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Example sentences for "incite"

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incisive; incisiveness; incisor; incisors; incitation; incited; incitement; incitements; incites; inciting
  1. It cannot, sir, be denied, that some insinuations were uttered injurious to those whose zeal may sometimes happen to prompt them to warm declarations, or incite them to passionate emotions.

  2. The consideration of the greatness of the annual payment which this proposal requires, ought to incite every man to employ all his sagacity in search of some other method, equally efficacious, and less expensive.

  3. To this Pratipa answered, 'I am, O damsel, abstaining from that course to which thou wouldst incite me.

  4. Or, let them incite Krishna against her husbands.

  5. Congress has since acted by declaring that the term “indecent” in the section against obscene writings, should include “matter of a character tending to incite arson, murder or assassination.

  6. Publications calculated to incite the slaves to rebellion would not fall within this classification.

  7. From what has already been said, it follows that there is no question as to the competency of Congress to pass legislation designed to deny the mails to anarchistic publications if they incite to crime.

  8. The question is whether the contents of the particular newspaper had for their tendency and object to incite insurrection in the state of Mississippi.

  9. The Fathers who have been accused of Semipelagian sympathies merely wished to emphasize free-will and to incite the morally indifferent to co-operate heartily with divine grace.

  10. To pray means to incite God’s liberality or mercy by humble supplication.

  11. Eusapia is very susceptible to suggestion, and, by indulging her inclination to fraud and not hindering it, they incite her to it still more by a kind of tacit encouragement.

  12. To our experiment of a table that gave raps while having a man upon it, it had been objected that this man might lend his aid to the movement, and even incite it in part.

  13. But if he did not come to incite the people against the Temple, for what did he come?

  14. When Erasmus wrote: "Who ever heard orthodox bishops incite kings to slaughter heretics who were nothing else than heretics?

  15. A Master, that is possessed of the abovementioned Qualifications, is capable of Teaching; with them he will raise a Desire to study; will correct Errors with a Reason; and by Examples incite a Taste to imitate him.

  16. Perhaps my Enterprize may be term'd rash, but if the Effects should not answer my Intentions, I shall at least incite some other to treat of it in a more ample and correct Manner.

  17. If he could incite the crew against Mesquita in some hour of peril, he might cause him to be imprisoned on his own ship, and then he could succeed to the command, and take the Antonio back to Spain.

  18. Previously to his invasion of the territory of these Russianized Kabardians, Schamyl had made various attempts to incite them to throw off their yoke.

  19. Ye warriors of great and little Kabarda, for the last time I send to remind you of your oath, and to incite you to war against the unbelieving Muscovites.

  20. The Elders of the various villages are upon a perfect footing of cordiality and never incite to or permit the shedding of blood, or even a conflict between their tribes.

  21. May some god, then, put it into your hearts to make a firm stand here, and to incite others to do the like.

  22. Apollo, son of Jove, replied, "Let us incite great Hector to challenge some one of the Danaans in single combat; on this the Achaeans will be shamed into finding a man who will fight him.

  23. Neptune on the other hand went about among the Argives to incite them, having come up from the grey sea in secret, for he was grieved at seeing them vanquished by the Trojans, and was furiously angry with Jove.

  24. Besides, something of her history was known, and she was of a type to incite a certain amount of interest amongst these discerning ones.

  25. That you sympathize with these agitators who incite class against class!

  26. But most of our enjoyments owe their value to the peculiarity of possession, and when they are rated at too high a value, give occasion to stratagems of malignity, and incite opposition, hatred, and defamation.

  27. The generals of equal rank and standing will not obey each other, while the soldiers and politicians, seeing a chance in these differences for their advancement, will stir up their feelings and incite one another to fight.

  28. Yet you have dared openly to call together your partisans and incite a revolution (the recognized definition in political science for revolution is "to change the existing form of state").

  29. For us to incite the Chinese revolutionists and malcontents to rise in China we consider the present to be the most opportune moment.

  30. He could, if he wished, incite a mob to desperate deeds.

  31. For the Divine law does not incite us to any sin, according to Ps.

  32. Accordingly, if our carnal parents stand in need of our assistance, so that they have no other means of support, provided they incite us to nothing against God, we must not abandon them for the sake of religion.

  33. But those women who have no husband nor wish to have one, or who are in a state of life inconsistent with marriage, cannot without sin desire to give lustful pleasure to those men who see them, because this is to incite them to sin.

  34. Yet the outward praise of the lips avails to arouse the inward fervor of those who praise, and to incite others to praise God, as stated above.

  35. For if our parents incite us to sin, and withdraw us from the service of God, we must, as regards this point, abandon and hate them.

  36. Wherefore deacons and prelates, whom it becomes to incite men's minds towards God by means of preaching and teaching, ought not to be instant in singing, lest thereby they be withdrawn from greater things.

  37. Further, men are praised with the lips that they may be encouraged to do better: since just as being praised makes the wicked proud, so does it incite the good to better things.

  38. S) that "a fool is one whom shame does not incite to sorrow, and who is unconcerned when he is injured.

  39. Nothing will incite another more to love you than that you love him first: for he must have a hard heart indeed, who not only refuses to love, but declines to return love already given.

  40. Praise not a man for his beauty"; or because there may be fear lest human praise should incite him to vainglory, wherefore it is written, (Ecclus.

  41. Now such like punishments incite us to good actions, according to Rom.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "incite" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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