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  1. Dotted line shows place of excision for clearing out the anterior commissure to restore the voice.

  2. Ulceration limited to the epiglottis may justify amputation of the projecting portion or excision of only the ulcerated area.

  3. Larger cups are made for other purposes but these tiny cups permit of that extreme delicacy required in the excision of the nodules from the vocal cords of singers and other voice users.

  4. Cystomata may get well after simple excision or galvanopuncture of a part of the wall of the sac, but complete extirpation of the sac is often required for cure.

  5. Aberrant thyroid tumors do not require very radical excision of normal base, but should be removed as completely as possible.

  6. Prolonged stretching with oversized intubation tubes following excision or cauterization may sometimes be successful, but laryngostomy is usually required to combat the vicious contraction of luetic cicatrices.

  7. In cases of posticus paralysis the excision may include portions of the vocal processes of the arytenoids.

  8. The removal of tuberculomata is sometimes indicated, and the excision of limited ulcerative lesions situated elsewhere than on the epiglottis may be curative.

  9. Excision of fungations or of a portion of the margin of the ulceration for biopsy is advisable.

  10. Schematic representation of esophagoscopic aid in the excision of a diverticulum in the Gaub-Jackson operation.

  11. Efforts to produce the cadaveric position of the cords by division or excision of a portion of the recurrent laryngeal nerves, have been failures.

  12. Excision of the cutting edge of the nail, as in radical operation of ingrown nail, eliminates only that element of discomfort.

  13. If the reduction is impossible, an arthrotomy with excision of the astragalus may be necessary.

  14. The total excision of corns, while disabling the patient more or less for a few days, is in many instances justifiable.

  15. A chancre is not a local lesion from which syphilis springs, but is a local manifestation of an existing constitutional disease, hence excision is entirely useless.

  16. For its treatment, caustics with or without curetting, excision or radiotherapy may be employed.

  17. After the excision of the growth, a small piece of skin is removed from the leg and sewn to the denuded area.

  18. This may be done by curettment and drainage, or by excision of the entire bone, or series of bones, in certain cases, or rarely by amputation.

  19. In addition to the local treatment of opening, curetting and drainage, or the complete excision of the bone, the greatest care should be employed in the management of the general hygiene of the patient, including feeding and fresh air.

  20. One of these operations was reported to have been excision of the breasts, so that it could no longer nurse its young, and to this phase of the experiment I have referred in some of my writings.

  21. Excision of the condyle may be advisable when non-operative measures have failed to give relief.

  22. It is treated by incision and scraping, or by excision of the condyle.

  23. Owing to the long time required for healing and the sensitiveness of the scar, the results of excision of the fascia are sometimes disappointing.

  24. If reduction is still impossible, a partial excision may be performed and a flap of fascia lata introduced to prevent ankylosis (arthroplasty).

  25. It is certainly unwise to delay operation until sinuses have formed, as such a course is largely responsible for the bad results which formerly followed excision of the joint.

  26. When excision is impracticable, it is only possible to palliate the symptoms by dusting with orthoform, or applying local anæsthetics, and by attending to the hygiene of the mouth and removing all sources of irritation.

  27. In comminuted and in impacted fractures with persistent deformity, complete excision of the bone yields good results.

  28. Reliance is chiefly laid on primary excision of the edges and track of the wound, and other measures employed in the treatment of gun-shot wounds.

  29. Codman and Chase recommend excision of the proximal half of the fractured bone, through a dorsal incision to the lateral side of the extensor digitorum communis.

  30. Many methods of dealing with a deviated septum have been suggested, such as forcible fracture or excision of a portion of the cartilage.

  31. Excision of the joint has in some cases yielded satisfactory results; it is indicated in young patients who are otherwise healthy, and who are unable to walk on account of pain and deformity.

  32. When excision is impracticable, benefit may be derived from the use of radium or of the X-rays.

  33. Amputation is performed when the disease has relapsed after excision and there is persistent suppuration, and when life is threatened by the occurrence of tuberculosis in the lungs or elsewhere.

  34. In cases in which excision is impracticable, the sufferings of the patient may be alleviated by performing low tracheotomy, and by feeding with the stomach tube or by nutrient enemata.

