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Example sentences for "crawling"

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crawfish; crawl; crawled; crawler; crawlers; crawls; crawly; craws; crayfish; crayfishes
  1. There were creatures called trilobites; they were crawling things like big sea woodlice that were probably related to the American king-crab of to-day.

  2. He was accustomed to appear in the streets as a wretched-looking, deplorable old man, bent double with age and infirmity, supporting himself on a stick, and crawling along in a painful manner at the slowest possible rate.

  3. She could come behind her fatherʼs back, crawling over the table, and fasten his sword–hilt to his whiskers, without his knowing a thing of it.

  4. But a time will come when the old customs will fall into oblivion, when new ways will creep in among Mussulmen like a rattlesnake crawling into a bed of roses.

  5. After me, Perk, and be still as the grave," was what Jack whispered in the ear of his mate as he commenced crawling away.

  6. Down on hands and knees they dropped, to begin crawling inch by inch toward their objective.

  7. Instead of crawling after her thus I would go boldly in at those very gates--do you think she is there?

  8. You are like boys that go to hunt for ghosts, And turn the scuttle of rats to a roused demon Crawling to shut the door of the barn they search.

  9. Once I lived In London, in a slum called Paradise, Sickened to see the greasy pavements crawling With puny flabby babies, thick as maggots.

  10. My horse for once outstripped his mare," replied Mr. Mullen, who felt a crawling sensation in the back of his neck whenever Sarah was present, as if he were called upon to face in her single person an entire parsimonious vestry.

  11. Seashells are crawling up; And lurking in holes 10 Are the eels o-ú and o-í.

  12. He looked for more berries, crawling on all-fours round the spruce tree like a child—an oldish man with a flowing beard.

  13. He was so close after them that he surely could have thrown his gun at the elk, if there had been light enough, and it seemed to him that he was crawling at the bottom of a black lake with the tree-tops floating on the surface of the water.

  14. I found two who looked like them, crawling out from under a heap of slain, and shot them through the head; but as to whether I slew the right ones or not I do not know.

  15. But at the same time a battalion of infantry began to feel its way toward us and we grew very busy with our rifles, the wounded crawling through the wet to pass the cartridges.

  16. That ought to do," said Ranjoor Singh, crawling backward out of sight and then getting to his feet.

  17. I rolled under and pulled the body over in one movement; and seeing the body and thinking a Turk was crawling up to attack him, one of our troopers thrust his bayonet clean through it.

  18. Always he was sullen, and dogged, and unwhipped; while whisky only served to set the maggots of certitude crawling in his brain.

  19. Saxon laughed her joy and held on close to his heels, splashing through pools, crawling hand and foot up the slippery faces of water-worn rocks, and worming under trunks of old fallen trees.

  20. They still hesitated, and Billy might have succeeded in avoiding trouble had not the man who had gone down the bank chosen that unfortunate moment to reappear, crawling groggily on hands and knees and showing a bleeding face.

  21. A big, greenish, yellowish worm was crawling over his head, his tow-like hair whiter by contrast; upon his forehead great drops of perspiration.

  22. Crawling slowly to the stairs he softly descended, opened the door and shot out into the darkness of the night.

  23. Crawling along the dirty, sooty, begrimed floor, he soon located the old cedar chest.

  24. Painfully, slowly he started, crawling toward the opened gate, over the spot where he had collected the ammunition that disbanded the torch-light parade; nor did he turn aside for anything.

  25. When they neared home, passing through Church Street, Alfred made a move to leave the wagon, crawling over the end gate backwards, his limbs dangling outside, his head and body hid by the closely drawn curtains.

  26. On a certain dark night, Thomas Wilde, one of these contribution-men, was burning bricks all by himself, when a body of seven men came crawling up to within a little distance.

  27. His house was scarcely a furlong distant, yet he was an hour crawling to it.

  28. I've seen three cripples crawling about that have been set on by numbers and spoiled for life, and as many fired at in the dark; one has got a slug in his head to this day.

  29. It soon emerged below the bridge like a black spider crawling down the stream, and melted out of sight the more rapidly that a slight fog was rising.

  30. But a boat to suit me must be able to slide away from the wind, and not stay crawling around close to it!

  31. Even Jack came crawling out from under the motor boat to watch the sport.

  32. When Jack hesitated for that half minute, with the little waves crawling up to his feet, it was because he wished to make sure that there was no one upon the stern of the swinging power boat, to discover their advance.

  33. Jack, that fly-up-the-creek power boat must have been in this bayou when our chum came crawling through these bushes, and took a look out.

  34. There he goes, crawling along up to the bow again.

  35. Same here," declared Herb, crawling aboard, as he pulled the Tramp close to the starboard quarter of the Comfort.

  36. Both uttered it, as if to encourage one another in their approach; and they kept crawling on, waving their tails as they advanced.

  37. Crouching among the leaves, now crawling sideways, now making short springs, and then hiding itself, went a fearful-looking creature.

  38. These could be seen basking along the low banks, or crawling away into the dark and shadowy swamp.

  39. This was soon put beyond dispute, as Basil saw the animal throw her great paws around the trunk, and commence crawling upward!

  40. This caused him to relax his hug, and he now seemed anxious to get off; but the reptile had seized one of his feet in his powerful jaws and thus held him fast, all the while crawling and dragging him down to the water.

  41. Silently moving among the weeds and brambles, now trotting quickly behind the covering of a prostrate log, now slowly crawling over the more open ground, went a strange animal.

  42. I think, when you were crawling through the fern after me, you broke a piece of rotten stick that was under you, did you not?

  43. Jacob remained immovable till the animal began to feed again, and then he advanced crawling through the fern, followed by Edward and the dog, who dragged himself on his stomach after Edward.

  44. I'll learn him to keep honester men than himsel' waitin' on the loan of his Sabbath gear, crawling partan o' the East Neuk that he is!

  45. A low mist was collecting here and there behind the clumps of bushes, and crawling low along the surface of the canals.

  46. McNabb's hand stayed him before he could seize hold of Wentworth, who was crawling toward the door.

  47. It is like many worms crawling inside my head, when one speaks ill of women.

  48. What would it be to have the dead Karl crawling about his house for ever, now inside, now out, now sitting on the stairs, now staring in at the windows?

  49. Nor, of all the other inventions of the human imagination, has there ever been one so perfect in crawling terror as this.

  50. What could be more like a vampire, dragging his pall after him, than this apparition of poor, half-frozen Lottchen, crawling across the roof?

  51. He was crawling on his stomach like a serpent when they saw him and fired.

  52. Miserable, crawling things, where is she?

  53. Why, you crawling cur, you haven't one decent bone in your body!

  54. I am not going back to town to-night; I have no fancy for these late, crawling trains back from suburban pleasures.

  55. Send him to us in any case, girls; it is ridiculous to let him go back on that crawling train when he might as well have a pleasant Sunday with the crowd.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "crawling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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