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Example sentences for "adjuncts"

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  1. Their value as adjuncts to books, when simply decorative, is now very generally acknowledged; and the ladies of the present day rival the cloistered recluses in labouring, like them, to enrich a cherished volume.

  2. The tower of Abernethy, which stands solitary and unroofed, with all the ancient ecclesiastical adjuncts of a collegiate foundation utterly effaced, may be very briefly dismissed.

  3. The fine quality of the Magnetite ores is ascribed to their being mixed with calc-spar, thallite, hornblende, and other natural adjuncts advantageous for their reduction, so that the granular ores often require no other flux.

  4. Art was, in fact, the child of necessity, and continued to receive the adjuncts of adornment from the same sources from whence it had first derived its convenient but arbitrary forms.

  5. Such tools are now indispensable adjuncts not only of tunneling and mining, but also of nearly every department of metal-working and wood-working, and have contributed incalculably to the welfare of mankind.

  6. It is quite impossible to say when we may begin to call such decorative adjuncts "supporters.

  7. They are the grand, distinctive, and indispensable adjuncts of Budhism; being the two animals into which, according to its doctrine of metempsychosis, the soul of Budha had entered after his death.

  8. If such adjuncts to churches were needed up to the thirteenth century, there is nothing in the history of Ireland for the next three centuries, at least, which shows that they might have been dispensed with.

  9. The adjuncts of Lingam worship occur in the worship of Budh.

  10. Defn: A part of speech partaking of the nature both verb and adjective; a form of a verb, or verbal adjective, modifying a noun, but taking the adjuncts of the verb from which it is derived.

  11. Warlike describes the feeling or temper which leads to war, and the adjuncts of war; as, a warlike nation, warlike indication, etc.

  12. Defn: All the adjuncts of a play except the scenery and the dresses of the actors; stage requisites.

  13. The structure on which a spectacle or play is exhibited; the part of a theater in which the acting is done, with its adjuncts and decorations; the stage.

  14. All the adjuncts of a play except the scenery and the dresses of the actors; stage requisites.

  15. A part of speech partaking of the nature both verb and adjective; a form of a verb, or verbal adjective, modifying a noun, but taking the adjuncts of the verb from which it is derived.

  16. In this case, the portico and its adjuncts are superseded; as seen below, in an improved elevation.

  17. Moreover, as the original dimensions are preserved, the other boxes and all adjuncts remain as detailed at p.

  18. What we gaze at in strange lands is not wood, and water, and rock, but all these seen through a new medium--accompanied by adjuncts which array universal nature herself in a foreign costume.

  19. The last adjuncts had been forwarded by the male contingent, under a joint and several responsibility.

  20. New fronts mask old buildings, as new manners do old virtues; and if we come to the frame and adjuncts of daily life, we must confess that nineteenth-century trivialities are intrinsically no worse than mediæval trivialities.

  21. The amount should be determined by the observed capacity of the calf to take milk and by the relative cost of the skim-milk and the adjuncts fed along with it.

  22. As adjuncts to the foregoing errors must be added the faults of construction in the shoe and in the way it is adjusted to the foot.

  23. The inseparable adjuncts of the three, in the case of the vulgar, are that Virtue is practised as a Means of Wealth, Wealth is sought as a means of Pleasure; and Pleasure is sought for gratifying the senses.

  24. In the case of the truly wise, those adjuncts are purity of the soul as the end of virtue, performance of sacrifices as the end of Wealth; and upholding of the body as the end of Pleasure.

  25. Wine and laughter and merry voices were adjuncts he had not met for many a day before; and, strangely enough, the only emotions they could call up were some vague, visionary sorrowings over his fallen and degraded condition.

  26. Those usual adjuncts of a room in modern times, a fire-place and chimney, were unknown until after their employment by the later Romans.

  27. Lorenzo, we must not forget that at this period of his life he contemplated statuary, bronze bas-relief, and painting, as essential adjuncts to architecture.

  28. Where the human body struck the keynote of the music in a work of art, he judged that such simple adjuncts and naïve concessions to the pleasure of the eye should be avoided.

  29. In so much as he has conceded freehold tenements to certain persons, he is bound by his own deed not to withhold from these persons the necessary adjuncts of such tenements, and especially the rights of pasture bound up with them.

  30. And the records, when they want to give something like a full description, do not omit to mention the 'pertinencia,' the necessary adjuncts of the arable.

  31. The Cabinet de Travail of Marie Antoinette and the Salle de Bain of Napoleon have something more than a mere sentimental interest; they were decidedly practical adjuncts to the royal palace.

  32. Ornamental birds--peacocks, pheasants and swans now came in as adjuncts to the French land and water garden.

  33. The man who furnishes his son a billiard table in his own house, where he can practice that beautiful game with his friends without the adjuncts of liquor and rowdyism, does a good deed.

  34. For myself I wish that I could occasionally see Shakespeare interpreted by the best histrionic talent, with all adjuncts of scenery and costume.

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