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Example sentences for "dreams"

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dreamland; dreamless; dreamlessly; dreamlike; dreampt; dreamt; dreamy; drear; drearie; drearier
  1. Dreams of work come back to me--which I've a superstitious dread still, however, of talking about.

  2. Caroline," said Charles, "I have had some very odd dreams since have been at Tappington.

  3. Your groom shall indite you verses that shall stir the hearts and haunt the dreams of your village maidens--will they compare Homer to him?

  4. He had passed a tranquil night, undisturbed by dreams of cowl or capuchin; nor was his appetite more affected than his conscience.

  5. As a creature of flesh and blood, the child I had played with, talked with, touched, she had faded further and further into the distance; as the vision of my dreams she stood out clearer day by day.

  6. Of my many other dreams I would speak freely, discussing them at length with sympathetic souls, but concerning this one ambition I was curiously reticent.

  7. He alone it was who would listen with approval to my dreams of becoming a famous tragedian, a writer of soul-searching books, of passion-analysing plays.

  8. With the signing of the armistice, all dreams of service ended definitely for her.

  9. He looked up absently, the beauty of dreams still clouding his eyes.

  10. Bowes, In woodlands where the sunlight gleams Across the golden Lake of Dreams Than drive a quill across these reams.

  11. The anguish of those who love me, of him beneath the shadow of whose protection I grew up--does it not plant the pillow with thorns and make my dreams full of terrors?

  12. We have ample room,--room enough, and more than enough, and I am willing to believe that the blessed dreams we dreamt some six years ago may be auguries of something really noble which we may yet perform together.

  13. Dreams full of hell, serpents, and skeletons; starts and attempted murders, etc.

  14. In moonbeams the spirit was drest-- For lovely appear the Departed, When they visit the dreams of my rest!

  15. As dreams have impressed on him the sense of reality, my sense of reality may be but a dream.

  16. No man dreams of getting bread in the Law, till six or eight years after his first entrance at the Temple.

  17. While I can walk twenty-four miles a day, with the excitement of new objects, I can support myself; but still my sleep and dreams are distressful, and I am hopeless.

  18. One great cause of the coincidence of dreams with the event--[Greek: he meter eme].

  19. These dreams of despair are most soothing to the imagination.

  20. But from the moment that he apprehended death, his dreams were of the horrors which he had perpetrated.

  21. Mary thought only of her brother, and indulged in dreams of a prosperous future for him.

  22. It is the very thing to make you the nonpareil husband that Arabella dreams about.

  23. In short, their favourable opinion of Long Ghost in particular rose higher and higher every day; and they began to indulge in all manner of dreams concerning the advantages to be derived from employing so learned a labourer.

  24. Here it must be remembered that, never mind what may be the provocation, no prudent officer ever dreams of entering a ship's forecastle on a hostile visit.

  25. I’d sooner lose my brand-new shoes Than dream those dreams again.

  26. I hoped for dreams of dear delight, Of sugar-candy bliss; But oh!

  27. Stearns Wheeler dreams that it is possible to draw at this eleventh hour some possible manuscript out of the unedited treasures of Teufelsdrockh's cabinets.

  28. One of the dreams of our earlier horoscope-mongers was, that a poet should come out of the West, fashioned on a scale somewhat proportioned to our geographical pretensions.

  29. Wretched is the man," says Goethe, "who has learned to despise the dreams of his youth!

  30. The savage sees in his dreams the figures of dead men and assumes that there is a double that can get out of the body during sleep.

  31. But he also dreams of dead men, and this is also proof that the dead man still exists.

  32. Dreams of themselves, I know, are generally without sign or significance; but when the spirit of a dream remains on the mind through the waking hours, as it has on mine, I know it has a meaning.

  33. In my dreams I have seen blood in the skies, and heard sounds of battle in the air and earth.

  34. In dreams the haughty Briton bore The trophies of a conqueror.

  35. Then from the empty dreams which crowd her brain, She wakes, and, waking, finds the vision vain.

  36. For the simple amateur, it is the difficulty of means that disgusts him and turns him from his aim; his dreams would be to have no more trouble in producing than he had in conception and intuition.

  37. At an age when young folk have not usually begun to form dreams of the future, young Caliari had already forced himself upon the attention of Verona, and the Chapter of the Church of San Bernardino commissioned him to paint a Madonna.

  38. He had a boyhood friend, Battista Zelotti, a painter like himself, and also like himself tormented by dreams of glory.

  39. The youth took off his plumed bonnet, and, flinging back his long black hair, fell into one of those light, smiling day-dreams which belong only to the young and innocent.

  40. Naive as his dreams were, they were uttered in such a genuine and heartfelt tone that it was difficult not to believe in them.

  41. And all night long she heard in dreams the voice of that shining little river that ran under the bridge near Beulah village; and all night long she walked in fields of buttercups and daisies, and saw the June breeze blow the tall grasses.

  42. He said nothing, but his boyish dreams were in the kiss, and certain hopes of manhood that had never been realized.

  43. But with the mention of Mr. Laurie myriad dreams had flashed into his mind.

  44. There were those who dreamed epoch-making dreams and eventually made them come true; and there were those who merely saw visions too impractical ever to become realities.

  45. Don't you know those long, half-waking dreams one has sometimes when one is not quite certain whether what one hears or sees is real or not?

  46. As he spoke all his strange dreams and fancies surged back over his mind, and he could hardly prevent himself from crying aloud.

  47. I wonder if they have such horrible dreams as I?

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