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communicability; communicable; communicant; communicants; communicate; communicates; communicateth; communicating; communicatio; communication
  1. Their distress communicated itself to the others.

  2. The men's restlessness communicated itself to the girls, who found themselves listening with almost painful intentness to the voice of the wind and the rumble of the surf, which grew louder with every hour.

  3. I was very soon disabused, but not however until I communicated to him my feelings in his regard.

  4. It was communicated to us next morning early that our persons were recognised, and that half the inhabitants of Dunmanway were by that time aware of our whereabouts.

  5. A letter that I tore near the house was picked up, put together, and read, so as to lead to suspicion, which was immediately communicated to the magistrate.

  6. This intelligence and a copy of the World newspaper, completed the information communicated by our former host.

  7. I communicated my intention to the friend to whose hospitality I was then indebted.

  8. She, too, strongly objected to my proposed plan, and communicated to me a project of escaping which was suggested by a friend of hers at Cork, whither she had gone in her anxiety.

  9. How, too, can it be thought likely that the king would have made Alava master of a secret which he has not communicated even to me?

  10. In the meantime, Montigny had every day and at any hour that he desired, an audience with the king, who also commanded that on all occasions the despatches of the duchess and the answers to them should be communicated to himself.

  11. Egmont was the first to whom the bishop communicated the sentence of death.

  12. Had these results been due in any degree to heating, the resistance would have changed gradually as the heat became communicated to the brass, whereas no such change occurred, the resistances being absolutely steady.

  13. This language of signals communicated to the population of the coast the appearance on the horizon of vessels suspected of piratical intent.

  14. The Governor thereupon communicated with the Court; and it was there decided that no great inconvenience could arise if the unfortunate man were suffered to find in love some alleviation of his misfortunes.

  15. The beacon of Faron communicated with other beacons on heights within sight of one another.

  16. His airy gayety, coming to him from a thousand sources, communicated itself to the family, and Ilbrahim was like a domesticated sunbeam, brightening moody countenances and chasing away the gloom from the dark corners of the cottage.

  17. Well, the old king recollected that afternoon that he had not communicated the secret to his heir, and decided that the time had come when it was necessary to do so.

  18. With much disappointment (for he had hoped to continue the pursuit, and entirely exterminate the barbarians on the morrow), and not without forebodings as to his own fate, Ah Kurroo reluctantly communicated the order to his troops.

  19. We were late, for the Faust-cry in our hearts was communicated to our speed: "Linger awhile: thou art so fair!

  20. When we communicated with Marcel in France, where he'd arrived from the Argentine he decided to sail at once for this side, with his cousins the Marquise de Moncourt and her daughter Adrienne, to whom he is engaged.

  21. In the meantime this very valuable piece of news must be communicated to Ulyth.

  22. Then he rang, and when Hurst appeared, all white and disorganized under the stress of the news just communicated to him by Undershaw's chauffeur, he ordered his horse for eight o'clock in the morning.

  23. He demanded to see Melrose one morning, and quietly communicated the fact that he had advised Faversham to transfer himself to Keswick as soon as possible.

  24. They put it into form, and it was signed the day after he communicated his intentions to me.

  25. But the process was, as a matter of fact, communicated to him by a German soldier, Ludwig von Siegen.

  26. Prince Rupert salutes him daily from Bristol with epistles beginning 'Brother Governor', which are communicated to the Junto you know of,.

  27. Mozley had communicated all to the Presbyterian leaders of the Parliament.

  28. Linister has probably communicated it to all alike.

  29. This intelligence given by the honest simpleton, in all likelihood for the purpose of disgusting our adventurer with the stage, communicated to him the first proud presentiment he felt of what afterwards occurred.

  30. This information was communicated to me with an air of solemnity as though so eminent a criminal had left behind him the flavor of his greatness, and had in some measure consecrated the spot.

  31. This earthenware fixture was in reality a water-closet, and I imagined it must have communicated direct with the main drainage.

  32. After Ronayne had detailed to his friend the occurrences of the evening, and communicated his views, they both issued forth to the guard-room, where Sergeant Nixon happened to be upon duty.

  33. These tidings were communicated as Captain Headley was preparing to sit down to breakfast--a refreshment, to which the fatigue of mind and body he had undergone during the night had not a little disposed him.

  34. It has been said that, on its Western side, the Fort was protected by two block-houses, while on the northern a sally port communicated with the tower.

  35. I have seen no one since you went out this morning--who could have communicated news from without?

  36. On one side, toward the courtyard, was the well of the staircase, a large dining-room looking to the garden, and an office or pantry which communicated with the kitchen.

  37. These two salons communicated by means of certain mixed individuals with the house of Cormon, and vice-versa; but the Cormon establishment sat severely in judgment on the two other camps.

  38. He communicated with mankind without the medium of a publisher; and, from Vieta till now, this method has always been favorable to loss of books.

  39. Wilson did not publish anything: the theorem by which he has cut his name in the theory of numbers was communicated to Waring, by whom it was published.

  40. Whewell, when I communicated this song to him, started the opinion, which I had before him, that this was a very good idea, of which too little was made.

  41. When this resolution of the viceroy was communicated to the oydors, they called the chancellor before them, from whom they took the seal, which they committed to the custody of the licentiate Cepeda, the senior oydor.

  42. The soldier accordingly delivered them to the inhabitants for whom they were addressed, who immediately communicated them to the magistrates and the officers of the viceroy.

  43. Footnote 105: Several years ago, before that terrible French eruption which now desolates Spain, the Spanish government communicated to all her colonies, however distant, the inestimable benefit of vaccination.

  44. Andrew immediately communicated the intelligence to Reynoso, and the Spaniards employed the whole of that night in making every preparation to obtain the greatest possible advantage from this double act of perfidy.

  45. Having formally extended and authenticated this act, they communicated it in secret to Captain Martin de Robles, whom they desired to hold himself and his soldiers in readiness to defend them in case of need.

  46. When the particulars of this plot were communicated to the principal officers of the Araucanian army, they openly disapproved of it, as disgraceful to the national honour, and refused to accompany Caupolican in the expedition.

  47. When he had withdrawn from the council of officers, some were for putting him to death, alleging that he had previously communicated his sentiments to some confidential persons.

  48. On this intelligence being communicated to the soldiers, they immediately dispersed, every one shifting for himself as he best could.

  49. When this proposal was communicated to Texada, he readily consented to undertake the office, on condition that he were furnished with 6000 crowns to defray the expences of his voyage.

  50. He certainly never avowed this intention openly, nor is it alleged that he communicated it to any of his confidents, as this would have indicated a want of confidence in his cause; so that this idea rests only on conjecture.

  51. Then you know about the sublime astronomical discovery which he communicated to the Academy of Sciences yesterday?

  52. Well, good-bye," said Theodose, opening a hidden door which communicated from the study to the bedroom.

  53. The details of the atrocious deed were communicated to me as follows.

  54. On my return to the post I communicated my sentiments freely to Mr. S.

  55. Shuffles communicated with his discontented first officer as often as he could, and unfolded his plans without reserve.

  56. When the students were gathered on board the Young America, they were mostly strangers to him, though he had communicated personally or by letter with the parents of all of them.

  57. A certain portion of the truth he communicated to them; more they would not have received.

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