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Example sentences for "fervently"

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ferule; ferunt; ferus; fervency; fervent; fervet; fervid; fervidly; fervor; fervors
  1. But they do not have that access; lacking it they follow blindly and fervently the lead of those who seek autocratic power.

  2. At last, I felt that I could stand it no longer, and I prayed fervently that I might die before I went mad.

  3. No sooner were we alone than Ali Khan, throwing off all reserve, seized Edwards by the hand, thanked him fervently for what he had done, and apologised for his own weakness in allowing himself to be influenced by his doctors.

  4. It must be Trusia first," said the Krovitzer, grasping the American's hand with a pressure which was fervently returned.

  5. Trusia's heart pounded in lonely centuries, it seemed, as she prayed fervently for his reappearance.

  6. The believer who is in full health, whose heart is filled with God's Spirit, labours fervently in prayer.

  7. Labour fervently in prayer that all God's children may know this, as possible, as divinely sure.

  8. Epaphras the servant of Christ, which is one of you, saluteth you, and always laboureth fervently for you in prayers that ye may stand perfect, and full in all that is the will of God.

  9. The same was informed in the way of the lord, and he spake fervently in the spirit, and taught diligently the things of the lord, and knew but the baptism of Ihon only.

  10. Yet I trust fervently that He who has so wonderfully protected me through such manifold difficulties will not now desert me!

  11. Richard thanked Lord Marnell fervently for his warning, and also for his kindness in offering him knighthood; and told him that he had already resolved to go abroad, before receiving his letter.

  12. Then he clasped his hands, and prayed God fervently to bless you, and those dear to you.

  13. And may those Extracts (Miss Clack fervently hopes) sound as the blast of a trumpet in the ears of her respected kinsman, Mr. Franklin Blake.

  14. I fervently hope that your poor brother may rally, and that I may soon hear better tidings of him.

  15. I never felt so fervently thankful, so soothed, so tranquil, so filled with a blessed peace, as I did yesterday when I learned that Michael Angelo was dead.

  16. While they were singing they likewise prayed fervently for their deliverance.

  17. He believes fervently in ghosts and omens, and dreads the dark with trembling horror.

  18. Much of it they have met before, but some of it may be new and may enable some to pray more fervently and to aid them in the difficult work of saying each Hour and each part of an Hour with attention and devotion.

  19. Particularly and fervently should a priest pray for success in his religious instruction in school, in church, in the pulpit.

  20. The second line of the first stanza, as Moore originally wrote it, was: Come, at the shrine of God fervently kneel.

  21. Imagining that she attached the idea of some medicinal property to it, we hastened to assure her that it was only ordinary water, which derived its efficacy from the prayers of the Mother of the Incarnation, whom she had so fervently invoked.

  22. A few savage families lived happily in this peaceful hamlet, fervently discharging their duty as Christians, and insensibly falling into the spirit and usages of civilized life.

  23. Her only object now became to prepare so fervently for the holy sacrament of marriage, that she might receive with it the abundant supply of grace needed for the due fulfilment of the difficult and responsible obligations soon to be hers.

  24. The youth caught the hands of his benefactor, and the hot tears fell from his eyes upon them, while he fervently bent to kiss them.

  25. You have refused the prayer of one heart, Margaret, which, if unworthy of yours, was yet honestly and fervently devoted to it.

  26. Aunt Nancy had literally obliged him to cease speaking of the matter, and during the evening devotions prayed so fervently that she might be forgiven for acting a lie, it really distressed him.

  27. Never before had the farm looked so beautiful, either to Jack or the little woman, as when they arrived home that night, and during the evening devotions Aunt Nancy's thankfulness was made apparent by the fervently spoken words.

  28. I asked my father and mother's forgiveness for having disobeyed them and for having left them in trouble; I fervently called upon God, and beat my breast with all my might.

  29. Deutz got himself noticed by his extraordinary assiduity in attending the chapel services, praying fervently and frequently communicating; he thus secured the kindly notice of M.

  30. I can wish for Wynifred's happiness more fervently than I desire my own; I do not feel, as you feel, that her happiness and mine are one and the self-same thing.

  31. She turned from me to hide the emotion she could not quite control; but I took her hand and fervently kissed it.

  32. He fervently embraced me, and though I shed a torrent of tears, I think I never was happier in my life than at that moment.

  33. Now, I raised her hand to my lips, and fervently kissed it again and again; for tears prevented any other reply.

  34. If you torment me in this way any more, I must conclude that your protestations are entirely false, and that you hate me in your heart as fervently as you profess to love me!

  35. As the artless girl fervently uttered the last words, she turned a pair of sweet blue eyes, into which tears of gratitude and pleasure had suddenly started, upon the face of her companion.

  36. If you use tobacco--(and I fervently hope none of you who have not the habit will ever allow yourselves to acquire it!

  37. And she lays her pale, nervous hand gently on his arm-then grasps his hand and presses it fervently to her lips.

  38. All the way to her home Michael held the lovely little bride in his arms, feeling her weight no more than a feather; fervently thankful that he might bear her thus for the moment, away from the danger that had threatened her life.

  39. Freiherr von Schranden, I fervently hope that Lieutenant Baumgart was not guilty of this transgression, and am therefore bound to wish that he met his death.

  40. Thus spake the son of his country's betrayer, and fervently folded his hands.

  41. I hoped fervently it might not be in a foot of mud!

  42. I looked out at the sea and hoped fervently she would find some.

  43. I made my way to the far end of the field with the others fervently hoping I shouldn't land on my head.

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