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Example sentences for "excitable"

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excises; excising; excision; excisions; excitability; excitant; excitants; excitation; excitations; excitatory
  1. Under these provocations the nervous and excitable boy vented his rage with shrill screams of fury.

  2. Although it is composed of rather excitable individuals, as a mass it is not easily thrown into passion or confusion.

  3. This may be partly due to the fact that the French are more idealistic and more excitable than the English; in both of which qualities the Americans resemble them.

  4. His disposition is become excessively excitable and irritable, his faculties sometimes apparently weakened, and at others giving signs of all their accustomed vigour.

  5. Immediately the excitable little man, before mentioned, slipped forward to the edge of his chair and asked, this time without hesitation: "At what time did you unfasten the house this morning?

  6. Come now, my excitable young friend, you think I have been rather quiet and tame with these wretches, don't you?

  7. Ned, for Andy's excitable nature was getting on the nerves of them all.

  8. Jerry, as he surveyed the excitable lad who had burst in on them.

  9. Pliny, the most steady-going of mankind, sets himself to imitate this excitable temperament with the utmost seriousness; he cultivates sensibility, he even cultivates vanity.

  10. We should hardly guess from the more formal and finished writings what the real man was, with his excitable Italian temperament, his swift power of phrase, his sensitive affections.

  11. The vague rumours of poison or magic that ran during his last illness among the excitable and grossly superstitious populace of Antioch are gravely recorded as ground for the worst suspicions.

  12. As the entire working staff of the institution was present, I thought it a good opportunity to emphasize the fact that all of these upsetting, innovations come straight from headquarters, and not out of my excitable brain.

  13. I don't know after all but that the excitable Southern safety valve method is the best.

  14. It was hardly a prudent step on Krehbiel's part to subject this sensitive, excitable spirit to so great a trial of temper as caging him in a flat in the very midst of the "beastly machinery.

  15. Being an hysterical, excitable girl, she was apparently wound up to the pitch of temporary insanity.

  16. You've said some pretty hard things in your paper about me; you've been more or less excitable in your statements; but that's all right.

  17. Only in his excitable dwarf's sense hate grew and throve, very soon to monstrous proportions.

  18. Her ignorance of herself--her excitable folly--had given Wharton rights which her conscience admitted.

  19. Mrs. Jellison passed for the village wit, and was at least talkative and excitable beyond her fellows.

  20. Again he was challenged at the lower corner, and some excitable party in the crowd fired a gun.

  21. Sheep always was a most excitable fellow," he was saying, "but this beats me.

  22. That fierce, excitable crowd, bending forward, straining their eyes upon this unwonted scene, held their very breath as they gazed.

  23. A low suppressed roar ran through the circle of fierce and excitable barbarians as the orator paused.

  24. The hideous possession of the repulsive witch-doctress had communicated itself in some degree to the mass of excitable savages.

  25. But she was as excitable as her mother, and if this vital matter went awry, there could be no doubt that her life must be spoiled.

  26. He resembled her in that he was dark and of an excitable and uneven temperament.

  27. Of a fair-minded and honest spirit, she suffered from an excitable temper and rather sharp tongue.

  28. He knew she was excitable and passionate; but the excitation and passion had all been displayed for him till now.

  29. Mary Dinnett was an excitable and pessimistic person.

  30. Passengers lined the rails, and some of the more excitable even tried to swarm into the rigging, from which exalted positions they were swiftly ejected.

  31. De Garros, with the excitable nature of his race, was hopping about from foot to foot.

  32. You're an excitable bloody man, do you know.

  33. In this they continued excitable about an hour longer.

  34. In the leg, whose nerve had been divided, they appeared as vigorous as they usually are in legs to which no injury has been previously done, and continued excitable upwards of two days after they had ceased to be so in the other.

  35. It continued to move its legs spontaneously, when touched, during more than two days after this, and contractions were excitable by the application of the metals for two days longer.

  36. To a man who is at all excitable this form of sport is perhaps more trying to the nerves than stalking.

  37. There is a well-marked distinction between the excitable and what I will call the accumulative temperament in patients.

  38. People often say how difficult the excitable temperament is to manage.

  39. The presence of such a leader was now needed in Boston, and in 1768 Adams removed to that excitable town, which was always ready to adopt progressive views.

  40. After an argument the police magistrate, an excitable man, made as though to arrest him.

  41. Captain Fitzroy was one of those fretful and excitable beings whose manner sets plain men against them, and who, when they are not in error, seem so.

  42. Through the middle of this curious region runs the Waikato, the longest and on the whole most tranquil and useful of that excitable race the rivers of New Zealand.

  43. They got their carronades ready, and laboured to infuse a little order and system into the excitable mob around them.

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