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excisions; excitability; excitable; excitant; excitants; excitations; excitatory; excite; excited; excitedly
  1. The light thus focused on the retina sets up a chemical change in the delicate nerve tissue; this excitation is transmitted through the optic nerve to the occipital (back) part of the brain, and sets up brain action there.

  2. We found that when a sense organ is stimulated by its appropriate type of stimulus, this stimulation travels through the sensory nerves and sets up an excitation in the brain.

  3. These changes set up an excitation in the optic nerves, which is conducted to a certain place in the brain, causing an excitation in the brain.

  4. As far as science can determine, we do not see, nor hear, nor taste, nor smell, nor have any other sensation unless a sense organ is excited and produces the excitation in the brain.

  5. In Chapter VII we learned that after the brain has had an excitation giving rise to sensation, it is capable of reviving this excitation later.

  6. This renewal or revival of a brain excitation gives us an experience resembling the original sensation, only usually fainter and less stable.

  7. This excitation in the brain gives us sensation.

  8. But sometimes the stimulus is more complex, not merely the simple excitation of one sense organ, but a complicated stimulation of an organ, or the simultaneous stimulation of several organs.

  9. Now the important point is that when this excitation is going on in the brain, we are conscious, we see the picture.

  10. These desires are in eternal opposition, but are not necessarily antagonistic, any more than are the thumb and the little finger as they meet in some task, any more than are excitation and inhibition.

  11. No unbiased observer of himself or his fellows but knows that the satisfaction or non-satisfaction of the sex feeling, its excitation or its suppression are of great importance in the destinies of character.

  12. For then the loftiness of sentiment and the excitation of the inner creative forces is in many so great, that offerings are brought to this quality, offerings from the best of what each possesses.

  13. Richard Wagner aimed at a different excitation of the soul, allied, as above said, to swimming and floating.

  14. Defn: Of, pertaining to, or produced by, stimulus or excitation without the necessary intervention of consciousness.

  15. Defn: A luminous impression produced through excitation of the retina by some cause other than the impingement upon it of rays of light, as by pressure upon the eyeball when the lids are closed.

  16. Transmission of excitation was now in a down-hill direction.

  17. Directive action of current on conduction of excitation in a nerve-and-muscle preparation: Experiment 40.

  18. On application of electric stimulus excitation is transmitted along the petiole, the distance of transmission depending on the intensity of stimulus.

  19. The distance to which the excitation reaches is a measure of normal power of conduction.

  20. The increased intensity of transmitted excitation is also seen in the enhanced amplitude of response seen in the more erect curve in the upper record.

  21. The following summarises the effects of direction and intensity of an electric current, on transmission of excitation through the conducting tissue of the plant.

  22. As glycerine, by absorption of water, causes partial desiccation, I tried its effect on conduction of excitation in the petiole of Mimosa.

  23. For the same reason camphor, coffee and other cardiac stimulants which cause cerebral excitation should be withheld.

  24. From this node "the excitation wave is conducted radially along the muscular strands at a uniform rate of about a thousand millimeters per second to all portions of the auricular musculature.

  25. It sometimes seems of benefit to these patients, but it often causes such nervous excitation and irritability as to preclude its use.

  26. The throat is of course dry, and the eyesight interfered with for a day or more, but Talley has not seen even insomnia occur, to say nothing of nervous excitation or delirium.

  27. Actions of a somewhat similar character normally occur in which it is not easy to point to the excitation of any sense or senses.

  28. Reflex actions are of several kinds; of these the simplest type, and the one most easily studied, is the muscular contraction due to the excitation of the sensory nerve endings located in the skin.

  29. Because the friction between the hand and fur produces an excitation of positive electricity in the hand and negative in the fur, and an interchange of the two causes a spark, with a slight noise.

  30. The rudimentary psychical act, not yet differentiated from a physical act, implies an excitation and a motion.

  31. So that beyond the aid, more slowly shown, which the organs yield to one another through the physiological division of labor, there is the aid, more quickly shown, which mutual excitation gives.

  32. This frontal area yields on excitation conjugate movements of both eyeballs extremely like if not exactly similar to those yielded by excitation of the occipital (visual) region of the cortex.

  33. The regulator is mounted on the side of the control panel and connected in the field of the synchronous condenser to automatically change the excitation and compensate for voltage variations.

