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  1. A liquid when it boils passes into a gaseous condition and in this state will occupy a very much larger volume--some two or three hundred times--than in the liquid condition.

  2. As in the higher vertebrates, there develops in all the main groups of gnathostomatous fishes, except the Selachians, an outgrowth of the pharyngeal wall intimately associated with gaseous interchange.

  3. A better effect can be produced by substituting dry gaseous hydrochloric acid for air at ordinary pressures.

  4. Thomson that gaseous ions or electrons can absorb the energy of an electric wave, if present in a space through which waves are being transmitted.

  5. The previous work, described in the literature, indicated that the best yields were obtained by the treatment of glycerol containing 1-2 per cent of acetic acid as a catalyst by gaseous hydrogen chloride.

  6. In these luminous gaseous clouds, which sometimes rise to elevations exceeding half the sun's diameter, the new gas helium was discovered by Lockyer in 1868.

  7. Once available for study under electrical excitation in vacuum tubes, helium was found to have many other lines in its spectrum, which have been identified in the spectra of solar prominences, gaseous nebulæ, and hot stars.

  8. Stars in an early stage of their life history may be regarded as diffuse gaseous masses, enormously larger than our sun, and at a much lower temperature.

  9. The falling temperature permits the chemical elements, existing in a gaseous state in the outer atmosphere of the star, to unite into compounds, which are rendered conspicuous by their characteristic bands in the spectrum.

  10. Nebulium is recognized by two green lines in its spectrum, which cause the green color of nebulæ of the gaseous type.

  11. Our solar system was thus a gigantic gaseous or nebulous ball, all the particles of which revolved around a common central point--the solar nucleus.

  12. Of course these all exist in a gaseous form.

  13. Whether a substance passes into a solid, a liquid, or a gaseous state, the atoms remain constant, but their vibratory motion is altered very considerably.

  14. Therefore the heat of my tinder during the interval that I was coaxing the match (as I called it) was being exerted in converting my solid into gaseous sulphur.

  15. I wish somewhat rapidly to effect the change of this liquid bisulphide of carbon into gaseous bisulphide of carbon, and in order to accomplish this object I must have heat.

  16. Here we find gaseous matter displaying a dynamic behaviour which at lower stages occurs only under the stimulus of heat.

  17. We have seen how this applies to our knowledge of the gaseous state of matter; it applies also to the idea of the uniqueness of gravity.

  18. Of momentous significance in this respect is the discovery of the gaseous state of matter by the Flemish physician and experimenter, Joh.

  19. What, then, does van Helmont's discovery of the gaseous state of matter tell us, if we regard it in the light of our newly acquired insight into the trend of evolution both within and without man?

  20. In the gaseous state, therefore, we find gravity-bound matter becoming so far levity-bound that it assumes the property of actively expanding in space.

  21. Turning to the gaseous condition, we realize that although even here matter retains traces of a connexion with terrestrial gravity, levity is now the dominant factor.

  22. Van Helmont's discovery of the gaseous state of matter.

  23. Having once adopted the Goethean way of thinking-in-polarities, we may feel sure that there is somewhere in nature a phenomenon which represents the polar opposite of the levity-gravity relationship peculiar to the gaseous state.

  24. There are three characteristics of the gaseous condition which bring this out.

  25. Since it could not have been the gaseous state of matter in the form discovered by van Helmont, what particular condition of nature was it to which the ancients pointed when using the term Air?

  26. Heat is indeed the energy which transforms matter by carrying it from the solid to the liquid and gaseous states.

  27. One of these improvements consists in directing currents of air, or other gaseous fluids, through inverted troughs or channels, for the propulsion of boats and barges in the conveyance of goods and passengers.

  28. We may thus show that osmotic pressure follows the laws of gaseous pressure as defined by Boyle, Dalton, and Gay-Lussac.

  29. In this they resemble gases, which as they approach their point of condensation tend less and less to conform to the laws of gaseous pressure.

  30. In order to be absorbed and assimilated, the alimentary substances must be presented to the living organism in a liquid or gaseous state.

  31. This osmotic pressure follows exactly the same laws as gaseous pressure.

  32. Osmotic pressure is measured in exactly the same way as gaseous pressure.

  33. The molecular weight of hydrogen has been arbitrarily fixed as two, and hence the molecular weight of any substance will be double its gaseous density when compared with that of hydrogen.

  34. It has the same constants, and all the notions acquired by the study of gaseous pressure are applicable to osmotic pressure.

  35. Osmotic pressure is in fact the gaseous pressure of the molecules of the solute.

  36. This osmotic pressure is in fact gaseous pressure, and may be measured in millimetres of mercury in just the same way.

