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Example sentences for "effusion"

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effulgence; effulgences; effulgent; effuse; effused; effusions; effusive; effusively; effusiveness; eflie
  1. For himself, he felt as if fatigue or dejection would never touch him again, and he kissed his mother and his sisters, including Lucy, all round, with an effusion of delight.

  2. Eustacie, recovering from her anger, and recollecting his services, gave him her hand to kiss, and bade him farewell with a sudden effusion of gratitude and affection that warmed the honest fellow's heart.

  3. She had also a strong vein of inherited social ambition, and she and her husband welcomed Rose with greater effusion than ever, in proportion as she was more beautiful and more indisputably gifted than ever.

  4. In anybody else Elsmere would have thought all this effusion insincere or patronising.

  5. In the first kind, there is greater or less effusion of blood, according to the size and number of the vessels divided.

  6. When the inflammation is violent, and effusion into the substance of the gland extensive, suppuration may occur; and in infirm constitutions this is not an infrequent, though remote, consequence of hernia humoralis.

  7. The tube, however, is permanently closed by effusion of lymph from its orifice, and consolidation of the surrounding parts.

  8. When the effusion of new bone has extended to the neighbourhood of a joint, its motion may be very much impeded, and, from the limb being kept in a state of rest for the cure of the necrosis, anchylosis may even occur.

  9. Effusion of lymph takes place around, gluing the wounded bowel to the peritoneal surface of a neighbouring fold, or forming a sort of pouch within which the extravasation is limited.

  10. When the artery is cut through, its extremities retract, effusion takes place into the sheath and compresses the orifice; the formation of a coagulum within the vessel is thus promoted, and the hemorrhage arrested.

  11. Induration and enlargement sometimes occur along the urethra from effusion of lymph, or from obstruction and distention of the lacunæ.

  12. The effusion varies in extent and consistence, according to the degree of inflammatory action, and the species of resistance offered; at first it is serous, then mixed with fibrin, and consequently spontaneously coagulable.

  13. Illustration] Bloody effusion into the scrotal cellular tissue produces a dark appearance of the integuments, and the swelling has a doughy feel.

  14. All the intricacies which life offers to the will and the intellect he lards and obliterates by the timely effusion of tearful sentiment.

  15. The work is, in fact, dangerous: it is an effusion of party, not a remonstrance of patriotism.

  16. On this point I speak not lightly: that which I state is neither the effusion of gratitude nor the meanness of adulation: the royal personage I allude to would not commend me for the one, and would despise me for the other.

  17. In the mouth of Pindar, life might be called a dream, and it would but pass for the effusion of poetic melancholy.

  18. Nothing could be clearer than that, whatever the effusion might owe to the inspiration of Cupid, Apollo had no share in its charm.

  19. Just as the King of France was about to give orders for the advance, the Cardinal of Perigord arrived in his camp, anxious to stop, if possible, the effusion of blood.

  20. Effusion of blood into the nerve sheath, or into the internal or middle ear, causes transitory deafness, and the patient suffers from noises in the ear, giddiness, and interference with equilibration.

  21. The small size of the distal fragment, its depth from the surface, and the accompanying effusion into and around the joint, render its control difficult.

  22. If seen immediately after the accident, firm pressure should be applied by means of an elastic bandage over a thick layer of cotton wool, to prevent bleeding and effusion of synovia.

  23. Effusion takes place into the synovial cavity, and a soft, puffy swelling fills up the natural hollows about the joint.

  24. The mildest degree consists in a bruising of the periosteum, which is raised from the bone by an effusion of blood, constituting a hæmatoma of the periosteum.

  25. On account of the great extent of the synovial membrane, a large quantity of serous effusion may accumulate in the joint in a comparatively short time, as a result either of injury or disease.

  26. As a result of both of these factors the joint is liable to repeated slight strains or jars which irritate the synovial membrane and tend to keep up the effusion and excite the overgrowth of its tissue elements.

  27. The ligaments are stretched or partly torn, and there is effusion of fluid into the joint.

  28. The sudden onset of deafness may be due to impaction of wax in the external meatus or to hæmorrhage or effusion into the labyrinth.

  29. There is often some effusion into the joint.

  30. There is usually some effusion into the sheaths of the tendons passing over the joint, and in some cases on moving the fingers a peculiar creaking, which may simulate crepitus, can be elicited.

  31. The origin of this harsh effusion shows under what feelings Burns sometimes wrote.

  32. The useless effusion of blood you propose stopping by this course can be ended at any time you may choose, by the unconditional surrender of the city and garrison.

  33. I make this proposition to save the further effusion of blood, which must otherwise be shed to a frightful extent, feeling myself fully able to maintain my position for a yet indefinite period.

  34. This bombastic effusion was followed by several others equally false and ridiculous.

  35. Before orders to fire were given, the civil commissary, desirous to avoid effusion of blood, advanced alone towards the crowd, endeavouring to persuade them to retire peaceably.

  36. On Receiving A Favour Extemporaneous Effusion On being appointed to an Excise division.

  37. Extemporaneous Effusion On being appointed to an Excise division.

  38. That thy lifes too meane To satisfie the unworthiest of the Campe For the effusion of a loyall drop.

  39. The virtue of this stone is said to be against effusion of blood, against passion of the heart, and to confortation of the spirit.

  40. His brilliant achievements were not stained with that reckless effusion of blood that marked the ambitious Caesar, the conquering Alexander and the disappointed Bonaparte.

  41. It is the inspired effusion of a clear head, a good heart and a noble soul.

  42. He was carried down to the cockpit, and the effusion of blood being very great, his wound was held to be dangerous, if not mortal, by the anxious shipmates around him.

  43. And again, what can be more exquisitely tender, more beautiful in its fervent simplicity of expression, than the effusion which follows?

  44. It was but an effusion of lively spirits.

  45. These men may truly be said to go through life laughing; but habit has blunted the finer edges of their sympathies, and their mirth is but the unmeaning effusion of a weak spirit.

  46. The hours passed in his society I look upon as the brightest of my life, and even now I think of them with an effusion of gratitude and admiration, rather increased than diminished by time.

  47. This excellent friend had already sailed; but being driven back by contrary winds, he landed at Leghorn, where this effusion of my heart reached him.

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