  34. Some source of direct current for field excitation is required.

  35. By varying the field excitation of the alternator, the A.

  36. The motor runs without slip~, as a synchronous motor, in this condition, obtaining its excitation from the lagging current and running as a reaction machine.

  37. The French, under his training, seemed to become the very men he wanted, and to forget in the excitation of war and the hope of victory, even the feelings of weariness and exhaustion.

  38. Many of the officers had the air of persons in a state of excitation from wine.

  39. We know that the "threshold of consciousness" or minimum perceptible quantity, appears and disappears suddenly; the excitation is not felt under a determinate limit.

  40. Likewise in regard to the "summit of perception" or maximum perceptible, any increase of excitation is no longer felt if above a determinate limit.

  41. It is merely a mechanical consequence of the state of super-excitation provoked by the ceremony.

  42. They produce such a violent super-excitation of the whole physical and mental life that it cannot be supported very long: the actor taking the principal part finally falls exhausted on the ground.

  43. For the mental dispositions, the excitation of which is its permanent function, remain the same in every case; they depend upon the fact that the group is assembled, and not upon the special reasons for which it is assembled.

  44. He clenched both his fists, and thrusting them forward, offered them furiously at the face of Glendinning, who was even himself startled at the frantic state of excitation which his action had occasioned.

  45. It required, as in the case of Saint Bartholomew, the only massacre which can be compared to this in atrocity, the excitation of a large capital, in a violent crisis, to render such horrors possible.

  46. And therefore the will could suspend its exercise and its excitation of the mind.

  47. And the mind being limited in its activity, neglecteth, or reacheth not things too distant, and requireth some nearness of its object, as well as the sense; especially to the excitation of affections and bodily action.

  48. As Christ began to win our love to God by the excitation of our self-love, multiplying and revealing God's mercies to ourselves, so doth he much carry it on to increase the same way.

  49. If now the excitation be diminished the current will lag and increase in value to obtain the same power; if the excitation be increased the current will lead and increase in value to obtain the same power.

  50. The results plotted for several values of the excitation current will give the V curve as shown.

  51. Commutating pole rotary converters for railway service are normally arranged for automatic compounding which is effected by the proper combination of series excitation and inductance between the generator and the rotary converter.

  52. Over excitation will give to the circuit the effect of capacity, and under excitation, that of inductance.

  53. The degree of excitation governs the change in the phase of the current to the converter, the excitation, in turn, being regulated by the load current.

  54. The other part is arranged so that its excitation may be varied, thus shifting the resultant plane of the field with respect to the direct current brushes.

  55. By varying the field excitation of the alternator, the alternating current voltage impressed on the rotary converter can be increased or decreased as desired.

  56. To obtain definite figures, it will be assumed that the machine at normal speed, with the main poles excited to normal density, but with no excitation on the regulating poles, gives 250 volts direct current pressure.

  57. While an induction motor requires no separate excitation of the field magnets like the synchronous motor, its effect on the power factor of the system is undesirable.

  58. Thirdly, undue excitation of any physical function is followed by a corresponding depression, on the simple principle that action and reaction are equal; and the balance of health turns too easily to be wilfully disturbed.

  59. The truth is that joy in his own being, the fulness of his own powers in connection with the inevitable decline of his profound excitation with the lapse of time, bore off the palm of victory.

  60. The conditions precedent, as thus conjectured, become, owing to the excitation of the fancy, present realities.

  61. In spite of herself, an extraordinary depression, low as storm clouds, was gathering over the excitation whipped up by Trieste's acceptance of Zoe.

  62. It was, in fact, as if the whole throbbing orchestration of her universe had stopped as it sometimes can seem to upon the motion-picture screen, leaving the action to click on quietly without the excitation of music.

  63. There are innumerable clinical observations as to the effect of emotional excitation on the temperature of patients.

  64. Under the sensitizing influences of thyroid extract or of Graves' disease the effect of an injury, of an operation, or of emotional excitation is heightened.

  65. In the fury of battle the soldier may not perceive his wound until the emotional excitation is wearing away, when the sensation of warm blood on the skin may first attract his attention.

  66. That these products of excitation are often consumed by other motor acts than laughter is frequently seen in public meetings when the stamping of feet and the clapping of hands in applause gives relief to the excitation (Fig.

  67. If the joke fails, the integration products of the excitation may be used in physical resentment (Fig.

  68. The stage of excitation in anesthesia is insanity.

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