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grato; gratuities; gratuitous; gratuitously; gratuitousness; gratulate; gratulation; gratulations; gratulatory; gratum
  1. From him he received much pecuniary assistance bestowed in such a way as to spare his sensibilities, it being generally looked upon as a small gratuity from the Elector.

  2. The whole of this residue, however, with the exception of a handsome gratuity to the nurse and a trifle spent on my clothes, I expended on the funeral, desiring that no stain should rest on my mother's birth or my affection.

  3. I begged leave, therefore, to distribute a small gratuity among his attendants, and requested him to do me the honour of drinking a bottle of wine with me.

  4. This ceremony being over, a further gratuity of bread and prunes was distributed, and the chief made a speech, which one trader has reported, after this style.

  5. We hereby return you our grateful thanks, and to manifest our obligation we have consented to allow you a gratuity of L200 for those services.

  6. To the captains a gratuity was decreed of one shilling and sixpence per score of made beaver which they should bring to the Company's warehouse in good saleable condition.

  7. A gratuity was to be given to all chief factors of three shillings upon every score of made beaver which they consigned and "which shall actually be brought home to the Company's account.

  8. He was thanked, and a gratuity of 100 guineas given him.

  9. In fact, no class enjoys the gratuity of an equipment.

  10. From the manner in which this payment is mentioned it may be inferred that it was a gratuity to the individual, in consequence of his relationship to the ambassador.

  11. Like the gratuity to the relation of the ambassador, in p.

  12. The entry relating to her is of a gratuity given to her nurse and midwife, hence it is certain that her Ladyship was confined early in February, 1530.

  13. In military affairs prest or imprest money usually meant the gratuity by which recruits were retained, from whence the well known phrase, 'pressing into the service.

  14. A gratuity given to the widow of the servant whose burial expenses are just mentioned.

  15. Henry at that place; a gratuity to the singers of the French monarch, and to those of the Cardinal of Lorrain; payment of the doublets given to the guard to wrestle in before the two kings at Calais; the sum of 700l.

  16. If it means a payment of their accustomed gratuity of 20s.

  17. The bringer uniformly received a gratuity "in reward" proportionate to the value of the gift; thus, the German who brought a lion was paid 6l.

  18. As the Duke of Richmond was at this time twelve years old, it would seem that this gratuity was given to the woman who had nursed him in his infancy, rather than to the servant who had then the care of him.

  19. By Leicester and Sidney Spenser was introduced to Queen Elizabeth, who, it is said, on his presenting some poems to her, conferred on him a gratuity of a hundred pounds.

  20. As he was no longer able for service, he was granted a gratuity by the Post-office; and it is not probable that he survived very long thereafter.

  21. The Gratuity Of Actual Grace All grace ex vi termini is a free gift.

  22. In matters of salvation prayer and grace are correlative terms; the practice of the one implies the necessity and gratuity of the other.

  23. St. Augustine and his disciples, in defending the orthodox faith against the Semipelagians, strongly insisted on the gratuity of the grace of faith, and above all of the initial gratia praeveniens.

  24. Recalling the dogma of the absolute gratuity of grace, our answer must be: None.

  25. The theological argument for our thesis may be formulated thus: The gratuity of grace does not imply that the recipient must have no sort of disposition.

  26. To assume the existence of a strict meritum naturae for it, would be to deny the gratuity as well as the supernatural character of grace.

  27. Keeping the above explanation well in mind we now proceed to demonstrate the gratuity of divine grace in five systematic theses.

  28. And since the first as well as all subsequent salutary acts, in this hypothesis, are pure graces, this interpretation of our axiom is entirely compatible with the dogma of the gratuity of grace.

  29. The Universality Of Actual Grace The gratuity of grace does not conflict with its universality.

  30. The general teaching of the Orientals on the gratuity of grace is sufficiently indicated by the demand made at the Council of Lydda (A.

  31. The gratuity of grace is asserted in terms that almost sound extravagant two verses further down in the same Epistle: “Therefore he hath mercy on whom he will; and whom he will, he hardeneth.

  32. Hence, to deny the gratuity of grace would be to credit nature with the ability to perform salutary acts by its own power, or at least to merit grace by the performance of naturally good deeds.

  33. It secures to the master a mere legal compensation, while it secures to the apprentice both a legal compensation, and a virtual gratuity in addition, the apprentice being of the two decidedly the greatest gainer.

  34. This gratuity at the close of the service shews the principle of the relation; equivalent for value received.

  35. To the master it secures a mere compensation--to the apprentice, both a compensation and a virtual gratuity in addition, he being of the two the greatest gainer.

  36. To the master it secures a mere legal compensation--to the apprentice, both a legal compensation and a virtual gratuity in addition, he being of the two the greatest gainer.

  37. I know nothing of London City methods--but isn't ten thousand pounds a gratuity on a rather large scale?

  38. The gratuity would certainly put Gafferson in his place, but then the spirit in which it was offered would be wholly lost on his dull brain.

  39. These men get a small gratuity from government, but the villagers also pay them a small sum, which they assess according to individual means.

  40. Upon such promotion they shall receive a gratuity of one hundred dollars and a medal of honor to be prepared by the Navy Department.

  41. I was disappointed of the opportunity which I watched for of giving some gratuity to the domestics, as they seemed to be.

  42. She subsisted on a small pension from the French Court, aided by an occasional gratuity from the Stuarts; to which the annuity paid for my board formed a desirable addition.

  43. Any gratuity granted to a prisoner may be paid to him through a Prisoners’ Aid Society, or in such way as the Commissioners may direct.

  44. The gratuity to a prisoner in this stage, whose sentence is not long enough for him to earn 224 marks in it, may be calculated at 1d.

  45. Be able to earn a gratuity not exceeding 2s.

  46. Be able to earn a gratuity not exceeding 1s.

  47. Pending, however, my coming to some Determination as to my future mode of life, I resolved to throw up my Post of Tower Warder receiving the gratuity of Twenty Guineas which was granted to those resigning by the bounty of his Majesty the King.

  48. Sin eater, a man who (according to a former practice in England) for a small gratuity ate a piece of bread laid on the chest of a dead person, whereby he was supposed to have taken the sins of the dead person upon himself.

  49. A gratuity given by tradesmen to customers settling their accounts.

  50. A tip or gratuity to servants, professedly to buy gloves with.

  51. Law) Defn: A gratuity given to tenants after they had reaped their lord's corn.

  52. She has only to entrust the little traveller to a chambermaid up-stairs; directing the girl how to take care of it, and promising her a gratuity for her trouble.

  53. Give a parting gratuity to each of the servants--the sum being according to your means, and to the length of your visit.

  54. Learning of the poor plight of Columbus, she ordered a gratuity to be sent to him, to restore his wardrobe and to furnish himself with the conveniences of the journey.

  55. Portuguese, but we know nothing further of the regions visited than that the Privy Purse expenses show how some Bristol men received a gratuity for having been at the "Newefounde Launde.

  56. These receive education free, a clothing gratuity of L5 a year, and a leaving gratuity of from L5 to L20, according to merit and length of service.

  57. If every French servant looks for some particular perquisite, they all expect a gratuity at the New Year.

  58. The début of each artist brought him a gratuity proportionate to the artist's pretensions.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gratuity" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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