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Example sentences for "greased"

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grazes; grazier; graziers; grazing; grease; greaser; greases; greasewood; greasie; greasiness
  1. I'll run her ashore now like greased lightnin'!

  2. Tell me the names of the villains, and I'll bring the boys down to Hishu like greased lightning.

  3. But let somethin' happen an' he's at yer heels like greased lightnin'.

  4. They greased the lead before it fell, And then by sounding through the night, Knowing the soil that stuck so well, They always guessed their reckoning right.

  5. Then take it off the fire, stir in the vanilla and any kind of nuts you desire, and scrape it out of the kettle on a greased slab, between bars, as directed for making vanilla caramels.

  6. Your slab must be well greased before pouring this on, but no matter how well you grease it, if you allow the candy to get perfectly cold before loosening it, you will find it will stick somewhat.

  7. As soon as you have it stirred enough so that the batch is thoroughly mixed and foamy, pour on greased slab, and it will be necessary to =scrape= the kettle out in making this candy.

  8. When cold, they may be cut up and either wrapped, or just laid side by side on a slightly greased plate.

  9. Then pour on a greased slab, with the bars set out far enough so that when the batch has been poured out evenly, it will be about a quarter of an inch thick.

  10. Pour it on a greased slab and when cool enough pull it over the hook.

  11. Take a greased rolling pin, and run over the top to smooth it down a little.

  12. Turn out the fire and remove thermometer, add the butter, salt and essence of lemon, and stir in well, then stir in the warm nuts and scrape out on a greased slab.

  13. Rub the batch against the sides of the kettle with the paddle, until it gets pretty thick and grains, then pour out on a greased slab between bars, and let harden.

  14. Then pour it on well greased slab or platter, which has previously been covered with figs cut up, or dates with seeds removed, putting in just as many as you wish.

  15. Pour on greased slab and pull same as others.

  16. As soon as the peanuts are roasted, remove from the fire, take out the paddle and scrape out of the kettle onto a greased slab, between the bars.

  17. Each one feels much like a monkey at a fair, on the top of a greased pole, and puts in the most of his time dodging stones and keeping from falling.

  18. The schoolmaster had erected near by a greased pole and hurdles, and had hung up pots and pans for a number of games.

  19. We can arrange for boat races on the river and lake and for horse races on shore, we can raise greased poles and also have other games in which our country people can take part.

  20. The story of the greased cartridges ran up the Ganges to Benares, Delhi and Meerut.

  21. The British authorities claimed that none of the greased cartridges had been issued to the Sepoys.

  22. Sidenote: Murmurs in India] [Sidenote: The greased cartridges] Some time previously rumors had been circulated concerning a danger to British rule in India.

  23. Its cartridges were greased with animal lubricants.

  24. The log cabin was the house of all, with its rough chimney, its greased paper in a single window, its door with latch and string, a plank floor and single room, corn husk brooms and its Dutch oven.

  25. The story of the greased cartridges had been capped by that of the bone dust.

  26. Put into a greased pudding-basin or mould.

  27. The cake tins should be lined with greased paper.

  28. If the cake becomes sufficiently brown on top before it is cooked through, cover with a greased paper to prevent burning.

  29. Stuff the marrow and bake for 40 minutes on a well-greased tin.

  30. Put it into pudding-basins or tin moulds greased with nutter, and boil or steam for 8 hours.

  31. Bake in a well-greased flat tin for about 50 minutes, in a rather slow oven.

  32. Have ready a very hot greased tin, pour in and bake in a hot oven until golden brown.

  33. Cover top with greased paper, and allow oven to get slightly cooler.

  34. If peeled before baking, cut in halves and put on a greased tin with a little nut-fat or butter on each.

  35. Put into a greased tin, which should be very hot, and bake in a hot oven at first.

  36. Put into a greased pie-dish and cover with short crust.

  37. Have ready a hot, greased tin, pour in the mixture quickly, and bake in a very hot oven from 6 to 8 minutes.

  38. Drop from teaspoon on greased pan and bake in moderate oven.

  39. Turn into a well greased loaf cake pan and bake in a moderate oven about forty-five minutes.

  40. Mix thoroughly and put into a greased bread pan.

  41. Place in greased patty-tins on cold oven shelf, and bake ten minutes.

  42. Place in rocky shapes on cold greased oven shelf, and bake in hot oven 10 or 12 minutes.

  43. Put on cold, greased oven shelf, and bake about 10 minutes.

  44. Place in small lots on cold greased oven shelf, and bake in hot oven about 20 minutes.

  45. Place in small lots on a cold greased oven shelf.

  46. Divide into cakes; place on greased oven shelf, and bake in brisk oven 20 minutes.

  47. Mix all together, and bake in greased patty-tins about 15 minutes.

  48. Again I sneezed, when off they scampered, disappearing like greased lightning, as our American cousins say, through countless crevices and holes and other openings I had not before perceived.