  37. In a gaseous mixture, the total pressure is equal to the sum of the pressures which each gas would exert if it alone filled the whole of the receptacle.

  38. The above laws are completely independent of the chemical nature of the gas, they depend only on the number of gaseous molecules in a given space, i.

  39. The fundamental laws of biology are those of the distribution of substances in solution, which is regulated by the laws of gaseous pressure, since all these laws are applicable also to osmotic pressure.

  40. In recording my investigations on the subject of radiant matter and the state of gaseous residues in high vacua under electrical strain, I must refer to certain attacks on the views I have propounded.

  41. This view of the ultra-gaseous state of matter is advanced merely as a working hypothesis, which, in the present state of our knowledge, may be regarded as a necessary help to be retained only so long as it proves useful.

  42. The tubes contain no inside electrodes with the residual gaseous molecules; and with them I will proceed to give some of the most striking radiant-matter experiments without any inner metallic poles at all.

  43. It is also probable that the absolute velocity of the molecules is increased so as to make the mean velocity with which they leave the negative pole greater than that of ordinary gaseous molecules.

  44. Footnote 2: "The thickness of the dark space surrounding the negative pole is the measure of the mean length of the path of the gaseous molecules between successive collisions.

  45. The reason of departure is very obvious: a gunpowder explosion and a gaseous explosion differ in very important practical points.

  46. Gaseous emphysema is present in some cases, and denotes a dangerous infection.

  47. By the action of gaseous ammonia on arsenious halides at -30 deg.

  48. To discover by the spectroscope the smallest quantity of a gaseous or very volatile hydrocarbon, the Messrs.

  49. Negri introduce a small quantity of the gaseous mixture into a tube.

  50. The lines in the diagram of it on the gaseous sub-plane are not lines of force, but show the two triangles; on a plane surface the interpenetration of the triangles cannot be clearly indicated.

  51. The gaseous atom is an ovoid body, within which a spirally-coiled snake-like body revolves at a high velocity, five brilliant points of light shining on the coils.

  52. By the lowering of temperature and the increase of pressure, an element which is normally gaseous becomes a liquid, and then a solid.

  53. The rope becomes a ring within a sphere, b, and the two bodies d d, which are loose in the gaseous atom, come within this ring.

  54. The first thing that happens on removing a gaseous atom from its "hole" (see pp.

  55. One funnel of yttrium contains exactly the same number of atoms as is contained in a gaseous atom of nitrogen.

  56. They have been able to deal with states of matter higher than the gaseous and have observed that it is by means of vibrations of this finer matter that light, heat and electricity manifest themselves to us.

  57. The building of a gaseous atom of hydrogen may be traced downward from E 1, and, as stated above, the lines given in the diagram are intended to indicate the play of the forces which bring about the several combinations.

  58. Held fast in its jewelled trap, the poor prisoner soon expires; and then, either its juices or the gaseous products of the decomposition, appear to be absorbed by the plant, and thus to constitute a portion of its diet.

  59. Just as formerly the luminous flame was explained by means of a special fiery matter (phlogiston), so the thinking soul was explained by the hypothesis of a peculiar gaseous soul-substance.

  60. There is reason for thinking that it may be surrounded with a more extensive atmosphere of that gaseous metal called hydrogen than any other bright star possesses.

  61. There is little doubt that the fuel employed in the future by the successful brick manufacturer must be in the gaseous form.

  62. The gaseous mixture obtained by burning guncotton in a vacuum vessel contains steam, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitric oxide, and methane.

  63. At that time, the atmosphere enveloped the Moon in a gaseous mantle, and the vapors took the shape of clouds.

  64. Most undoubtedly, our globe was still gaseous or at most only liquid, at the period when the Moon, already hardened by cooling, began to become inhabitable.

  65. The waters, shut in by this gaseous envelope, could no longer evaporate.

  66. The Moon having no atmosphere, the benefit of this gaseous envelope in softening off and nicely shading the approaches of light and darkness, heat and cold, is never felt on her surface.

  67. So volatile is it that, when the ordinary atmospheric pressure of fifteen pounds to the square inch is removed, the powder instantly changes to the gaseous condition.

  68. Twisting seams appeared in the rocky floor of the plateau from which oozed gaseous vapors.

  69. It was mature before ever your young suns flamed out of the gaseous nebulæ, it was decaying when your molten planets were flung from the central sun, it was dying before the boiling seas had given birth to land upon your sphere.

  70. The full strength of our repulsion-force directed against any single world necessarily turns it into a liquid or gaseous state depending on various factors.

  71. Polli obtained complete incineration or calcination of dogs by the use of coal-gas mixed with atmospheric air, applied to a cylindrical retort of refracting clay, so as to consume the gaseous products of combustion.

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