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Example sentences for "gushing"

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gurus; gush; gushed; gusher; gushes; gushings; guslar; gusset; gussets; gust
  1. What a triumph to my skill in divination as I heard the Friar's loud voice overtopping the gushing flood, while he exhorted his beasts in the most energetic fashion!

  2. The men's voices mingled with the gushing torrent and the splashing water, which rose higher and higher at each plunge, while a shrill shriek from within the wagon topped all, and in its cadence seemed to speak a heart torn with terror.

  3. The time has been when brave blood would have leaped gushing from brave hearts," said Hansford proudly, "to protect woman from the slightest shadow of insult.

  4. Young Makkabesku had built up his den in a most picturesque situation beside a stream gushing down from among the mountains and forming a waterfall close to the very house.

  5. When the old man stopped to water his horse at the spring gushing forth from the black slate rock, he said to the girl: "Anicza, when did you speak last with Fatia Negra?

  6. Gushing planned an expedition to destroy her by a torpedo.

  7. It is the tread of armies marching near, From scarlet lands to lands forever pale; It is a bugle dying down the gale; It is the sudden gushing of a tear.

  8. When but an idle boy I sought its grateful shade; In all their gushing joy Here, too, my sisters played.

  9. Three great windows looked out upon a noble park, in which were strange and beautiful trees, marble figures, miniature lakes, gushing fountains, and many a lovely bird and curious quadruped.

  10. The music had just died away, and there was nothing to be heard but an occasional plash in the lake, the hum of insects, and the steady hiss of the gushing fountains.

  11. Invaluable," said Juke, in a young man's gushing manner.

  12. He heard the waters gushing merrily, heard the sounds of some small animal rushing off through the woods.

  13. The bright sharp Comrade, with his depth of reasoning, his fountain of gushing emotions, his worldliness.

  14. When but an idle boy I sought its grateful shade; In all their gushing joy, Here, too, my sisters played.

  15. Footnote 170: 'That rock makes the passage narrow, and from beneath that rock a spring gushing out sweeps past the river's bank.

  16. And the hideous catalogue of evils includes, also, broken limbs—fearful accidents and gushing wounds,—as well as many of those hereditary maladies which are handed down from father unto son!

  17. He gathers manna in the wilderness, he strikes the barren rock for the gushing moisture.

  18. But a vision of wonder breaks now on his sight; The blue vault of heaven is gushing with light, And, facing the tyrant, a form from the sky Returns the fierce glance of his challenging eye.

  19. The path was so narrow as to compel me to force my way: I heard the gushing of the hidden waters, and the noise of the spirits engaged in forging steel, gold, and silver in their caverns, for the temptation and perdition of man.

  20. With rapid strides he reached the after-hatchway, out of which streams of smoke were gushing forth.

  21. Thicker and thicker masses of smoke came gushing forth, and we were obliged to cry out to be drawn up, and were almost overpowered before we reached the deck.

  22. With gushing tears I bid the pair farewell.

  23. She spake, and o'er her lap the gushing tears outflow.

  24. The flames cracked and leaped angrily under the gushing water; only when the jet was turned directly upon them, and then more by means of its smothering power than its inherent qualities, did it finally vanquish them.

  25. The spring is gushing forth, The bushes cover it.

  26. She held her hands before her eyes, to hide her fresh gushing tears, but they trickled fast through her fingers, as she answered, 'My situation is now deplorable indeed!

  27. Ferdinand and Fidelia will each keep out of it (be still, my gushing heart!

  28. There be fountains gushing up in the hearts of such, sweeter than the springs of water which flow from the hillsides, where they sojourn; and therein, also, flowers of the summer do blossom all the year long.

  29. If to the irrepressible gushing of life from within we add the suffering and horror that continually checked it, we shall have in hand, I think, the chief elements of his genius.

  30. Man's constitution is a fountain from which to draw an infinity of gushing music, not representing anything external, yet not unmeaning on that account, since it represents the capacities and passions latent in him from the beginning.

  31. These wild wood-notes gushing unselfconscious from a heart glad with youth and fair visions are in strange contrast to the artificial, trifling, and unsatisfying poetry of the age.

  32. But gradually Hayley's constant companionship, his amiable but fatuous and gushing friendship, acted like the hated chain of slavery on Blake's electric and expansive temperament.

  33. My eyes grow dim, and sympathetic passion Falls like a gushing torrent on my bosom.

  34. Give me a sword, and onward to the charge, Stop gushing tears, for I will weep in blood, And sorrow with the groans of dying men.

  35. O'er lifeless heaps of men the soldiers climb Still eager for the combat, while the ground Made slipp'ry by the gushing streams of gore Is treach'rous to their feet.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gushing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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