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Example sentences for "grease"

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  1. He was gratified to note that his warning appeared to grease the joints in the old judge's legs.

  2. He used to wear an old deer skin hunting vest, and it was gormed and smeared with grease until it was as slick as an otter-slide; and most of the time he went bare foot.

  3. Of course there had to be mishaps; the first piece of bacon to grease the griddle dropped into the fire instead of the pan, and a number of cakes turned out failures and had to be consigned to the waste-heap.

  4. The grease-trap referred to above may be any form of reservoir which will retain the flow from the kitchen sink until it has time to cool, when its grease will be solidified, and will float at the surface.

  5. There is, however, a tendency in all house-drains to become filled in the early part of their course by the accumulation of grease and solid matters caught in the grease.

  6. In the case of my own drains, after five years of unremitted use, the gradual accumulation of bits of grease and more solid matters obstructed the drains, and there appeared undue moisture about their upper ends.

  7. I guess we'll have to grease the wheels a little," the Colonel remarked to me, and gazed at the ceiling.

  8. Only I hoped we'd be able to grease this thing along and slide it through the Senate this afternoon, before they got wind of it.

  9. The grease is composed of deer-suet, or of beef-suet, and bees-wax melted together.

  10. All his gaze would be concentrated upon the plate, to avoid spilling the grease on the book.

  11. It is the only form of adventure in which you put on your clothes at Michaelmas and keep them on until Christmas, and, save for a layer of the natural grease of the body, find them as clean as though they were new.

  12. It is most important where you are going to paint to have every vestige of grease removed; otherwise your paint will not dry.

  13. It took some time to do this, for the dirt had collected in the corners, and the grease from two generations of dirty fingers had to be removed.

  14. Time to conserve the grease from the frying-pan; to hoard the smallest bit of bacon rind.

  15. And he feared for his life, and added "Allah curse the oil and the meat and the grease and the sheep's tails to boot!

  16. In rheumatism, and in renal diseases, the painful parts are rubbed with the grease until it disappears.

  17. Finding a drop of candle grease near it, he removed it with his thumb nail; brought it carefully to the fire, and laid it on the coals.

  18. Oh to keep his attention off rubbish on the carpet, and grease spots on the table-cloth!

  19. He paused suddenly, having apparently caught sight of another grease spot, and walked over to the table; but the next instant jumped round on Jane, quick as lightning, with a question.

  20. If the meat is fat they easily slip from the pins; if it is lean, it is best to grease the pins first.

  21. Grease an iron griddle and bake, turning from side to side.

  22. Use as little grease in frying as is possible.

  23. Now behave yourselves, and when I meet you on the Republican, I'll bring out a box of cigars and have it charged up as axle grease when we get supplies at Ogalalla.

  24. Let me see; yes, and I'll detail young Tom Quirk and The Rebel to grease the wagon and harness your mules before starting in the morning.

  25. Skins are prepared for making cloaks by pegging them tight out upon the ground soon after they are taken off the animal, when dry, cold ashes or dust are thrown in, to absorb any grease that may have exuded.

  26. It is a common practice among many of the tribes to grease their weapons and implements with human fat, taken from the omentum, either of enemies who have been killed, or of relations who have died.

  27. Two kangaroo teeth, and a tuft of emu feathers were tied to the girl's hair, and she was smeared over with grease and red ochre, but was still forbidden to touch food until the morning.

  28. Stockings and shoes were sadly dilapidated; coat and trousers were glazed with dirt and grease till they shone like a glass bottle.

  29. He did not like fish of any kind; no fish had grease enough for them; none of his Indians ate fish.

  30. After the saline injection, at the end of forty-eight hours, coloured grease may be injected; even after two months the same operation may be performed with the same success.

  31. These vary according to the end proposed: acids; these serve to give whiteness to some tissues and resistance to others: alkaline; these clean the preparations, divesting them of the mucilage and grease which they contain.

  32. The excess of grease does not detract from the value of the wool, and may even be beneficial.

  33. The trouble caused by the presence of a large quantity of natural grease is even more pronounced in sheep skins than in cattle hides.

  34. The strange part is that the grain of this sole leather, when made into boots, is buffed on an emery wheel, then sometimes coloured with a paint, and finally sold in boots at the same price as leather free from grease and regular in colour.

  35. They are dressed in a similar manner to harness hides, but special attention has to be given to pig skins to get rid of the large quantity of natural grease they contain.

  36. Dog-skin leather wears well, mainly on account of the large amount of natural grease present in the skin, but the supplies are naturally small.

  37. The grease must first be removed from the leather with a solution of 5 lb.

  38. The type of drum shown in Figure 35, in which the grease is incorporated with the leather by means of live steam, gives satisfactory results, although hot air apparatus is now replacing the steam injector.

  39. The lime also forms a soap with the natural grease of the hide; this grease can therefore be removed.

  40. This grease is very difficult to remove and reduces the selling value of sole leather by about 2d.

  41. Snake aint say nothin', but he quile up a little tighter, en he tongue run out lak it bin had grease on it.

  42. Wash and pick over the currants, and while they are drying, cut up all the candied peel; beat up the eggs, and grease and prepare the cake-tin.

  43. Wash off any grease that may have been spilled on the stove with a cloth dipped in hot water, and wipe the inside of the stove, taking care to dry it thoroughly.

  44. Grease a piece of paper with dripping, and tie it firmly over the top of the heart to keep in the forcemeat.

  45. Grease some scallop shells, and sprinkle them with bread-crumbs.

  46. Grease some little patty-pans, and half fill them with the batter.

  47. Grease a pie-dish, and put some herrings at the bottom.

  48. Grease a baking-tin, and lay one of the mackerel, skin downwards, on it.

  49. Grease a pie-dish, and put a layer of sliced potatoes at the bottom.

  50. Grease a dish that will stand the heat of the oven.

  51. Grease some scallop shells, and place on each two or three oysters.

  52. I knew that plebeian soap grease was worth more than prime lard had been a short time ago, but why the precaution of shipping in refrigerator cars?

  53. He buys all the rejects of the city's provision inspectors and almost anything that's got grease or fertilizer in it.

  54. As a matter of fact we were going over twelve and I had to stand over the new motor with oil can and grease bucket, so I paid no more attention to him.

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