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Example sentences for "humbled"

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humanoids; humans; humanum; humas; humble; humblement; humbleness; humbler; humbles; humblesse
  1. You could pet and play with me, check and punish me, as a child who would not 'sicken at the sweets, or be humbled by the sandal.

  2. If you had turned on us when she vexed you, humbled us to gratify her caprice, ill-used us to vent your temper, other men would have done the same.

  3. If I feel hurt by any mark of your displeasure, or humbled that it should be known to my equals in your own household," she replied, "it is time I were deprived of the privileges that have rendered me so overweening.

  4. Dearest, do you so wrong her who loves you, and is honoured by your love, as to fancy that any exertion of your authority could make her feel humbled in your eyes or her own?

  5. Be varying gods by varying tribes addrest, 89 I scorn no gods that worthy foes adore; Brave was the arm that humbled Harold's crest, And large the heart that did his child restore.

  6. But as soon as the senate had been humbled and disarmed, such an assembly, consisting of five or six hundred persons, was found a much more tractable and useful instrument of dominion.

  7. The grave senators confessed with a sigh, that, after having long experienced the stern tyranny of their own countrymen, Rome was at length humbled beneath the effeminate luxury of Oriental despotism.

  8. Humbled by a public confession, emaciated by fasting and clothed in sackcloth, the penitent lay prostrate at the door of the assembly, imploring with tears the pardon of his offences, and soliciting the prayers of the faithful.

  9. He was copying a picture quite near to me, and I felt humbled when returning to my own effort after glancing at his masterly work.

  10. He was sufficiently humbled to receive silently unusually severe reproofs from his guardian, who had informed him that he had sent for him in order to avoid the risk of paining his excellent mother.

  11. Even his batons of command are perfect nature, chiefly that of his own adventure, thus budding on the faith of his renown, which began to shed its glories in the war which humbled his private foe.

  12. Although the altered circumstances of Italy which humbled her pride had also arrested her convulsions, these untoward events, at the outset of his reign, proved to Guidobaldo that her few remaining principalities were far from secure.

  13. Men at the North were humbled and amazed.

  14. From the crushed and humbled North it received more than the full consideration stipulated in its favor.

  15. But being so, He humbled Himself to a strange and great obedience.

  16. They must be humbled first, that they might be reasoned with afterwards.

  17. This was to be repeated year after year, so that, until Massachusetts should see fit to declare herself humbled and penitent, she must go without a legislature.

  18. Yes, yes; I humbled that rebellious child!

  19. The utter misery and self-abandonment of the man appealed to her, and at the bottom of her heart lay the wicked feeling that he was humbled and brought low who had once humbled her.

  20. He needed no human affection, and so, on its loss, suffered no pain; he had no desire save for fame; his pride was never humbled to find himself dependent on mere love.

  21. Strange that she should have let me see it; but she was so humbled now; and perceiving that I trusted her, perhaps she was the more won to trust me--I had considered this when I spoke to her as I did.

  22. Olive, humbled and disconsolate, prepared for her voluntary duty as Vanbrugh's lay-figure.

  23. I have spoken ill," said Vanbrugh, in a touched and humbled voice.

  24. Olive Rothesay, innocent as she was of any harm to this gentleman or to his child, felt as cowed and humbled as if she had done wrong.

  25. He perceived but too clearly that all these gentry felt humbled and uncomfortable in his presence.

  26. But altogether the effect is not so much that of children supplicating a parent, which is the true intent of the words, in the place in which they stand, as the deep and mournful supplications of a people humbled in the dust.

  27. Humbled as I am by adversity, my soul has still too much pride, or let me call it delicacy, to submit to this.

  28. We are more than ever humbled and insulted by this overweening earl of Douglas, and, through you, the entire nation!

  29. But my imagination was humbled on considering my relative and limited powers, when I desired to proceed from phenomena to causes, and to penetrate the secrets of nature below the surfaces of things.

  30. All which we now desire to acknowledge and be humbled for, that the world may bear witness with us, that righteousness belongeth unto God, and shame and confusion of face to us, as appears this day.

  31. But while the courts of Edward, or of his representatives, were crowded by the humbled Scots, the spirit of one brave man remained unsubdued.

  32. And Pan was carved thereon with humbled head and the feet of angels pressed upon his neck.

  33. Humbled and defeated, it was not the policy of Persia to continue hostilities with an enemy from whom it had so much to fear and so little to gain.

  34. Humbled to the dust, I dare yet to make one boast: I have not failed in these small human loyalties, except as my capacities have failed.

  35. John felt that in this storm of words some injustice was being done him; yet he could not deny that such an outburst of wrath upon Bessie's part was natural, and he humbled himself before the blast.

  36. At first he rebelled, but with a rush like the swirl of waters over his head, the memory of that night when he was blind for an hour came to him and humbled him.

  37. Miss Dounay, more humbled by this steadfast magnanimity of soul which could refuse vindication when it was offered than awed by the sudden force of self-assertion which Hampstead manifested, looked her submission.

  38. Could I behold that endlesse height which is Zenith to us, and our Antipodes, Humbled below us?

  39. They humbled themselves before God in deep convictions of their unworthiness, and being thus emptied of self they were in a better state to receive the gracious visitation of love and mercy.

  40. It was a blessed thing for David that he was not beyond being arrested by God's voice, and humbled by His reproof.

  41. For some time after this, the Indians dipped not into the black paint pots of war but were content to streak their humbled countenances with the vermilion of beauty and innocence.

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    abashed; abject; apologetic; ashamed; broken; chagrined; chapfallen; crestfallen; crushed; dependent; domesticated; embarrassed; hangdog; humble; humbled; humiliated; lowered; melted; mortified; penitent; penitential; prostrate; quelled; reduced; remorseful; repentant; shamed; shamefaced; sheepish; smashed; softened; subdued; subjugated; suppressed; tamed; touched