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Example sentences for "fours"

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  1. Leander went down on all fours on the hearthrug.

  2. Shortly after, on the same awful night, I saw another man crawling on all fours over the desert in the dark quite alone.

  3. Before the door of the Treasury, from whence the converter of rats draws his supply of baits and lures, travelling cautiously on all fours and feeling his way, the political rat-catcher is slily augmenting his captures.

  4. But the first thing we did was to enlarge the door, for it will be remembered that we were obliged to get down on all fours in order to get in or out of the shanty.

  5. These were, no windows, and for a door we had what I called a "hoghole," that was a door so small that one had to get down on all fours to get in or out.

  6. This time we were in "swacks," and I will try to tell what luck we had some time, but one thing we did was to put a window in the camp and make the door large enough so that one did not have to get down on all fours to get in or out.

  7. It was fully two hours before he rose and crept on all fours into the canoe for food.

  8. He was so weak he crawled on all fours along to the mast, furled the sail kneeling, and dragged himself rather than stepped ashore with the painter.

  9. Or again she would play bear, walking on all fours on her rugs when she had only her chemise on and turning round with a growl as though she wanted to eat him.

  10. He had been planning, indeed, to get under the table on all fours and to go and crouch at Nana's feet like a little dog.

  11. When necessary to reduce the front of the staff and orderlies, each line executes =twos right or fours right=, as explained in the Cavalry Drill Regulations, and follows the commander.

  12. For infantry in fours crowded the transoms should have a diam.

  13. Soldiers marched by twos and fours and by companies, everywhere.

  14. Such beliefs, of course, are on all fours with those current in the modern religious world down till the present century: we shall, in fact, best appraise the rationality of Greece by making such comparisons.

  15. They dropped on all fours and turned their backs to the scientist and the detective.

  16. The mole dropped on all fours and tried to turn its back.

  17. Of course, the case was hardly on all fours with that of our two irreproachables, but we suspect a point in common.

  18. The reader aloud is on all fours with the cigarette-smoker.

  19. On all-fours he was lying in the brook, the water unceasingly licking his stiff limbs, and Rauten enjoyed the refreshing coolness.

  20. He was so weak when he reached the Tolleiv Mountain Farm that he could not walk across the pasture—he crawled on all fours and was a whole hour about it too, so it was clear to anybody how near to death’s door he had been.

  21. He would not come down on all-fours for fear of losing it, and went on hopping on two legs several steps, and Gaupa swore prodigiously out of the joy in his heart.

  22. He looked for more berries, crawling on all-fours round the spruce tree like a child—an oldish man with a flowing beard.

  23. He settled to all fours again, threw his head from side to side, and strove to move backward with a frenzied floundering that sent the pebbles rattling yards about him.

  24. The Captain dropped to all fours and hung his head, staggered a half-dozen short paces drunkenly, and then sighed deeply-- He reached the end of the rope.

  25. When necessary to reduce the front of the staff and orderlies, each line executes twos right or fours right, as explained in the Cavalry Drill Regulations, and follows the commander.

  26. Battalion paraded and marched in fours though Dranoutre and along the road to within half a mile of Wulverghem.

  27. We moved off in fours along the road, and in the same formation marched into Cartignies, a village full of civilians and blazing with lights, although a German machine gun less than 400 yards away kept sending bullets over the main street.

  28. The Colonel's plan was as follows:--To assemble the Battalion in lines of platoons in fours facing South, just behind the right of our front line.

  29. The Battalion halted on the road in fours outside the village, at the entrance to which stood a group headed by the C.

  30. They were marching in fours and had practically a whole platoon wiped out, for eleven were killed and fourteen wounded.

  31. In the first three rows, consider each group of fours as one spoke, then separate the group of fours into groups of twos with seven rows of pairing.

  32. Separate the groups of fours into groups of twos by bringing the raffia over 2 spokes, under 2 spokes, treating the short spoke as a separate group.

  33. Separate the groups of fours into groups of twos and weave six rows in pairing.

  34. Consider every group of fours as one spoke.

  35. He then caused another trooper in another set of fours to change places with me, and thereafter all went well.

  36. I turned my head for some purpose, and almost simultaneously my horse plunged headlong into the fours in front of me.

  37. As we crawled across on all fours the remaining beams cracked beneath our feet and the Belgian engineers called on us to hurry.

  38. As the close-locked fours went through the gate, the people broke the ranks and pounded each man on the back, while all the time the crowd was shouting.

  39. Then their military automobiles came trembling and sputtering to the doorsteps, and in groups of fours and fives they went out to the firing line.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fours" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.