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Example sentences for "communicate"

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communibus; communicability; communicable; communicant; communicants; communicated; communicates; communicateth; communicating; communicatio
  1. The wire was Gavin's telegraph, and he pleased himself with the thought that he could always communicate with Vara by means of it.

  2. A watch had been kept all the time by the county authorities upon Barnbogle House, and every possible attempt had been made to communicate with the owner.

  3. We plodded on till midnight, but had not yet reached Pumpkin Vine Creek, when we halted for a little rest, and to get further orders from Schofield, who had before nightfall gone on to communicate with Sherman.

  4. Communicate your wants to me freely and I will do all I can to give you strength and efficiency.

  5. I had notified Willich that I would be in person at the extreme rear of my command so that he could communicate with me most promptly and obtain my support if he were seriously attacked.

  6. Major Dow of my staff was also sent with a troop of cavalry to reconnoitre the banks of the river, seeking for a place where steamboats might land supplies and communicate with us.

  7. Let him that is taught in the word," says Paul, "communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

  8. Ye have well done," said he, "that ye did communicate with my affliction.

  9. Were this the case, should we not find the blood sufficiently loaded with them in some stages of the Small-pox to communicate the disease by inserting it under the cuticle, or by spreading it on the surface of an ulcer?

  10. Footnote 1: It is a remarkable fact, and well known to many, that we are frequently foiled in our endeavours to communicate the Small Pox by inoculation to blacksmiths, who in the country are farriers.

  11. Such delight the artist can never communicate by the display of a callous and pedantic impartiality in presence of the facts of life and nature.

  12. Mr. Bolton will from time to time communicate to you the steps we have taken.

  13. I do not care to communicate with you again.

  14. I have taken the liberty to write to Mr. Bolton, telling him where you were six months since, and now I write to you so that you may communicate with him also.

  15. If Browne should suggest anything for the future which may enable him to do you justice in copying (on which point he is very anxious), I will communicate it to you.

  16. When you arrange about sending your parcels, will you ascertain, and communicate to me, the prices of telegraph messages?

  17. To these he was able to communicate without reserve his stores of varied knowledge, and to inspire them with his critical spirit and something of his courage.

  18. The telegrams are to be sent to me and I am to communicate them to Button for the 'Times.

  19. The letter here referred to is one that Arabi dictated to Sabunji at Alexandria and sent to me, desiring me to communicate it to Gladstone as from him.

  20. For this and for other reasons the Khedive turned from us, and resolved, with Riaz Pasha, to separate and disunite the army; and the regiments were to be sent to distant places so that we should not communicate one with the other.

  21. Also, that if you accompany me now, it is understood that you communicate no more with any of your friends who are here present.

  22. At the further end of the lake lay a deep watercourse, which we traced for about half a mile, and found to communicate with another and smaller pool.

  23. Besides the main roads, there are endless bypaths which thread the forest and communicate with isolated houses.

  24. We kept to the southern shore, passing in the course of the day the mouths of the Urucuricaya and the Aquiqui, two channels which communicate with the Xingu.

  25. Ida was not too much absorbed in her numerous avocations to think of, and communicate with her absent friends.

  26. Have we not time, and the knowledge that he is in the city, and liberty to communicate with him?

  27. Could the greater intelligences that dwell on the planets and stars communicate with us, they might enable us to conquer the disease and misery which bear down the masses of the world.

  28. The inhabitants of distant earths may have endeavoured to communicate with us in this way for ought we know time after time.

  29. The great gods did not communicate their orders directly to Gudea, but conveyed their wishes to him by means of a dream.

  30. It all looked as if the old man had found some document, the contents of which related to the Mallathorpe family, and was anxious to communicate its nature to Mrs. Mallathorpe, and to his own solicitor, as soon as possible.

  31. But both nose and eyes combined somehow to communicate an idea of profound inquiry as the round face in which they were placed turned from the solicitor to the man from London, and a podgy forefinger was lifted to a red forehead.

  32. If the said James Parrawhite will communicate with the undersigned he will hear something greatly to his advantage.

  33. In this letter, after telling her that he had joined on September 28, but had not been able to communicate with the fleet till the 29th, he says, 'When I came to explain to them the Nelson touch it was like an electric shock.

  34. For a particular ship to keep between the fleet and that of the enemy during the night, to communicate intelligence.

  35. Let us hear the very easy means by which you propose to communicate with our friends on Earth," asked the Captain, with a sneer, for he was by this time a little out of humor.

  36. How to communicate with our friends on the Earth, is another matter, and, as it seems to me, an extremely easy one.

  37. This latter promised me to communicate it in time to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but added that he could predict with assurance a categorical refusal.

  38. Yes," she replied, "provided you promise not to communicate with Thomasin without my knowledge.

  39. Surely," he said, "she might have brought herself to communicate with me before now, and confess honestly what Wildeve was to her.

  40. All through the summer, at any rate, America and England will, by the Arctic passage and by these mighty rivers, communicate with the heart of Asia, the railway in the far interior completing the circle of commerce.

  41. As it may, perhaps, be convenient for General Buonaparte to learn, without further delay, the intentions of the British Government with regard to him, your Lordship will communicate the following information.

  42. Could they communicate with people there at this distance?

  43. The next day the indictment was handed over to the defence, and the lawyers were then enabled to communicate with the prisoners.

  44. A squad of gendarmes were marching along the park wall and stationing themselves as sentinels, each man being near enough to communicate with those on either side of them, by voice and eye.

  45. Let him that is taught the word communicate with him that teaches of all good things.

  46. I should be happy to hear your plan," said the countess, observing that the steward was anxious to communicate something.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "communicate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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