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Example sentences for "abject"

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  1. Inheriting her father's rigid will, she had kept the young officer in a state of abject submission.

  2. I found a compensating relief in merely beholding that look of haunted and abject misery going out of his young eyes.

  3. And have I been this poor and abject tool in the hand of villains?

  4. Yes, my friend, there is a triumph in fortitude, an exultation in heroical resolve, which for a moment at least, sets a man above the most abject and distressing circumstances.

  5. His abject terror of his brother overcame him in an instant, and he almost ran into Aliandra's arms as he sprang back.

  6. But suppose that matters had turned out a little differently to-day, and that Francesco Pagliuca, instead of being an abject coward, had turned upon you and fought you for his life.

  7. He saw himself treated with insolent contempt in private, but with abject servility in public.

  8. So abject was his devotion to Frederick the Great that he restored to him the Russian conquests, and reached the limit which could be borne when he shouted at one of his orgies: "Let us drink to the health of our King and master Frederick.

  9. His burghers were, as usual after a lost battle, demoralized and disheartened for the time being, but not, as was thought by the British Army, scared by their reverses into abject impotence.

  10. The abject cardinal went into the most humiliating ecstasies, and actually grovelled in the very mud, to show his humble sense of the kindness and condescension of his sovereign.

  11. De Quincey, the eminent English author, tells us that he passed much time in London in the most abject want, living upon precarious charity.

  12. Spenser, who endowed English verse with the soul of harmony while eking out a life of misery, finally died in abject poverty.

  13. Though he died in abject poverty, he did not leave a farthing of debt owed to any one.

  14. His new letter is more turgid than ever, and even more full of literary affectations than the first; is in other ways a most abject production and in very bad taste.

  15. When her caprices and her exigence has worn out the patience of her friends, she tries to regain their favour by the most abject condescension.

  16. Duc d'Orleans told me a curious thing--that eighteen months ago Lucien Bonaparte had written him a rather abject letter, begging him to obtain for him the post of French Minister at Florence!

  17. No feeling of pity at the abject terror of the wretched man crossed him.

  18. Jack then deliberately levelled his pistol at the Frenchman, who trembled violently, and showed every symptom of the most abject terror.

  19. Lady Mellasin tore her hair, wept, and entreated me in the most abject terms to forgive, and not expose a woman of her rank to publick scorn and infamy.

  20. He produced a written statement which was from the first word to the last abject nonsense veiled in pompous scientific phraseology.

  21. His dire necessities and abject condition broke down the alienation which had existed between him and his family, and he was welcomed as the returned prodigal.

  22. I knew it; just as I knew that you had bought this pearl necklace yourself; just as I knew that you had never been kissed; just as I knew that you were good enough to compel even the abject reverence of as bad a man as myself.

  23. He stood as if awaiting sentence for his evil doing, an old man abject and forlorn.

  24. There had been times when he had been forced not only to sue Virginia for peace but likewise to make abject overtures to that firmest of allies, Serena.

  25. He groaned like a man upon a rack, and the agony of that cry was proof conclusive of his abject surrender.

  26. That hunted look leaped into her eyes again, and Phillips recognized it now as fear, the abject physical terror of the weaker animal.

  27. You may in abject quietism submit to it, but you cannot revere or adore it.

  28. He strove to escape the evil eyes of calumny and imperial distrust by the most abject renunciation.

  29. We talked for some time, and at last he told me the state of abject poverty to which he was reduced, and the great difficulty he had to keep his numerous family.

  30. I was to expect the dear abject of my love!

  31. This is a prison where the most wretched and abject criminals are kept.

  32. In the village, although everything has the appearance of the most abject poverty, all is bright and clean.

  33. But this report of abject poverty was a great advantage to me.

  34. Notwithstanding this abject poverty, a bullying tax-gatherer, with half a dozen louting soldiers, have been up here prowling about, and wresting with violence the means of supporting life from these miserable beings.

  35. Or, is it because every body has conspired together against the Rais, and determined to wear an air of abject poverty?

  36. Extreme wretchedness, I might almost say abject misery, was our lot to-day.

  37. After glancing round their new domain, Beelzebub and he aroused their abject followers.

  38. Shakespeare at thirty-five was the abject slave of a dark-complexioned woman, who was faithless to him, and whom he cursed in his heart.

  39. That mask of Shakespeare's face, which we have been discussing, Shakespeare himself did not like; and there were moments in which he was so abject as actually to wish that he had received from Nature another man's physical features!

  40. Generous and frank he may have been, but his submission to the mild and well-deserved punishment of confinement to his own house was as base and abject as it was false and hypocritical.

  41. To crown his rashness, meanness, and treason, he wrote from the Tower the most abject letters to Elizabeth, imploring her clemency.

  42. The abject Bunsby looked neither to the right nor to the left, nor at his bride, nor at his friend, but straight before him at nothing.

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