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expediency; expedient; expedientes; expedients; expedit; expedited; expediting; expedition; expeditionary; expeditions
  1. Speech is a very short and expedite way of conveying their thoughts.

  2. Defn: A machine for stirring and spreading hay, to expedite its drying.

  3. There is but one hope left,--that the Power which now dooms the doomer, may render me an instrument to expedite his fall.

  4. Vain seer, who wouldst make thyself the instrument of the Eternal, the very dangers that now beset the tyrant but expedite the doom of his victims!

  5. In constructing these new cylinders the old cylinder heads from the previous cylinders were used in order to expedite their completion.

  6. In order to expedite its construction as much as possible, the attempt was made to utilize all the available parts from the small engine which had been undertaken by the engine builder in New York.

  7. It is necessary to expedite the Execution, because a Secret is not lasting among many, and in Affairs of this Nature, there is more Danger in Consulting, than even in Execution.

  8. The continual Application of the President and Council to expedite the Enterprize, seem'd to be a Presage of the late ill Success at the Molucco Islands.

  9. These cars are fitted up as post offices and are used for distribution en route in order to expedite and facilitate the prompt transmission and delivery of mails.

  10. To counter the wide-scale running of goods to avoid the customs tax, the customs office was reorganized in 1766 to have commissions resident in the colonies and courts of admiralty established there to expedite cases of smuggling.

  11. At once both god and man you ape To expedite your flame; And yet you find in either shape The failure just the same.

  12. In order to expedite production the Government extended financial assistance to some of the factories to aid in the procurement and installation of additional equipment.

  13. All the time, their little wings were actively employed as legs to expedite their movements.

  14. Now and then one of them, more vicious than the rest, would dig the point of his spear into me, to expedite my movement.

  15. Fearing detection, they immediately departed for Ohio with the prisoners; and in order to expedite their retreat, killed John Moore, jr.

  16. These visitors-general sometimes removed knights from their preceptories, and even suspended the masters themselves, and it was their duty to expedite to the East all such knights as were young and vigorous, and capable of fighting.

  17. At this station again, directly we arrived, I went to see the Station Commandant, and asked him to expedite us farther.

  18. Then suddenly above the din I heard my name, and an officer, wishing to expedite our column, shouted a dramatically worded biography, as an appeal to the soldiers to let us pass.

  19. He said he quarreled with them trying to expedite the visas, the exit permits, and where was that?

  20. I do know that it was our policy to expedite these operations as quickly as possible after these exit visas took place.

  21. Crowds of peasants line and almost block the road from Fontainebleau to catch a glimpse of the gray coat; and, to expedite matters, he drives on in a cabriolet with his faithful Caulaincourt.

  22. Would it not expedite matters if you restricted yourself to categorical statements of fact unencumbered with obstructing accumulations of metaphor and allegory?

  23. It is the prime object of its rules to expedite law-making.

  24. Mr. Bradlaugh moved the Court of Appeal to expedite the hearing of his appeal, and also to expedite the trial of the issues in fact.

  25. It was among a cluster of rocks, and the ranger had mounted a sort of cliff to expedite matters.

  26. A shout from the old hunter caused them to expedite matters, and Bolly laughed at the ludicrous figures they cut.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expedite" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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