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boune; bountee; bounteous; bounteously; bountie; bountiful; bountifull; bountifully; bounty; bouquet
  1. The motive of his giving bounties was rather to make men less uneasy to him than more easy to themselves.

  2. The philanthropic nature of the poor-law is indicated by its antecedents: once enacted, its bounties became a right; its philanthropy disappeared in a quasi-legal claim.

  3. When no longer able to stagger under their burdens, they were murdered, and their scalps torn off and exhibited to their masters, and for such trophies bounties were paid.

  4. The French Government in Paris paid bounties for the scalps of women and children, as Connecticut did for those of wolves, and it not only fitted out other savage expeditions, but sent its own soldiers to assist in the murderous work.

  5. Complete are now the bounties you have given, Be all those bounties but confirm'd by Heaven!

  6. Soon shall my bounties speak a grateful mind, And soon each envied happiness attend The man who calls Telemachus his friend.

  7. So shall our bounties speak a grateful mind; And every envied happiness attend The man who calls Penelope his friend.

  8. Large bounties were offered for volunteers, and the recruiting was earnest and energetic.

  9. At the towns which we were forced to stop for a short time great tables were stretched, filled with the bounties of the land, while the fairest and the best women on earth stood by and ministered to every wish or want.

  10. The best and bravest of the North had fallen in the early years of the war, while the bulk of the army now was composed of the lowest type of foreigners, who had been tempted to our shores by the large bounties paid by the Union Government.

  11. The bounties therefore will fall, like the rain, upon good and bad land alike, though in the interests of the general taxpayer I trust not quite so heavily.

  12. The soldier submitted with the more reluctance to the supposed imposition, as he constantly witnessed the immense bounties given to those who were not bound by a former enlistment.

  13. For the present, and with the expectation of further favours, Madame Orio's name was put down to share the bounties which were distributed twice a year.

  14. Madame Orio, although a woman of good station in life, is not wealthy, and she wishes to have her name entered on the list of noble widows who receive the bounties bestowed by the Confraternity of the Holy Sacrament, of which M.

  15. Prayers continually ascending to Abhá throne both in thanksgiving for marvelous bounties already vouchsafed and in supplication for renewal of strength for attainment of future goals.

  16. It shall become the object of the glance of Providence, and shall show forth the bounties of the All-Glorious.

  17. Bounties were made available to vessels from and fitted out in Great Britain for Newfoundland fishing.

  18. In 1768, bounties were made available to American exporters of raw silk to Great Britain, whose climate was not conducive to the growing of mulberry trees on which silk worms feed.

  19. Liberal bounties were allowed to French ships engaged in commerce, and foreign ships were compelled to pay heavy tonnage duties for using French ports.

  20. Similarly, bounties were given for tar, pitch, hemp, masts, and spars imported from America rather than from Sweden.

  21. Consequently the mercantile classes were quite unable to prevent Louis XIV from ruining his country by foreign war,--they could not vote themselves privileges and bounties as in England, nor could they declare war on commercial rivals.

  22. Force them to come to my shop, or pay me bounties and premiums, give my family gratuitous education, lend me money without interest," etc.

  23. The increase in the tonnage of sailing vessels, which in other countries tends to decline, was due to the bounties voted by parliament to its merchant sailing fleet with the view of increasing the number of skilled seamen.

  24. Shipping has been fostered by paying bounties for vessels constructed in France and sailing under the French flag, and by reserving the coasting trade, traffic between France and Algeria, &c.

  25. Smith states, that "by establishing high duties on the importation, and bounties on the exportation of corn, the country gentlemen seemed to have imitated the conduct of the manufacturers.

  26. Bounties on Exportation, and Prohibitions of Importation 417 XXI.

  27. Now as bounties on exportation and prohibitions of the importation of corn increase the demand, and drive us to the cultivation of poorer lands, they necessarily occasion an increased difficulty of production.

  28. The sole effect of bounties on exportation, upon capital, is to divert a portion of it to an employment which it would not naturally seek, 438.

  29. God was neglected; the Sun of Reality seemed to have gone completely; deprivation of the bounties of heaven was a fact; and so the season of winter fell upon mankind.

  30. While this is true and apparent, it is likewise evident that the Lord of mankind has bestowed infinite bounties upon the world in this century of maturity and consummation.

  31. Therefore they were deprived of the bounties of His Holiness whereas if they had forsaken imitations and investigated the reality of the Messiah they would have surely been guided to believing in him.

  32. It is evident therefore that man is in need of divine education and inspiration; that the spirit and bounties of God are essential to his development.

  33. Therefore it is evident that the bounties of Christ transformed the eye which was blind into a seeing one, rendered the ear which was formerly deaf, attentive, and made the hard, callous heart tender and sensitive.

  34. God’s graces and bounties are without limit, and the coming of the Manifestations of God are not circumscribed by time.

