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Example sentences for "diluent"

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  1. Induce immediate vomiting, by emetics of ground mustard seed, sulphate of zinc, and diluent drinks.

  2. Vomiting should be immediately induced by large doses of mucilaginous, diluent drinks; but emetics which irritate the stomach should not be given.

  3. When this takes place, vomiting should be induced, and aided by large draughts of mucilaginous and diluent drinks.

  4. Diluent liquids, and warm bathing, are the natural cure of this symptom; but it generally attends those dropsies, which are seldom curable; as they are owing to a paralysis both of the cutaneous and cellular lymphatics.

  5. In febrile cases of all kinds it is often found that diluent drinks containing the free vegetable acids, or solutions of their salts with alkalies, act beneficially in lowering the pulse, and in moderating the progress of the disorder.

  6. Diluent drinks are indispensable adjuncts to a Diaphoretic regimen.

  7. But the effect of these vegetable acids seems to be to restore the blood to a more natural condition, and this independently of the action of the diluent with which they are administered.

  8. Its proper character, however, is that of a cooling summer vegetable, not very nutritive, but serving as a corrective, or diluent of animal food.

  9. The patient should be kept in a cool and well-ventilated room, the diet should be light and farinaceous, and the use of diluent drinks copiously indulged in.

  10. Used as a diluent in cases where acid liquors are inadmissible.

  11. During the cold stage everything should be done to bring on the hot; the patient should be placed in a warm bed, with warm pans or bottles of water; he may be allowed the free use of warm diluent drinks.

  12. With a like intention, some persons have recourse to soda water, which acts by the free carbonic acid it contains, and also as a diluent and, from its coldness, as a tonic on the coats of the stomach.

  13. Or, in determining its percentage composition when the amount of fat, protein, carbohydrate and diluent is given.

  14. Or if the amount of diluent is too small the baby may be receiving too strong a mixture, and develop nutritional disturbances therefrom.

  15. The suitability of stored diluent was tested with a yolk-citrate (equal parts yolk and citrate without antibiotics added) diluent prepared and stored at 5 deg.

  16. Except for the fact that the viscosity seemed to reduce the rate of sperm motility, this frozen diluent stored for 65 days compared favorably with freshly prepared diluent for freezing semen.

  17. After a 60-minute preliminary run, in which the rate of oxygen uptake of the sperm in yolk-citrate diluent was determined, the contents of the sidearm were tipped into the main compartment.

  18. In testing the effects of storage temperatures on the survival of frozen bull sperm (in a diluent containing 7 percent glycerol), 9 ejaculates were frozen and kept at -23 deg.

  19. Some early experiences with a diluent consisting of one part yolk and one part 2.

  20. Some samples were checked after slowly bringing the diluent up to a level of 40 percent glycerol; the sperm seemed to be immobilized completely in this solution.

  21. The final mixture with this diluent consisted of about 45 percent yolk.

  22. In some instances it would be advantageous to have prepared diluent on hand for use at any time.

  23. If the latent illuminating power of acetylene is not to be wasted, the diluent must not be selected without thought.

  24. To overcome these defects, the very natural process was adopted of diluting the bleaching-powder, such diluent also serving to increase the porosity of the material.

  25. Therefore enrichment values, such as those given, must always be regarded as only approximately trustworthy in instituting comparisons between either different diluent gases or different enriching agents.

  26. When used soft and mild, after having been thoroughly fermented and purified, it forms an excellent diluent with food, more especially at dinner.

  27. But Boerhaave says, there is no proper diluent but water; it is therefore evident it is the water, and not the tea, which is the diluting medium.

  28. This error, instead of diminishing, has increased: most valetudinarians are now of opinion that a thick blood is the sole cause of their complaints; with this impression they adopt what they call the diluent beverage of India teas.

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