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Example sentences for "fluently"

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fluctuations; fluctus; flue; fluency; fluent; flues; fluff; fluffed; fluffing; fluffs
  1. She heard herself talk sweetly and fluently during the long, sunny, breezy drive, heard Jack answering and assenting with a fluency, a sweetness as apt.

  2. He had studied in Geneva and in Paris, Berlin and Vienna, and he expressed himself fluently in English, French, and German.

  3. She spoke fluently with the even flow of water turned on at a tap.

  4. The three gentlemen were able to converse in English as fluently as in their own tongue.

  5. He explained by stating that he could converse fluently in four languages, besides his own native Arabic tongue.

  6. My daughters have been educated in the American Seminary and can converse fluently in French, German, and English, as well as in Arabic.

  7. Addie's temper, never of the best, burst all bounds as this situation became plain to her, and she expressed herself fluently to Sherman, who felt himself included in her misfortunes as part author of them.

  8. I ought to mention that this lady, in her normal condition, is singularly reticent, and that the "communications" I chronicle were delivered fluently in one unbroken chain of what often rose into real eloquence.

  9. Stung by the taunt, Curran rose and gave the man a "piece of his mind," speaking fluently in his anger.

  10. I have in mind another woman, a most brilliant linguist, who speaks fluently seven languages.

  11. It is simply a lack of confidence inspired by numberless failures to articulate properly and is not caused by any organic trouble, because, taking my own case for example, I can at times talk as fluently and easily as anyone.

  12. A suggestion to give up vicious habits, perhaps in the sexual sphere, or to speak fluently and no longer stammer may thus be beneficial.

  13. Our hostess is a widow who speaks French so fluently that she would be taken for a French woman if she did not have the graceful poise and dignity so typical of Turkish women.

  14. She speaks English fluently so she has grown to be a very good friend of my wife despite the difference in their age.

  15. My sister is about the same age as my wife and speaks fluently English, French, Italian, German and of course Turkish.

  16. I intimated as much, and he at once proceeded fluently to illustrate this point also.

  17. A man can do anything when he must, and I must talk fluently and correctly to succeed in such a business.

  18. They use the same dialekt az the sheep, and the yung ones speak the language more fluently than the parients do.

  19. The musketer iz a short lived bug, but don't waste enny time; they are alwuss az reddy for bizzness az pepper sass iz, and kan bight 10 minnitts after they are born just az fluently az ever.

  20. Thare iz nothing we talk so fluently about az happiness, and nothing we kno so little about.

  21. After reading this last statement over agin, i dont kno az i make myself fluently understood yet.

  22. Elizabeth spoke French and Italian as well as English; Latin fluently and correctly; Greek tolerably.

  23. He was a very glib talker and spoke fluently in five foreign languages.

  24. He does speak a number of languages fluently and, so far as we can learn, with fair correctness (?

  25. I believe I never felt such a sentiment of reverential admiration for the acquired talents of any man as I did for those of the Major when I heard him pronounce, fluently and gracefully, this extraordinary sentence.

  26. She reads fluently and very pleasantly from the Bible printed in the Fijian language, and she already exerts a powerful moral influence over these savages.

  27. The consonants number twelve, and each and all of them combine with certain dots or commas, and so signify whatever one wishes to write, as fluently and easily as is done with our Spanish alphabet.

  28. The language used in Luzon and other northern islands is different from that of the Visayas; but all the natives write, expressing themselves fluently and correctly, and using a simple alphabet which resembles the Arabic.

  29. She could write and speak fluently French, Italian, Arabic, and Portuguese.

  30. Oh yes, I remember," said Sylvia, quoting fluently from an often heard tale.

  31. Sylvia rocked and twisted a favorite button, gabbled silently, and recited fluently with the rest, being what was known as an apt and satisfactory pupil.

  32. I heard him speak in French as fluently as in English; and I resolved on my part to speak likewise in English as easily as he did in French.

  33. He cursed fluently as the shots flew wide and tried to steady his aim by resting the Colt on the iron crosspiece of the wind screen.

  34. Harrison Smith cursed him fluently as he led the way to a Ford car standing in the yard.

  35. Her eyes had narrowed down to sharp slits, and although she talked as fluently about the mine and Tabio as she had earlier discussed soy beans, her voice had taken on a sharp, metallic edge.

  36. Carefully prodded by Hall, he spoke fluently for nearly two hours.

  37. It is useless to go to the trouble of a journey to Bayreuth if one cannot talk fluently in leit-motifs.

  38. On returning to my carriage I found myself next a middle-aged gentleman, who, though he spoke French fluently to his neighbours, was evidently an Englishman.

  39. Their not being able to read the chapter fluently is no proof that they do not enter into it,' said Lady Merton; 'it often happens that the best readers understand less than some awkward blunderers, who read with reverence.

  40. I have profited in later life by his severity, having been able not only to speak French fluently but also to write it with ease.

  41. He returned to America in 1835, speaking French like a Parisian and German as fluently as if that had been his native language.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fluently" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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