  35. When the disease is diffuse and resists conservative treatment, excision should be performed, the articular surfaces of the constituent bones being removed, and if necessary the whole of the talus.

  36. This barbarous mutilation of the Gospel, by the unceremonious excision of a multitude of little words, is often attended by no worse consequence than that thereby an extraordinary baldness is imparted to the Evangelical narrative.

  37. Westcott and Hort for permanent excision from the sacred Text?

  38. It had finally to resort to the old remedy of excision in order to prevent the spread of the disease and restore the body to good health.

  39. If some more would suffer the excision of this useless appendage, there would be quite a vacuum made for the reception of this "fulness.

  40. In other cases, with marked hardness of the globe of the eye from intraocular effusion, aseptic puncture of the eye, or even the excision of a portion of the iris, has helped.

  41. Excision of the tumor, including part of the nerve above and below, and then treat it like any other simple wound.

  42. Treatment should consist in relieving compression, in hot fomentations, the application of anodyne liniments, excision of the injured part, and rest.

  43. The best treatment is by excision of a portion of the rise so as to relieve the intraocular pressure.

  44. If from a wound which has healed, an excision of the cicatrix may be beneficial.

  45. Excision may, under conceivable circumstances, be enrichment.

  46. The excision of "Lighten our darkness" must probably be attributed to the prosaic matter-of-fact temper which had possession of everybody and everything during the last quarter of the eighteenth century.

  47. The most direct way of deciding the question experimentally by excision of the organs in question, is unfortunately only available for the spleen.

  48. On the other hand, the excision of chronic splenic tumours may be--for the blood condition--of no importance inasmuch as the function of the spleen may have previously long been eliminated by pathological changes.

  49. Later, excision may be deemed necessary, or in extreme cases, amputation.

  50. If a joint is left permanently stiff in an awkward and useless position, the limb may be greatly improved by excision of the joint.

  51. A stiff shoulder or elbow may be converted into a useful, movable joint by excision of the articular ends of the bones.

  52. To close the wound made by the excision of a cystoid scar.

  53. Low tracheotomy was performed in my case because an excision of the larynx for cancer had been undertaken.

  54. Shortening the eyelid by excision of a portion of the tarsal plate.

  55. The completion of the excision of the cornea with scissors.

  56. This may be carried out either by excision of the apex of the cone or by cauterization.

  57. The prepuce is now transfixed, and, with a downward cut, that portion is severed; the knife's edge is now turned upward and the excision finished.

  58. The patient, a boy of seven, recovered after excision of a small part of the protruding liver.

  59. As instruments of excision the hot iron, pieces of glass, old wire, sharpened bone, and old razors are used.

  60. Splenectomy, excision of the spleen, has been performed a number of times, with varying results, but is more successful when performed for injury than when for disease.

  61. Labat has found traces of circumcision and excision of nymphae in mummies.

  62. Miner describes a successful excision of a congenital gestation.

  63. Cholyecystectomy, or excision of the gall-bladder, was first practiced in 1880 by Langenbuch of Berlin, and is used in cases in which gall-stones are repeatedly forming.

  64. In his "Comment on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates," Cardanus says that he witnessed the excision of a portion of the pericardium with the subsequent cure of the patient.

  65. After excision of malignant tumors of muscles, Helferich of Munich, and Lange of New York, have filled the gap left by the excision of the muscle affected by the tumor with transplanted muscles from dogs.

  66. Fayrer speaks of a wolf-bite of the forearm, followed by necrosis and hemorrhage, necessitating ligature of the brachial artery and subsequent excision of the elbow-joint.

  67. Penrose, assisted by Baldy, has performed this operation after excision of an inch of the left ureter for carcinomatous involvement.

  68. Trueheart reports a case of partial excision of the clavicle, successfully followed by the grafting of periosteal and osseous material taken from a dog.

  69. Bateman describes the death of one of the twins and its excision from the other, who died subsequently, evidently of septic infection.

  70. After excision the wounded parts are bathed three times with a hot decoction of pepper-pods, the wound is covered with paper soaked in cold water, and bandages applied.

  71. As such, the excision of such a tube would be in itself a morally indifferent act and, granting verification of the other conditions for the principle of double effect, could be licitly performed.

  72. Excision of such piles is contraindicated by the risk of profuse hemorrhage.

  73. Numerous females, at a period of life when malignant diseases rarely show themselves, have been subjected to excision of the os and cervix uteri.

