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Example sentences for "flattens"

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flatte; flatted; flatten; flattened; flattening; flatter; flattered; flatterer; flatterers; flattereth
  1. It is evident that in the impact with the driver or brassy, the ball, especially the modern rubber-cored ball, flattens on to the face of the club and remains there whilst the club is travelling across the line of flight.

  2. The idea of a modern golf ball which flattens very considerably on the face of the club, rolling up the face of a driver on account of its loft, is too ridiculous to be considered seriously by a practical golfer.

  3. When disturbed it flattens its disk and folds together, leaving its tentacles sprawled in every direction.

  4. When disturbed it flattens out the whole body.

  5. When disturbed, it flattens itself to the ground, the air expressed in the process causing the warning hiss which has saved many a life.

  6. The base lengthens and flattens a little, and conceals the trunk.

  7. Then the insect stretches them out, flattens them, and draws them into thin layers, as a bricklayer spreads mortar with his trowel.

  8. This pressure, overcoming the elastic force of the lens, flattens it.

  9. When everything is in position, the tension from the cardboard flattens the paper lens, while pulling the strings releases this tension and permits the lens to become more rounded.

  10. When moving at a high rate of speed, however, the saw flattens itself by centrifugal force.

  11. The wrapping chains are unhooked and the lower log on the skid side is worked out with cant-hooks till the whole load flattens out.

  12. The larva becomes attached by its hinder extremity, and in the course of this process flattens itself out to a disc-like form.

  13. It flattens out and on its surface is formed the shell, which appears usually to have the form of an unpaired saddle-shaped cuticle, on the two sides of which the valves are subsequently formed by a deposit of calcareous salts.

  14. It flattens itself out into a disc-like form, becomes divided into four lobes, and covered by a cuticle (perisarc).

  15. In a slightly later stage the shell-gland rapidly increases in size and flattens out, and on the two sides of it there appear the rudiments of the two valves, which are at first quite distinct, and separated by a considerable interval (fig.

  16. The small drops of silver that adhere to the bar he places on the brass block and flattens with a hammer, and from their colour he decides whether the silver is sufficiently refined or not.

  17. By a similar process the impact of water entirely overthrows and flattens out hills and mountains.

  18. But the distinction between them can be easily determined, for galena may be ground to powder in a mortar with a pestle, but this treatment flattens out this kind of rudis silver.

  19. As a rule, this pollen is securely packed in the cell by some other worker, which flattens out the rounded masses and adds more fluid to them.

  20. It flattens out and disappears before the work of forming the permanent shell commences.

  21. True beauty is ever synonymous with health; and the woman who, out of subservience to the demands of fashion, for years squeezes her waist and flattens her breast, will live to rue it when she becomes a mother.

  22. It will be observed that the drop flattens itself out somewhat, and descends at the bottom of a hollow with a raised beaded edge (Fig.

  23. Do your best with each piece, and if the work flattens turn it into a pretty dish by pinching the edge to form a little lip, and adding a handle like Fig.

  24. If you spill any of the dishwater on the floor, it flattens out.

  25. As the bowl of the machine whirls faster, the milk is thrown so hard against the outside that it flattens out and rises up the sides of the bowl.

  26. If a lemon seed sticks to the bottom of your straw, the straw flattens out when you suck.

  27. He gets up, dusts off his clothes, registers anger and flattens half a dozen of 'em.

  28. The Kid is goin' through a scene where he flattens half a dozen guys that are tryin' to discourage him from fightin' the champ and Brown-Smith is givin' his friends the low down on it.

  29. If this guy flattens me, he'll be the champion and you know that bird is gonna be in there tryin' till the last bell!

  30. This flattens it close to the rubber, making it air-tight.

  31. Press two sides of iron together, which flattens out cake, and hold by a long handle over fire, turning it over occasionally until cakes are baked.

  32. It was placed at the open exit from the gorge, where the trough flattens out into the base.

  33. He then pulls off a piece of dough, rolls it into a ball, flattens it, covers it with the meat, rolls it into a ball again, shapes it into a ring and flattens it by a stroke of the hand into a cake of definite size and thickness.

  34. You flatten your nose on one side of the glass, and Mr. Fish flattens his on the other.

  35. But on removing the weight, the disc immediately flattens out, and the surface is restored to its original smallest dimension.

  36. This is an unstable shape; and accordingly the boundary surface flattens to its normal condition, and with such force as to cause the drop beneath it to dive into the water, although the liquid is lighter than water and tends to float.

  37. If it flattens without powdering, drop it into one of your test tubes, pour in a little nitric acid, and hold it in the flame until it boils thoroughly.

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