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incendia; incendiaries; incendiarism; incendiary; incendio; incensed; incenses; incensing; incentive; incentives
  1. For only speech more richly dubious Than shoaling water, or a ringdove's breast, Than lighted incense more miraculous With fumes of strange remembrance, could attest The morbid beauty of that wasting ill Whereof I am the cureless lover still.

  2. Yet if I could dissolve in tears this core Of ice, my heart, undo these crystal spells, We should be sisters of incense evermore Like the crowned Lover of the Canticles.

  3. The sound of the harps ascended towards the statue with the smoke of the incense which the priest was burning in a swinging censor.

  4. They placed a myrtle branch at the feet of the idol, strewed the altar with rose-leaves, and burnt a grain of incense for each prayer which was granted.

  5. It is more of a delicate compliment, more condensed and boiled-down flattery, more scent of incense than the most fulsome speech.

  6. There, brandishing our frying-pan as censer, let us offer sweet incense to the devil and live at ease on the fat things he has provided for his elect.

  7. At any rate, with such a prayer he threw incense on the flame of the altar.

  8. Victims were offered, the altars smoked, and the odor of incense filled the air.

  9. And it came to pass, that, while he executed the priest's office before God--his lot was to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord.

  10. It has, too, a more sacred quality, for it is an altar where I burn the incense of memory and sacrifice to the gods of the future.

  11. It is a sweet-smelling incense that burns perpetually before the shrine of vanity.

  12. With the use of incense religions have utilized the imaginative and symbolical virtues of fragrance.

  13. The beverage is taken amidst deep silence, while incense is burning on the elevated pedestal of honor, toko; and, after the thoughts have thus been collected, conversation begins.

  14. Incense is always burned during storms, because the Thunder-Animal hates the smell of incense.

  15. It is reverenced: offerings are made to it, sweetmeats and rice bread and wine; incense smoulders in front of it, and a lamp is burned before it.

  16. The doors of the butsudan are opened; and tapers are lighted before the tablets of the ancestors; and incense is burned.

  17. So smiles, through dusk of incense in the great temple of Tokoji, the golden face of Buddha.

  18. Vainly do they keep incense burning in most of the houses during the heated term.

  19. Lost is that camp, but let its fragrant story Blend with the breath that thrills With hop-vines' incense all the pensive glory, That fills the Kentish hills.

  20. For a thousand years, a great subterranean caldron had been heated, tempered and medicated, and its vapors had ascended as incense toward heaven.

  21. Say not it was a good old world when we burnt incense to the queen of heaven, “for then we were well and saw no evil.

  22. Moses’ altar of incense much less than Ezekiel’s altar of incense, Exod.

  23. The Bishop remembereth another example in Hezekiah too, telling us that he removed the high places, and brake the images, and cut down the groves, and brake in pieces the brazen serpent, when the children of Israel did burn incense unto it.

  24. Of what use to gain the little pleasure by the way, of the gratification of her vanity from the incense of men?

  25. She is merely a lovely woman demanding incense from all things male.

  26. The nearest village used to supply them with food, and morning and evening could be seen ascending the blue smoke of the juniper, which they burnt as incense before the entrances of their dwelling places.

  27. The little shrines with their silver bowls in front--the incense burner and the flame that is never allowed to go out--were all very interesting to us.

  28. Outside was a rude altar made of stones from the river-bed, where a Lama was burning incense and chanting prayers.

  29. It is looked upon as a sacred lake, and to it people make yearly pilgrimages, walking round it burning incense and throwing spices into its waters.

  30. All around his room were silver-gilt Chortens inlaid with turquoises and precious stones and incense was being burnt everywhere.

  31. Being looked upon as a saint, he was worshipped, and they would put these little photographs in shrines and burn incense in front of them.

  32. He therefore has inside his house his prayer wheel and his little shrine, before which he offers up incense daily.

  33. The fort again is connected by turreted walls with a curious Gothic-like structure on the summit of the hill where incense is offered up daily.

  34. There were pots of incense sending little wavers of smoke through the rooms, and the people might have peopled a dream.

  35. And I will visit upon her the days of Baalim, wherein she burned incense to them, and she decked herself with her earrings and her jewels, and she went after her lovers, and forgat me, saith the LORD.

  36. They sacrifice upon the tops of the mountains, and burn incense upon the hills, under oaks and poplars and elms, because the shadow thereof is good: therefore your daughters shall commit whoredom, and your spouses shall commit adultery.

  37. As they called them, so they went from them: they sacrificed unto Baalim, and burned incense to graven images.

  38. So that she thought, "And who shall gaze upon My palace with unblinded eyes, While this great bow will waver in the sun, And that sweet incense rise?

  39. And high on every peak a statue seem'd To hang on tiptoe, tossing up A cloud of incense of all odour steam'd From out a golden cup.

  40. For in thee Is nothing sudden, nothing single; Like two streams of incense free From one censer, in one shrine, Thought and motion mingle, Mingle ever.

  41. The incense is used by Somal and all Mahomedan women to perfume themselves.

  42. Once what a heaven of bliss was ours, When love dispelled the clouds of care, And time went by with birds and flowers, While song and incense filled the air!

  43. He'd take home a fry of trout which would send an incense above the farm to the blue heavens, and make all invisible spirits envious.

  44. A pasty fresh from the oven sends up an incense which makes a hungry man thankful to be alive.

  45. And through the very fury of these passages there would start tones of ravishing and gentle beauty--the incense of an adoring heart wafted to the black heavens through the lightnings and lamentations of Nineveh.

  46. The smoke of incense filled the church; the spoils of antiquity adorned its roofs and columns; the robes of the clergy were covered with gold; the rites of the church delighted in colours.

  47. My sovereign,' cried the scribe, 'permit that the first place in this palace be held by thy sacred statue, before which I will burn incense three times daily.

  48. Rameses took the sickle, cut a couple of handfuls of ears, and burnt them with incense before the god the guardian of the boundaries.

  49. In the vestibule of the temple the high priest greeted the prince, and with him burned incense before the great statue of Hator.

  50. The bridegroom drank half, the bride moistened her lips with it, and then both burned incense before the purple curtain.

  51. Whispering, he turned three times in a circle, and the smoke of the incense surrounded him with a triple ring, as it were.

  52. He was irritated when they directed him to burn incense before the sacred crocodiles, which he considered as foul and stupid reptiles.

  53. Having burnt incense to his ancestors, the pharaoh betook himself to his cabinet to hear reports from ministers.

  54. Then he gave him a purple scarf and a muslin veil, indicated where the incense was, and left the cave with low obeisances.

  55. Next day, however, he burnt incense before the mummy of his father, which was in the main royal chamber, and informed Herhor that they might conduct the remains to the tomb prepared for them.

  56. He burnt incense before the statue of Amon, and wreathed it with fresh flowers.

  57. He accepted divine honors, not only from officials and the people, but sometimes he raised altars to his own person, and burnt incense before images of himself.

  58. The good spirits sent by Bramah soothed the child now sleeping, and fanned its cheek with their breath, like the smoke of the welcome incense to the divine one.

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