  14. If the cannula is removed while gas is still forming in the paunch and the left flank becomes considerably swollen, it may be necessary to insert it again.

  15. Whenever the person in charge of the cow is convinced that gas has ceased to issue from the cannula the instrument should be removed.

  16. For some years we have used a little instrument, which can be made by any worker in metal, consisting of a steel point riveted into a short cannula made to fit on one end of the ring while open.

  17. If this can not be effected, a long trocar and cannula may be passed between the first two ribs and straight on beneath the spine until it punctures the abdomen.

  18. The trocar covered by the cannula is forced into the rumen, the trocar withdrawn, and the cannula allowed to remain until the gas has escaped.

  19. Trocar and cannula; 5a shows the trocar covered by the cannula; 5b, the cannula from which the trocar has been withdrawn.

  20. The fluid is represented escaping from the cannula after the withdrawal of the trocar.

  21. The trocar is a sharp-pointed instrument incased in a cannula or sheath, which leaves the sharp point of the trocar free.

  22. It is well, accordingly, to observe the cannula closely, and if gas is found to be issuing from it, it should not be removed.

  23. Inside the cannula is fixed by oxidation an obturator, which carries on its end a small handle fixed on in T-fashion.

  24. A more elaborate form of the cannula for ascites is seen in another specimen, also in the Naples Museum (Pl.

  25. We introduce through the incision in the abdomen and peritoneum, a bronze cannula having a tip like that of a writing pen' (VL.

  26. A tube on similar principles to the ascites cannula was employed in empyema (Hippocrates, ii.

  27. The dogs on which the preparations were tested were prepared for carotid blood pressure, injection into the external jugular vein, and cannula in the pancreatic duct, essentially the methods of Bayliss and Starling[32] being employed.

  28. Dog under light ether anesthesia; cannula in the pancreatic duct; a, carotid blood pressure; b, record of flow of pancreatic juice in drops.

  29. The abscess is first evacuated by means of a large trocar and cannula introduced obliquely through the overlying soft parts, avoiding any part where the skin is thin or red.

  30. Colt's method of wiring has been mainly used in the treatment of abdominal aneurysm; gilt wire in the form of a wisp is introduced through the cannula and expands into an umbrella shape.

  31. The cannula is withdrawn, the puncture is closed by a Michel's clip, and a dressing applied so as to exert a certain amount of compression.

  32. This should be removed at the amputation by squeezing the vessel from above downward by a "milking" movement, or by "catheterising the artery" with the aid of a cannula with a terminal aperture.

  33. If the cannula becomes blocked with caseous material, it may be cleared with a probe, or a small quantity of saline solution is forced in by the syringe.

  34. If gas forms, the trocar and cannula should be used.

  35. If fluid collects in sufficient quantity to seriously interfere with the heart action, the sack may be punctured with the trocar and cannula and the fluid withdrawn.

  36. If the amount of effusion is large, puncture of the thoracic cavity with a trocar and cannula may be practised.

  37. The X indicates the point where the wall of flank and rumen are punctured with trocar and cannula in "bloat.

  38. Showing the point where the wall of flank and rumen are punctured with trocar and cannula in "bloat".

  39. In chronic tympanitis, it is sometimes advisable to leave the cannula in position by tying a tape to the flange, passing it around the body and tying.

  40. His apparatus for the purpose consisted of the bladder of a goat with a silver cannula fastened into its neck.

  41. He inserted a cannula of silver through the mouth until its head met an obstruction.

  42. Cauterizing shears with cannula for cauterization of the uvula 4.

  43. In such cases the air may be absorbed, when a spontaneous cure is the result, but when the symptoms are urgent it is recommended that the air be removed by a trocar and cannula or by an aspirator.

  44. A, shows cane-shaped cannula for use in intrathoracic compressive or other stenoses.

  45. A patient with a properly fitted cannula free of secretions breathes noiselessly.

  46. Ether is dropped on gauze laid over the tracheotomic cannula and the anesthesia watched in the usual manner.

  47. If the operation has not been done too high, and the cannula is too long, a pad of gauze under the shield will take up the surplus length.

  48. A square-cannula forceps to prevent turning of the jaws was at one time used by the author but it has since been found that round cannula pattern serves all purposes.

  49. Surgeon (in our cases) will change outer cannula once daily or oftener.

  50. The wearing of a tracheotomic cannula permits a restoration of the muscle balance and a subsidence of the subglottic inflammation.

  51. If free breathing cannot be obtained when the cannula is corked, the larynx is stenosed, and special work will be required to remove the tube.

  52. The cannula is long enough to reach well down into the trachea.

  53. When all is clear, a fresh sterile cannula which has been carefully inspected to see that its lumen has been thoroughly cleaned, is inserted, and its tapes tied.

  54. Remember life depends on a clear cannula if the patient gets no air through the mouth.

  55. Another glass tube passes down almost to the bottom of the flask, and is connected by a rubber tube with the cannula inserted into the artery.

  56. Introduce a cannula into the trachea and gently inflate the trachea with air.

  57. This increase of pressure will equally affect the air inside the bottle containing the injection fluid, and the fluid will be forced out along the tube and through the cannula into the artery.

  58. An incision must be made into the left ventricle, and a cannula passed up into the aorta and firmly secured by a ligature passed round the aorta with the assistance of forceps or an aneurism needle.

  59. Its end is then placed on the cannula and secured there by a ligature.

  60. If an isolated organ is to be injected, a cannula of glass or brass should first be inserted into the artery and securely tied in position.

  61. A curved cannula could be attached to the bdellometer for bleeding in the nasal passages, the mouth, the vagina, and the rectum.

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