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Example sentences for "diligently"

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diligente; diligenter; diligentia; diligentius; diligentlie; diligit; dilligence; diluent; diluents; dilute
  1. Diligently he conned over the intricate mysteries of "Bradshaw" as he journeyed along, endeavouring to ascertain when trains would be leaving for any of the places to which he had imagined his friend might be going.

  2. Every hour in which he was not occupied for or with his mother, he was diligently engaged in prosecuting his studies, and preparing himself for the time when he should be able to procure a situation.

  3. They proceed cautiously, nor do the trumpets sound till all things have been diligently examined.

  4. Each takes aim at his adversary with his arrow, so that one diligently watches the eyes and motions of the other, and, when he perceives himself aimed at, changes his situation by leaping to the right or left.

  5. They diligently watched over the safety of us Jesuits, to whom was committed the management of the colonies.

  6. After diligently examining every species of nard, I perceived that the Paraguayrian nard could not be referred to any of them.

  7. The girls are diligently instructed by their mothers in the domestic duties of females, and early inured to labour and in accommodation.

  8. The whole evening during which this passed, and the next night, the faithful Abipones watched diligently for the security of the woman that she might not sustain any further injury.

  9. The relations leave no stone unturned, not only diligently to investigate, but severely to punish the authors of the death, and of the sorcery.

  10. With Annotations The Whole Revised and Diligently Compared with the Latin Vulgate by Bishop Richard Challoner A.

  11. Resolving therefore to rid his coat of a huge quantity of gold lace, he picked up the stitches with much caution and diligently gleaned out all the loose threads as he went, which proved to be a work of time.

  12. These prescriptions diligently observed, the worms would void insensibly by perspiration ascending through the brain.

  13. In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot: they amount to fourteen.

  14. Christ hath commanded us diligently to search, and to have evermore before our eyes?

  15. The families are so isolated that there are few schools outside of the capital; but the parents diligently teach their children whatever they themselves have learned.

  16. He diligently scoured the gullies and canyons in the gold regions of California, and when he quit he possessed a good sum of money as a return for his labor.

  17. Note diligently how wise and godly men are so mistaken oft, as to play after games: and this M.

  18. Yet I am sure that if I had diligently reconnoitered the camps, I could have found faithful disciples preaching the Word of Life to such as had ears to hear.

  19. On one of these Sunday morning inspections, Taylor remarked to me in a low tone of voice: "I'd like to know how they expect us to diligently attend divine worship when they keep us harnessed up all day after this fashion?

  20. It is one of the errors which have been diligently propagated by designing writers.

  21. These serve to establish the truth that God is, but they do not convey the intimation that He is a moral Governor and the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

  22. He that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

  23. Beginning as an ordinary mechanic, he applied himself diligently and conscientiously to his work, and gradually became trusted.

  24. He was right: I look out for things much more diligently now, and great pleasure it gives me.

  25. After old Tamatoa's death, his son allowed a distillery to be established, and drunkenness threatened to overthrow the habits so diligently taught.

  26. John Hooker was a thorough-going Puritan of great piety and rigid scruples, and instructed his household diligently in godliness, both theoretical and practical.

  27. Here, too, he pursued diligently his own deeper studies in the Bible, in theology, and in Roman history.

  28. He set himself diligently to the study of his new subject, and mastered it.

  29. I sought out the student; and like Herod, inquired diligently what time the star appeared.

  30. He won his spurs by perseverance, knowledge, and ability, diligently cultivated.

  31. For many years he worked hard as a reporter for the press, while diligently preparing himself for the practice of his profession.

  32. The greater heat of the glass-furnace had melted some of the compounds; but though Palissy searched diligently for the white enamel he could find none.

  33. There he diligently studied the old masters, and especially the ancient statues, with whose perfection he was greatly impressed.

  34. He worked diligently in many studios, drawing, copying, and painting pictures.

  35. There he diligently pursued his calling, introducing new articles to the trade, and gradually extending his business.

  36. But he had in him the divine faculty of work, and diligently plodded his way upward to eminence in the highest walks of art.

  37. In business, practice, wisely and diligently improved, is the great secret of success.

  38. Again settled there in his humble dwelling on Mont Pincio, he employed himself diligently in the practice of his art during the remaining years of his life, living in great simplicity and privacy.

  39. After some time, thus diligently occupied, he returned to Alsace, to superintend the construction of the machinery for the new factory at Vieux-Thann, which was shortly finished and set to work.

  40. Nor did he allow his mind to lie fallow, for he gave his evenings diligently to self-culture, studying and digesting Blackstone, Montesquieu, and solid commentaries on English law.

  41. Tom said not one word, but diligently wound his sash round his prisoner's head, shoulders, and arms.

  42. Many a young fellow has a school stipend for six or seven years, during which he ought diligently to study, but he thinks, "Oh, I have time enough yet.

  43. The women cast off their jewels and dressed simply; young profligates were transformed into sober, religious men, the churches were filled with people at prayer, and the Bible was diligently read.

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