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Example sentences for "dreamlike"

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dreaming; dreamings; dreamland; dreamless; dreamlessly; dreampt; dreams; dreamt; dreamy; drear
  1. That slow opening was so surprising, so dreamlike in its quality of the totally unexpected, that George stood rooted.

  2. But there was nothing dreamlike in the force with which the rope was thrown about him and tightened round the tree.

  3. He had a sense of a dreamlike quality in the whole fantastic performance, as if he might wake up suddenly and find he'd been having a nightmare.

  4. Soon after emerging from this dreamlike wood we reached Camp Comfort, where we paused for lunch.

  5. It is a sweet, dreamlike drifting through a water world of rose and lavender, along the pale green velvety hills of the islands.

  6. St. Martin's summer came at last, and with it all that wonderful, dreamlike beauty which bathes the isles in a flood of golden light, and puts upon sea and land a veil as of ineffable mystery.

  7. Yet more dreamlike were the small cloisters.

  8. Once more in the darkness uprose the outlines of Notre Dame in all the beauty of Gothic refinement; all the delicate lacework and flying buttresses subdued and dreamlike under the night sky.

  9. He stared in slow astonishment, his lower lip quivered; he closed his great, somnolent eyes as if to give himself up to the dreamlike ecstasy of the moment.

  10. Love is a dreamlike thing, more of the soul than the body.

  11. We need to probe the act of contemplation itself, the mode of activity of attention involved in this calm, half-dreamlike gazing on the mere look of things unconcerned with their ordinary and weightier imports.

  12. But when we move in a dream world, our emotions become dreamlike too.

  13. The wind had considerably abated, and crowds were leaving, pouring from the steps into the deserted street, a dreamlike company.

  14. The country became more open, with, at this hour, a dreamlike depth and hush.

  15. There is nothing dreamlike about Orestes or Oedipus or Antigone.

  16. Those who saw Mrs. Patrick Campbell in “Pelléas et Mélisande” will doubtless agree that these dreamlike poems are hurt by representation.

  17. I detailed the whole course of my passion, from the hour of my dreamlike vision up to that when we had plighted our mutual troth.

  18. As the Teacher wandered in Qualheim, he came into a mountainous region, and saw a castle which was of dreamlike beauty.

  19. The perceptions are blunted, the uncertainty of footfall is more pronounced, the stark reality of the winter woods partakes of a dreamlike quality.

  20. The dreamlike quality of the scene at once dissolved.

  21. Make the whole scene very dreamlike and feverish.

  22. Character is subordinate to incident, but incident here has a dreamlike quality, which unites itself with the poetry of a fantastic world.

  23. And nature itself, with all of human life, seems to hang, dreamlike and yet real, in the encompassing power of something that is above nature and that means well, however little we can trace its ways.

  24. It was twelve o'clock when we got into the beautiful old dreamlike town.

  25. They sat about in silence, and March fancied that the flown summer was as dreamlike to each of them as it now was to him.

  26. Her voice was so terrible that he fled before it, and he returned with Miss Triscoe in a dreamlike simultaneity.

  27. It is the activity of the eye itself, working in a dreamlike way from its blood-vessel system, and coming to our consciousness by this means.

  28. The harmony is full of dreamlike beauty, and here and there accents of extraordinarily eloquent appeal give that impression (so frequent with Wagner) of music trembling on the verge of articulate speech.

  29. All the objections to "Parsifal" would seem to resolve themselves ultimately into distrust of something that is so dreamlike, and dreamlike in a manner so inexpressibly soft and luxurious.

  30. Yet the festival was just a little dreamlike in its quality to her perceptions.

  31. The lone pilgrim could not but admit that the shadows of worldly empire, which had deserted her, still clung to Rome in her ruins, even though to him the desolation which dominated all sides had but a vague and dreamlike meaning.

  32. Only the murmur of the city below and the soft sounds of bells from tower and campanile seemed to break the dreamlike stillness as they began to toll for High Mass.

  33. And what a vista of fair hopes and dreamlike fancies is thus opened for them both!

  34. She was not, of course, insensible to his coming in such a manner, with an excuse for the sake of seeing her, but she did not wish to increase her dreamlike inquietude by seeing him.

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