  49. I had, the day before, unobserved, thoroughly greased the blocks.

  50. Fame, I am credibly informed, is not unlike a greased pig, always hard chased, but too eternal slippery for every body to hold on to!

  51. My utter desperation induced me to work for an hour with some percussion caps, powder, and a piece of greased tow linen, to get a blaze of fire, Ingins or no Ingins.

  52. I believe they are greased to be slippery like the pigs were," remarked Mary.

  53. Then, when you'd like the pesky old thing to hang fire she slides open just like the track was greased with mutton tallow.

  54. With some dripping from fried bacon he greased each trap until the jaws worked readily.

  55. Lay one fillet on a greased fish sheet in a dripping-pan, and cover thickly with seasoned oysters dipped in buttered cracker crumbs.

  56. Lay in a greased baking-dish, and season with salt and pepper.

  57. She covered it with cream and allowed only two greased linen cloths to touch him.

  58. The packing is greased candle wicking that is wound around the stem and held tightly in place by the screw-cap H.

  59. The packing S is generally in the form of rubber rings but greased wicking may be used if necessary as in the case of valve-stems.

  60. Uncle Joe greased the grindstone to-day for the first time in its history.

  61. When the rust had all been cleaned out and the wheels removed and cleaned, they were well greased and replaced.

  62. Yes, he did; but we greased the grindstone and got through at noon," Bob replied smiling.

  63. Then she carefully greased my prick with pomatum, and put some on her arse-hole; it was the work of a minute, not a word was said.

  64. Could no greased pig's appeal to his embrace Kindle his ardor for the friendly chase?

  65. Flavor with the vanilla, put into greased and floured muffin pans, and bake in a hot oven.

  66. Flavor with the vanilla, put into greased and floured muffin pans, and bake.

  67. Butter cake or any of its variations requires greased pans, whereas sponge cake should be put in pans that are not greased.

  68. DROP CAKES differ from cup cakes in that a stiffer batter is used and the mixture is then dropped from a spoon on a greased and floured cooky sheet.

  69. Drop by spoonfuls on a greased cooky sheet and bake in a moderate oven.

  70. Whichever plan is followed, prepare the pan by covering the bottom with 1/2 inch of flour and then placing a piece of greased paper over this.

  71. Drop by spoonfuls on a greased cooky sheet, place close to the floor of the oven, and bake in a hot oven for about 30 minutes or until the puffs are dry and can be lifted from the sheet.

  72. Loaf-cake pans, that is, pans that make cake in the form of a loaf, should first be greased and then, as shown in Fig.

  73. Drop by spoonfuls on a greased and floured cake sheet.

  74. Drop on greased sheets and bake in a moderate oven for about 15 or 20 minutes.

  75. Muffin pans or individual pans of any kind should first be greased with a brush or a small piece of clean paper dipped into the fat that is to be used, and then dusted with flour.

  76. Put into greased and floured muffin pans and bake.

  77. Drop by spoonfuls on a greased and floured cake sheet and bake in a hot oven until light brown.

  78. Layer-cake pans, whether they have false bottoms or not, should be greased and then covered with a light layer of flour, just as is done with individual pans.

  79. Have a cooky sheet or other large shallow pan greased and floured, and as soon as all the cookies are cut from a piece of dough, pick them up with the aid of a spatula, as in Fig.

  80. Cut with a round cutter, place on greased and floured tins, and bake.

  81. Whisking off the wheels of a diligence, the old lady greased them one by one, and put them on again with the skill and speed of a regular blacksmith, and then began to pile many parcels into a char apparently waiting for them.

  82. The ladies often saw her afterward, always trotting and tugging, smiling and content, as if some unseen hands kept well greased the wheels of her own diligence, which carried such a heavy load and never broke down.

  83. This was repeated until I was greased from the neck to the hips, effectually.

  84. Shoes are washed in an acid disinfectant that cleanses the leather without injuring its fabric, and then they are dried and greased before going in to the workers.

  85. The outer membranes of the gullet are cut away while it is quite fresh, and then it is drawn over a round stick prepared for the purpose, and greased with blubber.

  86. When it stiffens pour it into a greased pan, or drop it by spoonsful on the pan.

  87. Add the nuts, stir a few moments till slightly thick, drop by spoonsful on greased tins, or pour it into a greased tin.

  88. The cover should be greased before being placed on the mould, then tied down with a string, otherwise the bread might force off the cover.

  89. Place on a greased tin, bake about five minutes in a moderately hot oven.

  90. Place them on greased tins, leaving a little space between each cookie.

  91. Add the vanilla, stir a few minutes until slightly thick, turn at once into greased tin plates.

  92. There's going to be several sack races to begin with; climbing the greased pole for another thing; catching a greased pig for another; and a three-foot race to wind up with.

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