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Example sentences for "expediency"

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expectorating; expectoration; expects; expedience; expediencies; expedient; expedientes; expedients; expedit; expedite
  1. And this brings me to the point on which the longest and fiercest battle has been fought against us--the suggestion to Spain of the expediency of modifying her Constitution.

  2. This is so apparent that few of those even who do not believe in its propriety or expediency now doubt that it will eventually be adopted, and the political consequences fully brought to the test of experience.

  3. They were suffered to remain unmolested for several years; but with the murders that ushered in Pontiac's war, in 1763, the former suspicion revived, and the expediency of destroying the Moravian Indians was openly debated.

  4. But this policy of expediency had no weight with the prophet, although Saul repented and sought pardon.

  5. Expediency was not disdained by Paul when the means were unobjectionable, but he did not use bad means to accomplish good ends.

  6. It is therefore necessary to keep clearly in view the ultimate object of economy; and to determine the expediency of minor operations with reference to that ulterior end.

  7. A meeting of the owners, occupiers, and inhabitants of the hamlets was held at the Guildhall, Norwich, to take into consideration the expediency of establishing an effective police for the district.

  8. Others may prefer the old combinations of party, stitched together by devices of expediency only.

  9. I was assured, moreover, that sufficient interest was felt in the subject to have induced certain local discussions as to the expediency of erecting a memorial.

  10. That the King was wavering and uncertain, at least in his decisions, is admitted by all, and it is very evident that expediency was with him a sufficient plea for the most perfidious treachery, without distinction of parties.

  11. He only felt it necessary to flatter without serious meaning, and to promise without feeling the duty of performing, should expediency cause him to change his views.

  12. No engagements were held sacred or inviolable, all being artfully contrived to conceal some mental reservation, which expediency always found it convenient to be shifting to serve some opposite purpose or other.

  13. This expedition, though a failure, has often been referred to as proving the expediency of maritime descents.

  14. Pope Innocent the Fourth suggested the expediency of another Crusade, and even summoned all his faithful children to take arms.

  15. After the slaughter had terminated, and the soldiers had soothed their minds by certain acts of devotion, the expediency of forming a regular government became manifest to all parties.

  16. Will a gentleman from Georgia be a judge of the expediency of a law which is to operate in N.

  17. It was treated with great respect, but rather for the author of it, than from any apparent conviction of its expediency or practicability.

  18. He approved of the principles laid down by the Honble President (Doct^r Franklin) his Colleague, as to the expediency of keeping the people informed of their money affairs.

  19. Footnote 33: Lord Lansdowne consented, on particular occasions only, to represent the Government, but claimed to be himself the judge of the expediency or necessity of his doing so.

  20. The Queen would be sorry to see a despatch go forth on this subject, arguing on the ground of expediency alone.

  21. We have seen the fierce struggle between some of the bug's belated spawn and the expediency germ's now more emboldened forces in Albay in the off year, 1903.

  22. We have seen General MacArthur's attempt at a wise surgical operation to excise the independence bug from the Philippine body politic--so that the expediency germ might die a natural death from having nothing to feed on.

  23. She also doubted the expediency of tying up two peacocks' feathers with a yellow ribbon, and hanging them in solitary glory on the wall flanked by plates of Kaga ware, at tenpence-halfpenny a-piece.

  24. In the contention which was thus inaugurated, he steadily supported the rights of his own section, maintaining the justice and expediency of opening the Territories to all emigrants, without restriction as to any species of property.

  25. He stated some of the defects of the old law of the United States, and urged the expediency and justice of a more liberal law.

  26. He even questioned the right and expediency of killing animals for food, although he never objected to partaking thereof when it was set before him.

  27. Of the expediency of the statute, the legislature must be and is the final judge.

  28. I suppose they will think that it was repealed from a conviction of its inexpediency; and they will rely upon it that, while the same expediency subsists, you will never attempt to make such another.

  29. He pretended to consult Phineas as to the expediency of his returning to Saulsby.

  30. A few parrot words had been learned as to the expediency of fitting the great and increasing Church of England to the growing necessity of the age.

  31. Phineas Finn was seated for the borough, and the judge declared his purpose of recommending the House of Commons to issue a commission with reference to the expediency of instituting a prosecution.

  32. Now, if it be conceded that the Senate is invested with all the large powers claimed by the Houses of Parliament, then I cannot doubt its power in the present case, although I might well question the expediency of exercising it.

  33. Resolved, That the Committee on the District of Columbia be directed to consider the expediency of doing something to improve the condition of the common jail of the city of Washington.

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