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Example sentences for "dreamt"

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dreamless; dreamlessly; dreamlike; dreampt; dreams; dreamy; drear; drearie; drearier; dreariest
  1. Under these circumstances, I should never have dreamt of walking three miles, if I had not been obliged to do it.

  2. Do you know I dreamt that we'd returned home, and somehow when I tried to sit down in my chair, up I jumped again; and so again and again.

  3. Three years ago I should never have dreamt such a thing possible, and my little notoriety has already brought me great friends.

  4. Young Illingworth and I found that we could talk of things on the moor that we should never have dreamt of discussing elsewhere.

  5. Boys still "rag" a man who is incompetent, and they have little respect for age, but on the whole these old men have fallen into line far better than any one would have dreamt possible.

  6. Towards the end of the hour he dozed and dreamt of the day he had looked on the sunken village.

  7. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!

  8. As the mother of the girl had on three several nights dreamt that her daughter was murdered and buried in Corder's Red Barn, and as this proved to be the case, an additional "charm" was given to the circumstance.

  9. She said, "I never dreamt you'd be here at this hour.

  10. I've lived for this, dreamt about it, thought about it, eaten it, drunk it ever since I was a kid at Sandhurst.

  11. Then Sabre saw what was coming at him--saw it at a clap and never had remotely dreamt of it; saw it like a tiger coming down the street to devour him; saw it like the lid of hell slowly slipping away before his eyes.

  12. I see now it is all impossible, and I ought to have seen it before, but I was so very fond of my little baby and I never dreamt it would be like this.

  13. After sleeping like an infant for two or three hours he experienced something very like a dream, and that about the very man of whom he would certainly have dreamt sooner or later.

  14. I never dreamt that anyone would be so mean as to watch me.

  15. It is what I have dreamt of, Alice, but feared it might never come.

  16. I always knew she was not clever,' said Phoebe, her looks of alarmed surprise puzzling Miss Fennimore, who in all her philosophy had never dreamt of the unconscious instinct of affection.

  17. I shall hear about him, when he comes to be a great man, and know that the Humfrey Charlecote I dreamt about is still alive!

  18. I knew, from the moment we met, that you were what I had dreamt of--different, but better.

  19. Dreamt of them in its night, when they were gone; But when I search'd them, like a single flower The outer blossoms parted, and showed nought within.

  20. But since Telford’s another bridge has been built over the Menai, which enables things to pass which the bard certainly never dreamt of.

  21. I dreamt about a widely-different matter.

  22. This is the old bridge, sir,” said my guide; “it was built a hundred years before the Pont y Cysswllt was dreamt of.

  23. Oh, there is much more in dreams than is generally dreamt of by philosophy!

  24. Miss Steele proceeded to say that Mr. Burgess had, curiously enough, sent her that afternoon the note which at that moment she held in her hand, and in which he told her that he dreamt she had appeared to him at 3 a.

  25. Mr. Burgess told me he had dreamt of Miss Steele.

  26. They laughed at us and said we had dreamt it, or that we had heard a mouse, and became so offensive in their unbelief that G.

  27. Miss Douglas dear, it wasn't for nothing I dreamt last night of water-horses.

  28. The night before ma sister Maggie's man was killed by a kick from a wicked grey horse (Angus M'Veecar was his name, and a fine young lad he was) I dreamt I saw one.

  29. I dreamt that I was alone in the world, and that an angel came to take my soul where he had gone to dwell.

  30. Why did he now utter a low uneasy moan, as if he dreamt of danger?

  31. I did not know that; I never dreamt one instant that you thought of me.

  32. Never had he dreamt of such depths of depravity in him, Frank Walkingshaw.

  33. Never before in her life had she stood up to him like this, but now that she had begun she was discovering to her surprise that she had more of her father's temper than she had dreamt of.

  34. But who would have dreamt of little Jean Walkingshaw being dangerous?

  35. Twice Tim dreamt it, and three times Tim dreamt the same thing; and at last he made up his mind to transport himself, and go over to London, in Pat Mahoney's coaster and so he did!

  36. At last he dreamt that he found a mighty great crock of gold and silver, and where, do you think ?

  37. The man having told him of his strange dream, the stranger said that he too had dreamt of a lot of gold buried in a certain orchard in such a place in Somersetshire.

  38. Since I first saw your face I have dreamt a dream.

  39. Whilst I lay awake I imagined new forms of danger to Marjory; and when I fell asleep I dreamt them.

  40. Several minutes elapsed, when Alice was awakened from her slumber by a loud scream she started, all was again silent: she must have dreamt it: her little heart beat violently at first, but gradually regained its tenor.

  41. I never dreamt of asking your creed on these questions.

  42. Always someone turns up you never dreamt of.

  43. I never dreamt that a time would ever come when I would be able to help you.

  44. In the bitter test of pain and dirt and despair we found ourselves--found ourselves capable of more nobility than we had ever dreamt possible.

  45. It's such a different ending from the one we dreamt when I saw you off on the troop-train with my hair all blowy down my back.

  46. I] This was written in 1829, before the Reform Act was dreamt of.

  47. Macpherson, transported to a pitch of frenzy, thought not of artful skill, dreamt not of personal danger.

  48. It is too late to bring him back to the destiny we had dreamt of; but he must not be left to grow up thus uncared for.

  49. I dreamt I lived next door to an undertaker, or a trunk-maker, or a manufacturer of fire-works.

  50. I slept; I dreamt of a locomotive engine blowing up and turning into the last scene of a pantomime, with "state of siege" displayed in colored fires.

  51. I've stitched at them for months, and dreamt of him with every stitch.

  52. She had dreamt of romance and adventure, and not of a home bounded by two cliff walls; nevertheless, in this companionship and in this seclusion she had found peace, and as the time passed by a returning sense of joy and interest in life.

  53. Until this moment she had never dreamt of taking up any work outside the domestic circle; but it would be impossible to fritter away life in the care of self alone.

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