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Example sentences for "adjure"

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adjunct; adjunction; adjuncts; adjuration; adjurations; adjured; adjures; adjuring; adjust; adjustable
  1. Therefore this appeal, O brothers, Earnestly do I adjure you To believe and trust your country.

  2. Being, to whom the wisdom of the earth is folly, I adjure you to beware.

  3. O Roderick, by all our hopes of bliss hereafter I adjure you--do you not love her then?

  4. They ran: 'I adjure you by all that you hold sacred, to part from her at once if you do not wish to load yourself with a horrible crime: Constance von Zehren is your sister.

  5. Come at once, I adjure you, by what is most sacred to you--by our ancient name!

  6. I adjure you by heaven and all that is holy, kill this monster who would have plunged me into horrible crime.

  7. They fell upon their knees, and dared to pray to God that He would give them strength to adjure the devil.

  8. I cannot adjure my fatherland, I cannot relinquish my Provence.

  9. To these, sir, permit me to appeal: by these I adjure you to save me from that misery which threatens to overwhelm me, and which with my latest breath I will say I have not deserved.

  10. Objection 1: It would seem unlawful to adjure an irrational creature.

  11. I deem that a man who wishes to live according to the Gospel should not adjure another man.

  12. Therefore in no way, apparently, is it lawful to adjure irrational creatures.

  13. Further, to adjure is to induce a person to swear.

  14. In the first way it is not lawful to adjure the demons because such a way seems to savor of benevolence or friendship, which it is unlawful to bear towards the demons.

  15. Therefore it is not lawful to adjure the demons.

  16. Therefore it is vain and unlawful to adjure an irrational creature.

  17. To adjure the demons is not accordance with the power given by our Saviour: for this is a Jewish practice.

  18. Whether it is lawful to adjure the demons?

  19. Therefore it is lawful to adjure the demons.

  20. Necromancers adjure and invoke the demons in order to obtain or learn something from them: and this is unlawful, as stated above.

  21. Therefore seemingly it is also unlawful to adjure a man.

  22. Whether It Is Lawful to Adjure the Demons?

  23. Above all things, don't let off some foul smell, I adjure you; else I would rather have you stop in the stable altogether.

  24. Son of David, I adjure thee tell me all that hath passed.

  25. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and the harts of the fields, that you stir not up, nor awake my beloved, till she please.

  26. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you stir not up, nor awake my love till she please.

  27. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if you find my beloved, that you tell him that I languish with love.

  28. I adjure you do so; and if you do not, tremble!

  29. I do adjure you, Catiline, by all the Gods!

  30. I adjure you, by all that you hold dearest, tell me!

  31. While I can write, let me adjure you to have no doubts of Irving.

  32. By all that France holds dear, I adjure you to answer me!

  33. General," said Hubert, "we adjure you by the bullet holes on the ceiling over your head to take the dictatorship!

  34. I adjure thee by God that thou torment me not.

  35. And the high priest said to him: I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us if thou be the Christ the Son of God.

  36. This is what you have to do; and these addresses adjure you to do this without delay.

  37. These addresses adjure you, princes of Germany!

  38. First of all, therefore, these addresses adjure you, old men and experienced--you who form the exception!

  39. These addresses adjure you men of affairs!

  40. In other respects as well, these addresses adjure you, thinkers, scholars, and authors who are still worthy of this name!

  41. Even foreign lands adjure you so far as they still understand themselves in the very least, and still have an eye for their true advantage.

  42. Your forefathers unite with these addresses and adjure you.

  43. These addresses adjure you, thinkers, scholars, and authors who are still worthy of this name!

  44. I adjure thee, thou devil," said the Friar Gonsol from afar off, "I adjure thee give me that booke else I will take thee by thy horns and hoofs and drub thy ribs together!

  45. Be fair in your judgement, I adjure you by God.

  46. Be ye fair, I adjure you by God, and be not of the heedless.

  47. Judge thou fairly, I adjure thee by God, and call to mind when thou didst stand in the presence of this Wronged One and We dictated to thee the verses of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

  48. In Heaven's name, brother, I adjure thee, give me a glass of water!

  49. I adjure you," interrupted the High Chamberlain, "help me to find her.

  50. I adjure thee by this truth, O ye all-knowing Powers.

  51. Said Drupada: “In Indra's name, I adjure thee to reveal yourselves unto me now.

  52. I adjure thee to depart at once from the place and seek a new dwelling-place elsewhere, and I pray thee to forget the wrong we do thee, for we are not our own masters.

  53. I adjure you to command your brother to leave the place and torment my patient no longer.

  54. Jeremiah, I adjure you, Leave me not again.

  55. I adjure Thee by God that Thou torment me not.

  56. I adjure the Committee on Manufactures to pause--to reflect on the dissatisfaction of all the South.

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