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Example sentences for "dreamless"

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dreamily; dreaminess; dreaming; dreamings; dreamland; dreamlessly; dreamlike; dreampt; dreams; dreamt
  1. He must have fallen then into dreamless sleep.

  2. He heard her voice say something, felt her lips touching his nose, and, snuggling up beside her who lay awake and loved him with her thoughts, he fell into the dreamless sleep, which rounded off his past.

  3. When he woke from what seemed a dreamless sleep, his half roused senses were the same moment called upon to render him account of something very extraordinary which they could not themselves immediately lay hold of.

  4. Motionless brutes and birds lay amidst the drooping trees and herbage in the universal twilight, the tiger sprawled beside his fresh-struck victim, who bled to death in a dreamless sleep.

  5. The Hungarian, the Italian peasant, yawned and thought the morning dark, and turned over to fall into a dreamless sleep; the Mahometan world spread its carpet and was taken in prayer.

  6. Loneliness and the midnight had their way with her, and it was not until the tranquillising moon shot a silver ray into the small dark room that the haunting agony was calmed, and she sank into a dreamless sleep.

  7. The soul in the body as reflected in a mirror or water is first identified with Brahma, then the dreaming soul, and, lastly, the soul in dreamless sleep.

  8. It is not time yet; we are not fatigued; we are good for another hour still, and so protesting against bed, we falter and drop into the dreamless sleep which nature assigns to fatigue and satiety.

  9. But it was vain struggling against the influence that was stealing over me, and I was soon in a profound and dreamless slumber.

  10. Nevertheless, with the boom of one o'clock in his drowsy ears as his last coherent recollection, he sank into a dreamless sleep.

  11. His head had scarcely sunk upon the pillow before he slipped into a profound and dreamless sleep.

  12. Every time the true seer enters a state of dreamless sleep he enjoys the span of Ethereal Glory; his consciousness is centered in the bosom of the Absolute.

  13. But the minute he touched his pillow he dropped into dreamless slumber from which he did not waken until breakfast time.

  14. Charleton was still sound asleep when Douglas at dawn lay down beside him and slipped into dreamless slumber.

  15. A dreamless sleep succeeds, and this is followed by an awakening into new life, full of proud possibilities.

  16. It was an elixir of life; I drank health and strength in every drop; sweeter than mother's milk flowed the warm tide unchecked, till I was satisfied and sank into a deep and dreamless sleep.

  17. The green dragon-flies came floating lazily in the air near Endymion, but he never opened his eyes; and the swans looked up from the lake, to see if he was coming to feed them; but he stirred not in his deep and dreamless sleep.

  18. A fair breeze filled the sail of the Phæakian ship in which Odysseus lay asleep as in the dreamless slumber of the dead.

  19. Several hours later, Dorothy awoke from a dreamless sleep to wonder whether life was any different from a honeymoon, and if so, how and why.

  20. Who has ever waked from this last dreamless slumber?

  21. During a third of his life he is unconscious, and annihilation is but an ever-dreamless sleep.

  22. All night they sleep in the same attitude in which they lie down, a dreamless sleep like that of a cat on a sunny window-ledge.

  23. Shortly before dawn the next morning (Sunday) we were roused from a dreamless sleep by a din so terrific that to our half-sleeping wits it converted itself into a giant tattoo beat on cracked tea trays.

  24. But aside from the natural fatigue at night, which long hours of dreamless sleep entirely dissipated, she felt all the better for her new experiences.

  25. It was possible to spend almost all the daylight hours on deck, and with night came long hours of dreamless sleep such as she never remembered to have enjoyed since childhood.

  26. For the last two days she had done little but sleep the dreamless sleep of utter exhaustion.

  27. It died away and all was silence and darkness again; and then all seemed to be nothingness as he fell into a dreamless sleep, hardly even conscious of whether a watch was kept.

  28. Each day was a poem, each night a dreamless sleep!

  29. We longed to be out there, but at last the dance of lights and shadows on the plastered wall died away, and we fell into childish dreamless sleep.

  30. And with the name of his angel-love upon his lips he closed his eyes and sank into a deep and dreamless slumber.

  31. I was merely repeating to myself his own imaginations--and with that I had suddenly, as though some one had hypnotised me, fallen back into a heavy dreamless sleep.

  32. On the night of the death of Marie Ivanovna I slept a heavy, dreamless sleep.

  33. Instead, he slept the dreamless sleep of the just--if there was any particular reason for him to consider himself just.

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