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Example sentences for "fluent"

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fluctuation; fluctuations; fluctus; flue; fluency; fluently; flues; fluff; fluffed; fluffing
  1. No feeble dreams of peace, entertained by loose thinkers and fluent phrase makers, no easy conciliations, will be tolerated.

  2. The fluent now-famous phrases did not content us.

  3. Talking like a book, as his frequent manner is, he expounds in fluent phrase his deeply-rooted faith in this neglected science.

  4. It was only when they were a mile away from Black Strand that fluent speech returned to Lady Beach-Mandarin.

  5. Drawing nearer this resolved itself into the fluent contours of Lady Beach-Mandarin, dressed in sky-blue and with a black summer straw hat larger than ever and trimmed effusively with marguerites.

  6. There is, then, one kind of eloquence which seems fluent by nature; another which appears to have been changed and modified by art.

  7. He has lost somewhat in solidity, has become fluent and adaptable, but more of the original groundwork of character remains.

  8. He took rank in the eyes of the little town with men in a much larger way of business by means of a pushing manner and a fluent tongue.

  9. It has still in it men who would have succeeded, had they tried other professions--who have something more to distinguish them than a sleek appearance or a fluent voice.

  10. Fluent in pen, meagre in attainment, seemingly master of no one subject, yet writing vehemently on all, the Doctor is precisely the man to give the law to that low class of readers more or less present in all religious denominations.

  11. Only that fluent writer the Court newsman, or he who tells in the columns of the Morning Post of the finery of Drawing Rooms, when the beauty of England prostrates itself before royalty, could do justice to the dress the Cardinal wore.

  12. Of course, at times there is a rude eloquence on his lips, or, rather, a fluent declamation, which the mob around takes for such.

  13. Although brief, they evince discrimination and talent; a fluent style being one of their chief recommendations, not much space is devoted to each.

  14. Thus his verses are startling as much as stern; the thought does not excuse its conscious existence by letting us see its relation with life; there is a want of fluent music.

  15. He would have been an idealist in any circumstances; a fluent and glowing poet, had he been born among a people to whom poesy is native, like the Greeks, the Italians, the Irish.

  16. He was a graceful and fluent speaker, a handsome man, witty, sarcastic, and popular, but with much scorn for the plain people.

  17. It consists of eleven stanzas of ten lines each, all fluent and spirited, and some of very superior merit.

  18. He is a versatile writer and a fluent speaker, a frank, outspoken and honorable man.

  19. Mr. Wood was a man of more than ordinary ability, an eloquent speaker, a fluent and gifted writer, whose influence will long be felt.

  20. He was a charming conversationalist, and such a ready and fluent speaker that it was a pleasure to listen to him.

  21. She was a fluent conversationalist, and careful and tidy in her personal appearance.

  22. He was a fluent speaker, well skilled in the management of the cases intrusted to his care.

  23. He is a ready writer, a fluent and eloquent speaker, a journalist, a historian and the oldest editor in Minnesota.

  24. A captivating and fluent speaker, and besides a man of far more than ordinary native ability and acquirements, he was not suffered to remain on his Dakota farm.

  25. A fluent and interesting talker, her recitals of early incidents and adventures are heart enlivening.

  26. Thomas, is a fluent speaker, a popular lecturer and a kind hearted, genial man.

  27. There was much that amused but nothing that interested in Lord Vargrave's fluent ease.

  28. Whether the fluent rhetorician foresaw his present position, whether perched on his slender ledge of power he now enjoys it, we need not stop to consider.

  29. Bedient had to remember hard, after dozens of fluent and delightful letters, that he must encounter the old bashfulness again.

  30. Certainly, no one who ever listened to his fluent and limpid utterance would have suspected it.

  31. He was fluent for one of his color--too fluent the other man felt.

  32. I lacked not words now; fast I narrated; fluent I told my tale; it streamed on my tongue.

  33. To give quite an assured and fluent account of a country, we should lose no time on our first arrival.

  34. Years later, our mother suggested to Theodore Parker that "the best stage dancing gives the classic, in a fluent form, with the illumination of life and personality.

  35. Nor is this by any means improbable; for the Irish House of Commons was a far less formidable audience than the English House; and many tongues which were tied by fear in the greater assembly became fluent in the smaller.

  36. At least he had assumed that she was French, and it was startling to be addressed by her now in fluent English.

  37. Fillmore was a fluent young man, once a power in his college debating society, and it was for that reason that she had insisted on his coming here tonight.

  38. He was lying in the steely embrace of that highly nickelised chair, with his face looking up to the ceiling--exactly the reverse of the attitude in which he felt so fluent every Sunday evening.

  39. Durham of Kentucky,--the former a fluent speaker, the latter an indefatigable worker; Washington C.

  40. He chose to ignore that subject, to hide it by fluent and graceful phrase from public criticism, and thus to keep from the official knowledge of Congress the most important facts in the whole domain of reconstruction.

  41. Johnson was bold and fluent in public speech, irresolute and procrastinating in action: Jackson wasted no words, but always acted with promptness and courage.

  42. As a speaker he is fluent and eloquent, but perhaps too much given to severity of expression.

  43. The inevitable result is inequality and exaggeration, his genius and his work being often at variance; the charm of mere grace leads to the danger of softness and effeminacy, and fluent animation becomes meaningless superficiality.

  44. You have fluent speech, and quite a rich vocabulary of words.

  45. He had just returned from a meeting where, by accurate and fluent speech, he had convinced and won over a numerous assembly of men of uncommon keenness and significance.

  46. He was one of those fluent conversationalists frequently met with in society.

  47. Being a poor talker myself, and rather more fluent as a listener, I did not interrupt him.

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