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Example sentences for "entreated"

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entraron; entraunce; entre; entreat; entreate; entreaties; entreating; entreatingly; entreats; entreaty
  1. Pomerania, entreated St. Otho to undertake a mission among the idolaters of that country.

  2. When the abbot died our saint was earnestly entreated by the greatest part of the monks to accept that dignity; but his consent could by no means be extorted.

  3. He made him great presents, and entreated him to cure his wife who had been long ill of a quartan ague.

  4. He was entreated by many princes and cities of Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Low-Countries to afford them some of his laborers.

  5. St. Bonaventure prayed and entreated him with so much earnestness, that at length St. Thomas acquiesced to receive the degree first, and our saint triumphed over both his friend and himself.

  6. The pope answered that, far from having any need of being entreated on that head, he threw himself at the emperor’s feet to implore his protection for the peace and welfare of God’s Church.

  7. She therefore entreated Vincent to preach in the church of Folleville, on the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, in 1617, and fully to instruct the people in the great duty of repentance and confession of sins.

  8. The people entreated again: “O servant of God, we beseech you to instruct us fully.

  9. The Indians who traded to Alexandria, entreated him to pay their country a visit, in order to confute their Brachmans.

  10. My Hans had never said me nay when I had entreated him with certain wiles.

  11. Then she suddenly raised herself from the pillows, passed her hand across her wet eyes, and entreated me to leave her.

  12. My hot blood rose at this and I made for the door; nay, I had the handle of the latch in my hand when she flew after me, held me back by force, and entreated me with prayers that I would let her do her will, for that she had no choice.

  13. I still clung to my lover's arm and entreated him to take me to speak with Junker Henning, inasmuch as I sorely wanted to question him; but the Junker diligently kept far from us.

  14. In it my brother set forth that he had pledged his word solemnly and beyond recall to Ann and her parents, and entreated my lover to declare to the Tetzels and to his grand-uncle that henceforth and forever he renounced Ursula.

  15. He had his word to say, right or wrong, and was often entreated to speak by journalists in need of copy, and fell into their trap, taking himself seriously in his innocent way.

  16. Daniel entreated him to acknowledge this mistake, and try to rectify, if possible efface, the deplorable effect produced by articles written in a different key.

  17. She entreated my consent to remove elsewhere.

  18. Both myself and Madame Savarin, backed by Signora Venosta, earnestly entreated Mademoiselle Cicogna to quit Paris, to accompany us to England.

  19. I entreated you not to quit the safe shelter of the paternal roof.

  20. Remember how I remonstrated and entreated you not to ruin yourself!

  21. The same dealt subtilly with our kindred, and evil entreated our fathers, so that they cast out their young children, to the end they might not live.

  22. And Julius courteously entreated Paul, and gave him liberty to go unto his friends to refresh himself.

  23. They entreated him to wait till he had been fed and rested within the castle.

  24. So enchanted were the Portuguese with Saint George, that, having no Champion of their own, they entreated him to become theirs, and have ever since retained him among their most honoured saints and heroes.

  25. At length, the faithful Owen entreated that he might be allowed to come and help.

  26. In vain the Princess Sabra entreated him not to undertake the adventure.

  27. His voice as he entreated her to wait rang with such anguish that she irrepressibly asked, "What?

  28. Pardon me for breaking in on your peaceful slumbers,” entreated the Texan.

  29. Sancho gave her the best comfort he could, and entreated her to tell them without any fear what had happened her, as they would all earnestly and by every means in their power endeavour to relieve her.

  30. He entreated her to be so gracious as to allow him an interview by the side of the river at the hour of 8.

  31. He placed himself unreservedly in the hands of Mr. Stork, and entreated him to meet him at his rooms in West Street on the ensuing Monday evening at 7.

  32. Before he departed he entreated that I would see him; so I could not be nasty, and I went.

  33. And the Egyptians evil-entreated them and oppressed them, and laid upon them hard bondage.

  34. The vessel had halted at Madeira, and as the passage to Palma was considered to be dangerous on account of French pirates, Azevedo was entreated not to expose himself unnecessarily.

  35. They entreated Jehoiakim to refrain from open and insolent defiance of a prophet who might after all be speaking in the name of Jehovah.

  36. It was offered by the Jewish refugees in Egypt; shortly before, these refugees had unanimously entreated Jeremiah to pray for them to Jehovah, and had promised to obey His commands.

  37. I earnestly entreated him, when upon his death-bed, to make a more equitable will.

  38. Entreated to do it again, this prudent rifleman modestly declined, for he remembered Sam Slick's lucky shot at the floating bottle; it was manifestly his wisdom not to risk fame won by a fluke.

  39. For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in thy name, he hath evil entreated this people; neither hast thou delivered thy people at all.

  40. One of them, shot down fighting for his country, as he lay on the deck in the agonies of death, entreated Uncle Boz, who knelt over him, to look after his two orphan boys.

  41. Having tenderly embraced her, he wept, and entreated her forgiveness.

  42. The whole party entreated the professor to lay such thoughts aside, for there was not a better lady breathing, or one who set a higher value upon her reputation.

  43. Yet in spite of all, we reached the opposite shore in safety, and stood once more upon English ground--there we rested for a little and changed our wet dresses, and Harry pressed and entreated me to take refreshments.

  44. He begged and entreated me, he kissed, and he even wept.

  45. In vain Fanny remonstrated and entreated and coaxed her father to let her go, that once.

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