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Example sentences for "complimentary"

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complicity; complied; complies; compliment; complimental; complimented; complimenting; compliments; complot; complures
  1. When the eighth inning began Lesterville had nine runs to Clearfield's one, and there seemed no reason to suppose that the final tally would be any more complimentary to Clearfield.

  2. He dealt out praise lavishly and was especially complimentary to the Rutter's Point pitcher, who, it seemed, had struck out ten batsmen besides fielding his position perfectly.

  3. It is always more complimentary and considerate to observe a day at home than to call on an afternoon when the hostess does not expect you.

  4. The pronoun yours should never be omitted, as it leaves the phrase unfinished and is not complimentary to the person addressed.

  5. It is neither complimentary nor genuinely courteous to post a card to inquire after a friend or acquaintance who is ill.

  6. We had made it a point never to allow him to pay any of his personal or table expenses when he conducted us to an inn, and his breakfast was given, I suppose, much to his honour, as a complimentary requital.

  7. On the 26th of April I had much pleasure in reading to our little crew of the Bellona a complimentary letter, for their gallant conduct on the 13th ult.

  8. I do not know whether it be considered with the Tahitian aristocracy complimentary to covet a neighbor's goods, but certainly my stout chieftain was the most shameless beggar I ever remembered to have any dealings with.

  9. In another poem he bewailed the sad fate of Jacqueline in a way which was not very complimentary to Humphrey, though this production of his has not survived in a complete state, two whole folios being mercifully missing.

  10. It was opened by a speech from Chancellor Kemp, now Archbishop of York, in which, after some complimentary remarks, he broached the reason for this invitation.

  11. Thus, though you meant to be complimentary in your sketch of my career, you make more than a dozen mistakes of fact, which I need not correct, as I don't desire my biography to be written till I am dead.

  12. Those remarks were apt to be more complimentary to the cause than to the appearance of the supposed general, owing to his being muffled up, and also owing to the travel-worn condition we were all in after a hard day's ride.

  13. In the complimentary letter accompanying his cheque, the lieutenant was invited to present himself at the ancestral Hall, when convenient to him, and he was assured that he had given his relative and friend a taste for a soldier's life.

  14. I would rather hear a rough truth than the most complimentary evasion.

  15. The actor was gratefully complimentary to his supporters, not forgetting the altar of Merope.

  16. If a man can be given a complimentary title three years after death (that was the Chinese rule at first), why not give it him 300 years after his death?

  17. Emperor's court that, being anxious to see his own name in the "Springs and Autumns," he suggested to the Emperor that for a long time no complimentary mission had been sent to Lu.

  18. On the other hand, the Emperor's complimentary presents to the vassals were highly valued.

  19. Fat-face, puff-cheeks, or any other term describing fulness of face, in the least complimentary manner.

  20. The assumption that God is very much like us is not complimentary to God.

  21. Still, he distinctly remembered hearing complimentary remarks passed upon him by the ladies and gentlemen, together with whispered explanations of his manners.

  22. The whole allusion, however, might, without straining be regarded as a merely complimentary one.

  23. He also said something complimentary to his gentleman.

  24. She is not backward in believing everything complimentary that is said to her.

  25. He also made translations from Pindar and Anacreon, and a series of short complimentary verses, which gained for him the nickname of "Namby Pamby.

  26. The conclusion of a letter includes what is termed the complimentary close and the signature.

  27. The heading, salutation, complimentary close, and signature are all omitted.

  28. The signature properly belongs below and a little to the right of the complimentary close.

  29. Our choice of a complimentary close, like that of a salutation, depends upon the relations existing between us and those to whom we are writing.

  30. The complimentary close should be written one line below the last line of the main part of the letter, and toward the right-hand side of the page.

  31. You are not very complimentary to me when you call her ignorant, Merton.

  32. He accosted him and, as his most complimentary act, offered him his mull for a pinch.

  33. A Compliment by Return= The minister's man at Lintrathen, though sufficiently respectful, seldom indulges in the complimentary vein.

  34. Whitehall a work by Holbein that would constitute him the Apelles of his time," an expression which we may remember had been also applied to Holbein by his friend Borbonius in the complimentary lines on a Dance of Death.

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