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Example sentences for "bouquet"

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  1. Colonel Bouquet required that each party should be accompanied by an officer and a number of white men.

  2. The election was coming on at Winchester; his friends pressed him to attend it, and Colonel Bouquet gave him leave of absence; but he declined to absent himself from his post for the promotion of his political interests.

  3. He arrived there on the 2d of July, and proceeded to open a road between that post and head-quarters at Raystown, thirty miles distant, where Colonel Bouquet was stationed.

  4. No, no," she said hastily, and a pained look of perplexity crossed Clive's countenance as she held the bouquet from him.

  5. Then, while the servants cleared the table, Gregoire achieved a great success by offering the bride a bouquet of splendid white roses, which he drew out of a bush where he had hitherto kept it hidden.

  6. With a big bouquet between her little hands Rose had stepped forward.

  7. Looking around the room, I saw a bouquet of flowers on the table, writing materials and reports.

  8. The Flower Mission has brought a glow of pleasure to many a sick face as the little bouquet has been offered by the young ladies in the hospital wards, in the sick room of many homes, and sometimes in the jails.

  9. A bouquet like that is only fit for a bride.

  10. It was thus the worst of luck that at this last moment she should perceive the suggestively white bouquet upon the high deal chimney-piece.

  11. One had been handed a bouquet in the dock; another had been overwhelmed by proposals of marriage.

  12. There were many of the youths of the neighbourhood shooting for the prize, which was a bouquet of flowers fastened on the butt; and many a Bearnaise girl looking on, and hoping that her lover would be the winner.

  13. We had scarcely all got in, when she came tripping over the drawbridge, with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

  14. Did you not carry my bouquet at the theatre last evening?

  15. The next day I ran to the wall; the watering-pot and the bouquet were there on the bench, but I waited in vain for Mlle.

  16. I was so uneasy, that I had a great mind to descend again and jump over the little wall and take the bouquet away.

  17. The moment she left the bench I said to her: 'Mademoiselle, will you give me this faded bouquet which has fallen at your feet?

  18. I then gathered some beautiful roses, and, trying to be very dexterous, although my heart was beating violently, I had the good luck to let the bouquet fall in the mouth of the watering-pot that mademoiselle had left there.

  19. She trembled so that the faded bouquet fell out of her lap.

  20. A bouquet of figure, of fashion, of face, And dainty devices in linen and lace!

  21. The last year's annual which you gave me, the music which you copied for me, even my withered bouquet of the night before, all gone at one fell swoop, leaving not a wreck behind!

  22. She knows who sent me this bouquet and all about it.

  23. He smoothed the embroidered cushion beneath her head, and pushed the bouquet of flowers in the vase nearer to her, that she might more easily inhale their fragrance.

  24. Elizabeth dressed herself for the concert, that is, she put on a simple, white muslin dress, whose only decoration was a bouquet of fresh wild flowers.

  25. Elizabeth stooped silently and picked up a gorgeous bouquet of camellias, that was lying half faded upon the floor.

  26. In a moment the tastefully arranged bouquet was thrown into the wildest disorder by the little fingers, which busied themselves with sticking single flowers into the delicately embroidered eyelet-holes of the muslin curtain.

  27. She took two roses from the large bouquet which she held in her hand, and stood up to place them in Elizabeth's hair.

  28. Allie was now more pleased with her bouquet than before.

  29. When she got to the gate, and was ready to open it, she presented this bouquet in a very polite and graceful manner to Allie.

  30. It pleased her extremely to find that Rollo took so much interest in her receiving a bouquet as to pay something specially for it.

  31. The officer, too amused to make any explanation to his servant, merely sent him back at once to buy a bouquet to carry with his compliments to the baroness.

  32. The bride should take off her gloves at the commencement of the service and should give them with her bouquet to the head bridesmaid to hold.

  33. The Bridal Bouquet and the Bridesmaids' Bouquets= come next on the list of expenses a bridegroom defrays.

  34. It is thus optional to carry a bouquet or not, and some elderly ladies carry much smaller bouquets than do younger ladies.

  35. At six in the morning, I was in Covent Garden Market, buying a bouquet for Dora.

  36. She kept the bouquet close to her on the cushion, and wouldn't allow Jip to sit on that side of her at all, for fear he should crush it.

  37. Flowers were showered upon us, and a very handsome girl gave me a bouquet of red roses.

  38. At Turin our guns were wreathed in flowers and at Verona the station staff presented a bouquet to the General, on whose behalf Shield made a suitable reply in Italian.

  39. Bouquet served as secretary, was formed under the presidency of the mayor, M.

  40. He has a bouquet of flowers fastened to the end of a long string.

  41. We must throw many a bouquet to Lucy and her brother.

  42. Beppo took a bouquet of roses and tossed them straight up into his little friend's lap.

  43. I want it in church with a huge bridal bouquet and Lohengrin and white satin; Caroline for my matron of honor and Betty for my bridesmaid, and Sheila for flower girl.

  44. I told you how you'd made me feel about the bridal bouquet and Lohengrin.

  45. Then she discovered another bouquet of the same sort between the harness, and began to feel that after all he must like her.

  46. To the buckboard was attached a little half-withered bouquet of wild flowers.

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