  74. From the tumour being generally small and circumscribed, excision of the whole of it can be effected easily, and so as to leave but a slight scar: this operation is not liable to failure, and is not more severe than the first mentioned.

  75. Indeed the practice of excision was recently in vogue in the Parisian hospitals.

  76. The local means employed were, excision of the hernial tumour, the application of the ligature, pressure, and caustics, either singly or together.

  77. It is a more severe operation than excision of part of the bone, and attended with greater risk; yet it may be advised and undertaken with a very fair and probable chance of ultimate success.

  78. When excision is practicable, it ought to be accomplished by cutting very clear of the disease; the tumour, like every other, must be cut out, not cut into.

  79. When the conjunctiva only is in fault, the deformity is slight, and the state of matters is readily ameliorated by excision of the relaxed portion.

  80. When the tumour is so situated, or of such a size, as to render the expediency of excision doubtful, it may often be safely and expeditiously removed by ligature.

  81. In such a case, excision of the maxillary bone is warrantable, and ought certainly to be performed; for there is no risk of the parts being extensively contaminated.

  82. In short, the results of excision of the knee-joint do not justify its repetition.

  83. It is only when the soft parts are not much diseased, when it is ascertainable that the affection of the bone is only to a limited extent, and when the usual means of cure have had a fair trial and failed, that excision is admissible.

  84. I saw only one case in which the small intestine had been treated by excision and the insertion of a Murphy's button in which a cure followed: this case was in the Scottish Royal Red Cross hospital under the care of Mr. Luke.

  85. If the vein cannot be spared, excision of a limited part of both vessels may be preferable, particularly in those of the upper extremity.

  86. Operative surgery therefore found a large field in the extraction of bullets, removal of bone fragments, excision of the joints, or even amputation of the limbs.

  87. Secondary empyemata not uncommonly followed incision of the chest, or excision of a rib for draining a hæmothorax.

  88. From the fact, however, that excision of the entire margin of Sarsia produces total paralysis, while excision of the marginal bodies alone produces merely partial paralysis, there can be no doubt that both causes are combined.

  89. Although in the vast majority of cases I have found that excision of the margin impairs or destroys the spontaneity of the animal for a time, I have also found that the paralysis so produced is very seldom of a permanent nature.

  90. In no case does the excision of the margin of a swimming organ produce any effect upon the movements of the manubrium.

  91. Lastly, it must now be stated, and always borne in mind, that neither in the case of naked nor covered-eyed Medusae does excision of the margin of a swimming organ produce the smallest effect upon the manubrium.

  92. Shell-mantle twice as long as broad, its frontal perimeter isosceles triangular, with a triangular excision at the base, its sagittal perimeter slenderly ovate.

  93. The wound on the dorsum of the Governor's wrist was treated by debridement, which means to remove by sharp surgical excision all contaminated tissues and those which are presumed to have been rendered nonviable by force.

  94. Excision with the incandescent loop of the galvano-cautery seems to be the most suitable procedure.

  95. After excision of portions of the mucous membrane the risk of hemorrhage will be lessened by the surgeon introducing through the edges of each incision a few fine sutures.

  96. As to operative procedure, when the morbid growth is an epithelioma situated within a short distance of the anal opening an excision is not only justifiable, but may be recommended.

  97. Should an attack of the external variety of piles not result in absorption, but leave an excrescence, painless but inconvenient, and liable at any time to become inflamed, excision would be in order.

  98. It has been advised as a useful and sometimes an essential preliminary (Syme) to a radical procedure consisting in the excision of a V-shaped segment.

  99. Ligature and excision of the bitten skin have usually been practised and much of the poison eliminated before the antidote is applied.

  100. In one of them every possible variety of medication, and several distinct surgical operations for excision of portions of the affected nerve, had been quite vainly tried.

  101. The only two cases of excision of a piece of the nerve, that I have ever seen, completely answered to this anticipation.

  102. That the sympathetic nerves are the carriers of the messages from the optic nerve and the color-changing centre, can be demonstrated by other means than by excision of the nerve.

  103. The first tendencies of the Alexandrian school, as they are represented by Zenodotus, appear to have been towards very free excision and emendation.

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