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Example sentences for "adjudicating"

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adjudged; adjudges; adjudging; adjudicate; adjudicated; adjudication; adjunct; adjunction; adjuncts; adjuration
  1. POND, The Adjudicating Committee on the Robert Clark Testimonial.

  2. In adjudicating upon ordinary questions of right (between his subjects), he should be thoroughly impartial.

  3. Having set himself to the task of adjudicating between litigants, the king, without making any difference between persons that are liked and those that are disliked by him, should uphold justice.

  4. Not venturing, as yet, openly to act in this spirit, they adopted the alternative of doing nothing towards adjudicating the prizes.

  5. Sometimes an interpretation is imperative, but only for the special case, like the interpretation which is declared by those adjudicating a cause.

  6. The Forty-first Congress, at its third session, made an appropriation for the organization of a mixed commission for adjudicating upon the claims of citizens of the United States against Spain growing out of the insurrection in Cuba.

  7. All that the Porte was then willing to concede, was the presence of the Prussian consul at such trials, and the privilege of adjudicating in disputes arising between his countrymen.

  8. B) Review any such applications, either on the initiative of the employee of the Department or upon request by a consular officer or other person charged with adjudicating such applications.

  9. Nothing in this section may be construed to transfer the responsibility for adjudicating benefit determinations under the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.

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