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Example sentences for "flatten"

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flatness; flats; flatt; flatte; flatted; flattened; flattening; flattens; flatter; flattered
  1. When a wheel struck a clod it would shoot me high into the air, and when I came crashing down it would flatten out on the iron axle and stop me with a jolt that scattered my wits over the landscape.

  2. Another favourite way of crossing the old creeks was on logs, and as it was seldom that any one took the trouble to flatten them, considerable skill was needed by those who attempted a passage.

  3. Bend these metal strips to suit the form of the spokes and flatten against the blades and then insert the screws to fasten the cleats to the wood.

  4. Flatten the steering rod at one end and sink it into the wood.

  5. As soon as they are well in contact, heat the two joined flares together, very hot, and, pulling slightly, the flares will flatten out and the tube be perfectly joined.

  6. For this job, it is better to flatten out the solder to the thinness of brown paper and with a pair of scissors or shears to cut it into very narrow strips.

  7. Should a brush be preferred, take a few hairs from a broom, place them in one end of a thin metal tube, and then flatten the end with a blow from a hammer.

  8. It obliges us to kneel in the mud, to flatten ourselves on the ground, and to crawl on all fours for a few paces.

  9. The German 105's, neither, you haven't hardly the time to flatten yourself.

  10. The smokers spit in a circle, just at the mouth of the dug-out which most of the half-section inhabit, and flood with tobacco-stained saliva the place where they put their hands and feet when they flatten themselves to get in or out.

  11. We were both thinking of the force that had driven the frail old willow tree through tile and cement of the new building to flatten the metal of motor and car into uselessness.

  12. However, he offered no demur, but sat down at the table and began to flatten the warped pages that perversely sprang back and clung about his fingers.

  13. See, I will flatten myself out like this--with Baree.

  14. An agonized squeak came from under his foot, and he felt something small and soft flatten out, like a wad of dough.

  15. They tell us that the white filling of the valleys and covering of the lower slopes tends to flatten the effect of a mountain scene beheld from above.

  16. What begins as a growing plateau, passes through the stage of rocky and snowy ranges, becomes later on an area of undulating country, and if time sufficed would ultimately flatten out once more into a plain.

  17. It is employed to flatten the bottoms of holes, and has a tit T which serves to steady it.

  18. After the head has been roughed down it is necessary to flatten it again under the head and on the end, for which purpose it may be placed in the heading block shown in Fig.

  19. The chipping should continue until the pellets flatten out equally on the two bevels, but are left a little thicker on the bottom.

  20. Then when the brass comes home, it will flatten these pellets, and their thickness (when the brass is taken out) will show how much the bevels are out, and how much to take off the brass to make it bed.

  21. As far as we can learn, the remoter tribes, which speak an entirely different language, do not flatten the head.

  22. The Flatheads in question are not to be confounded with those of the name who dwell about the lower waters of the Columbia; neither do they flatten their heads, as the others do.

  23. If this bur be hammered to flatten it, the hole is distorted and made smaller.

  24. An anvil or piece of old iron that may be used to hammer on to flatten tin, etc.

  25. Flatten them so that they will lie a little apart.

  26. Get about a pound and a half of the tail of a fine cod; with a sharp knife divide the flesh from the bone lengthways, cut it into neat pieces as nearly of a size as you can, and flatten with a knife.

  27. Flatten the fillet with a cutlet-bat, and cut it lengthways into slices as thin as possible; divide these into neat pieces about three inches long.

  28. To resharpen the scraper it is not necessary to file it afresh every time, but only to flatten out the edges and turn them again with slightly more bevel.

  29. Instead of using the oilstone an easier, tho less perfect, way to flatten out the burr on the edges is to lay the scraper flat on the bench near the edge.

  30. After cutting off the excess of the ligature, with which we bound the case, we again introduce the rammer, and give it eighteen blows with the mallet, in order to flatten the choak.

  31. They are twisted at their extremities, and struck afterwards on a table, to flatten and close them in the same manner as common cases.

  32. Native gold is malleable, will flatten out under the hammer, and a steel knife will cut it with ease.

  33. A small jeweler's hammer is used to flatten metallic globules upon any hard surface A regular blow-pipe outfit would include a small anvil for this purpose, but it is hardly necessary, as any iron or steel surface will do.

  34. Place under a weight to flatten and make firm, if desired, or cut into two and dip in flour and then in egg and finally in fine bread crumbs.

  35. Form into balls the size of a walnut and then flatten between the hands.

  36. Now with the palm of the hand flatten out the dough and then fold halfway over, pounding well with the hand.

  37. Roll like jelly roll and then flatten well with rolling pin.

  38. Form into balls and then cover and let spring or rise for ten minutes; take a ball of the dough and round it well on the board, then flatten slightly with the palm of the hand.

  39. Cook slowly until tender, then remove the cutlets and flatten well.

  40. Now do not form the trimmings into a ball, but lay them one piece upon the other in a pile and flatten them with the rolling pin.

  41. When prepared as directed for poultry, put the bird on the table on its back, and with a chopper or with a round stick flatten the breast-bone, which you break at a single blow if possible; the bird is much more sightly when served.

  42. Cut the neck off, also the legs at the first joint, split the breast in two so as to open the chicken, and flatten it with a chopper.

  43. Place the breast in a large bakepan, with some weight over so as to flatten it, and leave it so till perfectly cold.

  44. If wished flat, when shaped round, just flatten them a little with the blade of a knife.

  45. If wanted of a chop-shape, when flat, shape with the hands and strike again to flatten them.

  46. Split the backs of the pigeons so as to open them, flatten them a little with a chopper.

  47. Do not cut off the fat, but flatten a little each slice with a chopper.

  48. Cut the chops rather thin, beat them gently and flatten them; then proceed as for veal cutlets in papillotes in every particular.

  49. By no means flatten them, but keep them as round and plump as possible; lay them on napkins and keep in a cool place for half an hour; again dip, roll in crumbs, and set aside for another half hour.

  50. Roast it, then cut off the fillets and cut them aslant and flatten them.

  51. Pass a knife under the skin of the back, and cut out the backbone without injuring the skin or breaking off the rump, draw out the breastbone and break the merrythought; flatten the fowl and put two skewers through it.

  52. Take out the bones carefully and shape the joints into cutlets; flatten these with the cutlet-bat, season rather highly and cover them thickly with egg and finely-grated breadcrumbs.

  53. Pluck, singe, and flatten the backs of two dozen larks, pound the trail and livers in a mortar with scraped bacon and a little thyme, stuff the larks with this, and wrap each in a slice of fat bacon.

  54. It is often necessary to flatten a sheet of ebonite, and of course this is the more easily accomplished the smaller the sheet.

  55. I do not know exactly how best to flatten very thin and large sheets.

  56. These bands must not be too strong or they will flatten the boiler.

  57. Flatten one end of the wire and drive it into the centre point of the cross-pieces of the sails, being careful to keep it quite square and upright.

  58. This will probably curl up at first and afterwards flatten out again.

  59. In exposing on all such interiors I would strongly recommend a very full exposure, the object being to flatten the subject.

  60. Let's get the next train for Frisco, before I run after that guy and flatten him!

  61. We went in after him, and the Kid tells me how he come to flatten this baby, which, from the card he give us, was J.

  62. Cut the meat into six slices, pound them to flatten out; salt slightly, and when the other ingredients are cooked, put a portion on each slice of meat.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flatten" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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