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Example sentences for "crawls"

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crawl; crawled; crawler; crawlers; crawling; crawly; craws; crayfish; crayfishes; crayon
  1. Thus he crawls like a worm in the street--human flesh and blood.

  2. Menelaus, the papyrus still in hand, crawls over and attempts to stop Analytikos.

  3. Notice also the serpent which crawls from beneath the rock on which the Cross is placed.

  4. Notice the pool in the foreground on which are two water-fowl, while a tortoise crawls towards it.

  5. The front end calmly crawls away into its hole, goes on eating dirt as usual, and pretty soon grows itself a new tail as before.

  6. Most of us take our food into our stomachs, but the earthworm crawls through the earth, and at the same time lets a stream of earth crawl through him, digesting what is food and leaving the rest behind as he moves along.

  7. Baby crawls out on to the railroad track.

  8. After a long time the stranger-man crawls no more.

  9. Now the woman coughs, and lies still in the snow until the fit has passed, when she crawls on again.

  10. He falls and crawls, staggers, and falls and crawls again.

  11. For a long time she coughs, then like a woman crawling out of her grave she crawls to her feet.

  12. And gave her a marvellous riddle That the eyeless should read as he ran: What crawls and runs and is baffled By woman, the sphinx--but a man?

  13. Go live for an hour in a tropic land Hid near a sinking pool: The lion and tiger come to drink, The boa crawls to the water's brink, The elephant bull kneels down in the sand And drinks till his throat is cool.

  14. The caddis worm crawls slowly about searching for food, which consists of vegetable matter.

  15. When ready to issue the pupa usually comes out from the submerged case, crawls up on some support above water and there moults, the winged imago soon flying away.

  16. When ready for the final moulting the nymph crawls out on a rock or on a tree-root or trunk on the bank, and splitting its cuticle along the back, issues as a winged adult.

  17. The artillery duet goes on between the two, while still the infantry, unmolested as yet, crawls and crawls towards those hills.

  18. The Echinus crawls in the same way as the common Star-fish; but besides its long suckers it also uses its spines, which by their co-ordinated action push the animal along.

  19. After it has righted itself, although it twists about the distal portions of the rays, it does not begin to crawl for a long time, and when it does so, it crawls in a slow and indeterminate manner.

  20. He rouses himself and yawns, stretches himself like the great cruel cat he is, and then crawls and creeps silently along, by swampy watercourses, and through devious labyrinths known to himself alone.

  21. Finding one, he drops first to his knees, then upon all fours, and crawls out to its edge.

  22. The cab being a four-wheeler crawls along like a tortoise.

  23. The craggy steep Where the poor dizzy shepherd crawls with care, And clings to every twig, gives us no pain; But down we sweep, as stoops the falcon bold To pounce his prey.

  24. It then crawls back to its own place on the rock.

  25. The Limpet crawls to the seaweed and begins to browse, using a rasp like that of the Periwinkle.

  26. The Periwinkle crawls on a broad, slimy foot, which is put out from the shell.

  27. Dey comes across de way 'bout a nigger call Johnson, and him crawls under him house, but dey makes him come out and gives him some licks and what de bellow come from dat nigger!

  28. Iffen my papa whip me I slips out de house and runs to de big house and crawls under de old massa's bed.

  29. One nigger crawls up de chimney of de fireplace and that nigger soon gits powerful hot and has to come out.

  30. He crawls out and addresses Gondolier across the top.

  31. This insect merely looks out for a flattish stone lying on the ground, and crawls under it to see if there is any hollow.

  32. When it has succeeded in adjusting the stone, it crawls up the side of the pit with great care, and deposits its burthen on the outside of the circle.

  33. For this purpose it crawls backwards to the place where a stone may be, and thrusting its tail under it, is at great pains to get it properly balanced on its back, by an alternate motion of the rings composing its body.

  34. After the caterpillar ceases from feeding, it crawls aside for the purpose of assuming the pupal state.

  35. Today it crawls over the cracker-box and makes its way through every crevice in the kitchen and is, of all the creatures of our houses, the most detested.

  36. The larger, juicier Smyrna fig attracts her, and she crawls inside, searching for gall flowers there.

  37. As the animal crawls a large fold of the mantle is reflected back over the head, completely covering it, and apparently obstructing its view; but this is not the case, for the creature has no eyes.

  38. Running lengthwise along the body are five rows of tube-feet, but only two of these are well developed and terminate in functional suckers; and, as might be expected, the animal crawls with these two rows beneath it.

  39. As he laboured painfully to explain, without explaining, her face faded like a sunny landscape when a wet fog crawls over it.

  40. After its wings are made and it looks just like its mamma, Lace-Wing crawls out of its house and flies away.

  41. Then out crawls a soft-skinned creature with gauzy wings.

  42. It laps up the drop of sweetness, crawls down, climbs on the back of another big ant, and has a second luncheon.

  43. When Little Ant gets hungry it crawls up on Big Ant's back.

  44. Fatter and fatter it gets; sometimes it lies in the nut all winter, but more often it crawls out and buries itself in the ground while it grows into a weevil.

  45. When any of the family gets hungry it crawls up to one of these fat little fellows and takes a refreshing sip.

  46. She crawls up on to the side of a chestnut, bores a hole in the side, then lays an egg deep down in it.

  47. ALEEL crawls into the middle of the room; the twilight has fallen and gradually darkens as the scene goes on.

  48. ALEEL crawls into the middle of the room.

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