  35. And every reality of the realities is one of the bounties of God.

  36. Therefore the world of humanity must ever be the recipient of bounties from the eternal Lord; even as His Holiness Christ has declared, “Be ye perfect even as your Father which is in heaven.

  37. When we observe that in the kingdom of minerals the divine bounties are continuous, how much more shall we expect and realize in the divine spiritual Kingdom!

  38. As the body of the universe is continuous, indestructible, the bounties and bestowals of the divine spirit are everlasting.

  39. If we are of those who perceive, we realize that the bounties of God manifest themselves continuously, even as the rays of the sun unceasingly emanate from the solar center.

  40. When we look at the reality of this subject, we see that the bounties of God are infinite, without beginning and without end.

  41. These manifold principles, which constitute the greatest basis for the felicity of mankind and are of the bounties of the Merciful, must be added to the matter of Universal Peace and combined with it, so that results may accrue.

  42. The fishing bounties he opposed, as being obnoxious to the objections urged against class legislation.

  43. Under the baleful influences of hostile legislation, of tariffs aimed directly at her commercial prosperity, of bounties for fostering multifarious Northern interests, her position in the Union was helpless and deplorable in the extreme.

  44. Where, then, shall we look for the bounties and monopolies which have so enriched us at the expense of those improvident, unsuspecting Southerners?

  45. The bounties upon the exportation of British made sail-cloth, and British made gunpowder, may, perhaps, both be vindicated upon this principle.

  46. The citizens, therefore, who had no land, had scarce any other means of subsistence but the bounties of the candidates at the annual elections.

  47. The grants of bounties on, considered, 205.

  48. It is altogether for the benefit of the producer, that bounties are granted upon the exportation of some of his productions.

  49. Bounties were given for the encouragement, either of some beginning manufactures, or of such sorts of industry of other kinds as were supposed to deserve particular favour.

  50. The bounties upon the importation of tar, pitch, and turpentine, underwent, during their continuance, several alterations.

  51. Account of the busses fitted out in Scotland, the amount of their cargoes, and the bounties on them, 287, Append.

  52. In that year, each barrel of sea-sticks cost government, in bounties alone, L.

  53. Bounties upon exportation are, in Great Britain, frequently petitioned for, and sometimes granted, to the produce of particular branches of domestic industry.

  54. Bounties upon production, it has been said too, have been found by experience more liable to frauds than those upon exportation.

  55. He would turn his discourse still more pleasantly upon the ladies' bounties of this kind; and I have heard him say he knew a fine woman, who distributed rewards and punishments in giving becoming or unbecoming dresses to her maids.

  56. He was an excellent husbandman, but had resolved not to exceed such a degree of wealth; all above it he bestowed in secret bounties many years after the sum he aimed at for his own use was attained.

  57. But in the fall of '62 there had been no drafting yet, and large bounties were unknown--and unsought.

  58. The child of God must be willing to be a channel through which God's bounties flow, both with regard to temporal and spiritual things.

  59. If, as a steward of the bounties of the children of God, I should be blamed for receiving from a poor widow almost literally her all, it may be seen in what manner I did so.

  60. Abuses in the allowances for fishing bounties have also been corrected, and a material saving in that branch of the service thereby effected.

  61. We have not less reason to be grateful for other bounties bestowed by the same munificent hand, and more exclusively our own.

  62. They have been relieved from the heavy amounts with which they were burthened under former laws in the form of increased prices or bounties paid to favored classes and pursuits.

  63. But when they told Yahya of this, he said, "By Allah, though he had tarried with me to the end of his days, yet had I not stinted him of my largesse nor cut off from him the bounties of my hospitality!

  64. Him and that there is no doorkeeper at the door of His bounties and that He favoureth whom He will without compt and sendeth no supplicant empty away; nay He filleth their hands with favours and benefits.

  65. Then he honoured Uns al-Wujud with favours and bounties and sent to King Shamikh acquainting him with what had befallen, whereat this King joyed with exceeding joy and wrote back the following purport.

  66. Realizing that the state bounties were not a sufficient inducement to trappers, certain of the counties of those states where wolves are most abundant, offer additional bounty.

  67. In addition to this, there are both county and stockmen's bounties in certain parts of the state.

  68. For many years the state governments of the wolf infested country have been paying bounties on wolves and coyotes, to encourage the hunting and trapping of these animals.

  69. In many cases three bounties are paid on each wolf.

  70. The larger animals are gradually becoming rare, particularly in the East, but it can not be said that bounties have brought about the extermination of a single species in any State.

  71. Some of them even offer special inducements, in addition to the bounties paid on the captured animals, and among them may be mentioned, board and lodging for the trapper, bait for the traps and the use of saddle and pack horses.

  72. The importance of preserving the skins in condition to bring the highest market price is as great as that of making it impossible to collect bounties twice.

  73. The failure of bounties to accomplish their proposed object was clearly shown by Dr.

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