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Example sentences for "fertility"

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  1. The more there were of such victims, the greater was believed to be the fertility of the land.

  2. Ceremony, magical, to ensure fertility of women, i.

  3. Fertility of women, magical ceremony to ensure, i.

  4. M27 As the fertility of the land was supposed to depend on these sacrifices, Mannhardt interpreted the victims as representatives of tree-spirits or spirits of vegetation.

  5. Eunuchs perform a ceremony for the fertility of the fields, i.

  6. Be that as it may, we can now perhaps understand why the Druids believed that the more persons they sentenced to death, the greater would be the fertility of the land.

  7. John Passion Music to grace his arrival, as though to prove that the divorce from sacred music which he had supported for so long a time had made his fertility and creative force only the more abundant.

  8. The admiration, still lingering in the minds of the travellers, which had been aroused by the incredible fertility of the Papuan Islands and the Moluccas was no doubt calculated to weaken the impression produced by any of the Marianne Islands.

  9. It must be added, with regard to Malacca, that in point of fertility of soil, pleasantness of situation and facilities for obtaining all really necessary supplies, it was superior to its rivals.

  10. In spite of the fertility of the land, the native Gallic population had vanished from most of the districts of this region as early as Polybius' time (Polyb.

  11. He was a man of knightly bravery and courtesy, and his energy and fertility of mind were equalled only by his rare sweetness and modesty.

  12. We see the great fertility of the soil thrown up by explosion, in part of the country I have described, which on that account was called by the ancients Campania Felix.

  13. We cannot get anything for either love or money, in a country the fertility of which is truly astonishing.

  14. Its great fertility was shown by its gigantic grasses, and abundant crops of corn and maize.

  15. First of all it must be remarked that, as species have actually been constituted by systematists, the test of exclusive fertility does not apply.

  16. This extraordinary fertility was the cause of the covetous longing of the Court favourites to divide the spoil.

  17. Lord John felt no interest whatever in such matters, but he could not choose but admire the extraordinary fertility of the enclosure, and the variety of the products.

  18. Even with the warfare between the beneficent powers of sun and the fertility of Nature and the malignant powers of winter, the devil became associated.

  19. In fertility of invention he surpassed all his contemporaries.

  20. He hath given us the beauty and fertility of the earth, and we have made the scene of His bounty a charnel-house and a battle-field.

  21. The fertility of Livonia, and the situation of its capital, Riga, were temptations to the czar, to possess himself of that country.

  22. Rome and Constantinople, though so long the mistress of other nations, are not to compare in fertility of country with the Ukraine.

  23. The county is gently rolling, in rich fields of which nearly every acre can be tilled, with deep upland soil and dark sandy loam underlaid with a porous marl, almost equal in fertility and affording a perfect and natural drainage.

  24. Of course the beasts come into view as destructive, and the stones as injuring the fertility of the fields.

  25. It will give fertility of resource and patience.

  26. Not only is all the fertility of the earth made available, but fertility itself can be made by our new power of transportation.

  27. The way they do it is as follows:--The best kinds of apples are grafted on a variety known as the Paradise, which induces a very dwarf growth and early fertility in the kinds grown upon it.

  28. The fertility of invention that characterises a magpie's mind is perfectly astonishing, and the anecdotes that are related by every one who has watched his habits are as varied as they are wonderful.

  29. Its fertility was famous in ancient times, and still more the red pottery made of the local clay, with its imitation of chased silver.

  30. Farming has been very much a mining process, the utilizing of fertility easily at hand and the moving-on to lands unspoiled of quick potash and nitrogen.

  31. The keeping of the beautiful earth The proper care-taking of the earth lies not alone in maintaining its fertility or in safeguarding its products.

  32. The tenancy in the United States is partly a preliminary stage to ownership: if we can fulfil the moral obligation to society in the conserving of fertility and other natural resources, tenancy may be considered as a means to an end.

  33. He is always brought face to face with the problem of saving the fertility of the land, saving the crops, saving the forests, and saving the live-stock.

  34. As for the sexual instinct, its psychic fertility is in no way less than the physical--it is an inexhaustible source of imagination in everyday life as well as in art.

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