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Example sentences for "dilutes"

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  1. The blood should not be pressed out, since this dilutes it with serum from the tissues; but moderate pressure some distance above the puncture is allowable.

  2. But, while each addition dilutes the acid to one-half the previous concentration, the ‹increase grows proportionally smaller and smaller with increasing dilution›.

  3. The aim of distillation is to separate as completely as possible the alcohol from the water which dilutes it.

  4. This dilutes the alcohol, in the mash and lessens its percentage, and thus the further growth of the yeast is permitted.

  5. It dilutes the other parts of the blood, so as to reduce the whole to a proper state of fluidity.

  6. It has however other uses in the system, besides that of a nourishing material, as it dilutes our fluids, and lubricates our solids; and on all these accounts a daily supply of it is required.

  7. A certain amount of white or yellow light is no doubt reflected from the coarser dust in the lower atmosphere, and slightly dilutes the blue and renders it not quite so deep and pure as it otherwise would be.

  8. Into this liquor, steam is admitted through a series of upright leaden pipes arranged along the side of the cistern, which speedily causes ebullition, and dilutes the solution eventually to the 22d degree of Baume.

  9. By this arrangement the aerial current is carried close to the roof, and constantly sweeps off or dilutes the inflammable gas of the blower, as fast as it issues.

  10. It dilutes the blood, thus creating an abnormal condition in the circulatory system, and may raise the pressure of blood and dilate the heart.

  11. Twenty per cent of CO2 in the air dilutes the O to such an extent that C will not burn.

  12. In this way it dilutes itself, and may increase its weight threefold.

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