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Example sentences for "adjudicated"

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adjudge; adjudged; adjudges; adjudging; adjudicate; adjudicating; adjudication; adjunct; adjunction; adjuncts
  1. These questions have been discussed and adjudicated from time to time by the executive and judicial authorities of civilized nations ever since the discovery of America.

  2. Each district farmed its excise and its salt tax, under the superintendence of clerks appointed by the King, who regulated the assessment and the fines, and who adjudicated in the first instance in all cases of dispute.

  3. All other matters affecting the Cups shall be adjudicated on by the Committee of The Dandie-Dinmont Terrier Club, whose decisions shall be final.

  4. All other matters affecting the Trophies shall be adjudicated on by the Committee of The Dandie-Dinmont Terrier Club, whose decision shall be final.

  5. Civil and criminal cases in which the defendants are Japanese shall be tried and adjudicated by the Japanese Consul: those in which the defendants are Chinese shall be tried and adjudicated by Chinese Authorities.

  6. But mixed civil cases between Chinese and Japanese relating to land shall be tried and adjudicated by delegates of both nations conjointly in accordance with Chinese law and local usage.

  7. Civil and criminal cases in which the defendants are Japanese shall be tried and adjudicated by the Japanese consul; those in which the defendants are Chinese shall be tried and adjudicated by Chinese Authorities.

  8. Only cases relating to land or lease contracts were reserved to be adjudicated by Chinese Courts, as a mark of China's sovereignty over the region.

  9. Civil and criminal actions arising between Chinese subjects residing in autonomous Outer Mongolia are to be examined and adjudicated by the Chinese Dignitary at Urga and by his assistants in the other localities of autonomous Outer Mongolia.

  10. Civil and criminal cases shall be tried and adjudicated by the authorities of the defendant nationality and an officer can be deputed to attend the proceedings.

  11. When, in future, the judicial system in the said region is completely reformed, all civil and criminal cases concerning Japanese subjects shall be tried and adjudicated entirely by Chinese law courts.

  12. But the privileges allotted to the day-labourer by the laws are defended by the same institutions, and adjudicated by the same free principles, and made legally as inviolable, as the very different and larger privileges of Earl Derby.

  13. No man who was concerned or interested in a matter to be adjudicated was qualified to sit in judgment thereon.

  14. It has already been a matter adjudicated and assented to by both Governments, in the case of the Lake of the Woods.

  15. To direct the payment, therefore, of the whole amount of those claims which happened to be first adjudicated would prevent a ratable distribution of the fund among those equally entitled to its benefits.

  16. The day appointed by Mr. Spain had passed, and fearing that, if the survey was finished before he adjudicated upon their claim, they would lose their land, they had determined to stop the proceedings.

  17. He files a petition in the United States District Court, which is the court of bankruptcy jurisdiction, and is immediately adjudicated a bankrupt.

  18. If a debtor has once been adjudicated a bankrupt, it makes no difference whether it was on a voluntary petition or an involuntary petition; the matter goes on in both cases the same way.

  19. One further act of bankruptcy is an admission by the debtor of his inability to pay his debts and his willingness to be adjudicated a bankrupt.

  20. I made every possible effort to have the matter adjudicated in an informal way but neither party seemed to be anxious to come to terms.

  21. I adjudicated unofficially, at the request of the Manóbos, several cases where the Bisáya trader tried to collect not only the value of a sow but of the number of young ones that it might have given birth to had it lived.

  22. Prizes were to be adjudicated by the courts of the country of the officer in superior command in the engagement.

  23. Matters of private reprisal can not be adjudicated in prize courts, which are only called into existence by regular war, but come under the jurisdiction of the regular courts of admiralty.

  24. Apparently the prizes had to be adjudicated at the consulates established by the merchant leagues.

  25. The wisest course may be for the proprietor of the periodical or other composite work to reassign his interest in the specific contribution, as was done by the proprietors of the Smart Set as adjudicated in the case of Dam v.

  26. The two contradictory decisions have not so far been adjudicated in the higher courts.

  27. The enemy's vessel when captured becomes the property of the captor, which he may immediately destroy; or he may take the vessel into port, have it adjudicated by an admiralty court as a lawful prize, and sold.

  28. The act provided that the slaves should go free; that is, they were exempted from capture, from being adjudicated and sold, and no proceeds of sale were to be put into the public Treasury.

  29. It shall then be adjudicated as prize by a proper authority, then sold, and the money received must be deposited in the public Treasury.

  30. A trader-debtor can be adjudicated bankrupt upon his own petition, or upon the petition of a creditor, or by the court itself proprio motu.

  31. A debtor can therefore only be adjudicated a bankrupt on the ground of indebtedness with his own consent in writing.

  32. In the meantime, I have the honour to request that your Excellency will permit me to leave this prize vessel with her cargo in the port of Puerto Caballo, until the question of prize can be adjudicated by the proper tribunals of my country.

  33. I repeat, that while this question has never been adjudicated by the Supreme Court, yet, if their decision in fourth and ninth Wheaton is maintained, such bank issues are clearly unconstitutional.

  34. This is a new and momentous question, never yet adjudicated by the Supreme Court; but how they would now decide that point, with the light thrown upon it by this rebellion, I cannot doubt.

  35. All claims arising under or provided for in this treaty shall be examined and adjudicated by General William Carroll and John F.

  36. Williams, adjudicated in the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Indiana, a case originating in an action against the defendant for rescuing certain fugitives;[772] and the third was Jones vs.

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