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Example sentences for "incitements"

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  1. His defiance of government, his incitements to rebellion, were so open and intrepid, that they seized upon the imagination of the people, and much disturbed the government.

  2. These orders were considered in both sets of islands as dangerous incitements to turbulence among the negroes, and ruinous to the property of planters.

  3. These avowals and incitements were typical of the declarations of the Nazi conspirators throughout the course of their conspiracy.

  4. Annihilation of the Jews became an official State policy, carried out both by official action and by incitements to mob and individual violence.

  5. This makes us offer as stimulant to the ethical imagination, and sometimes as definite incitements to imitation, men and women whose social surroundings were quite other than those we are now striving to secure.

  6. I see in it the dawn of a new era, in which it will be understood that the first object of society is to give incitements and means of progress to all its members.

  7. They will tell us that purity and probity were inculcated upon those who were initiated in the mysteries of religion, and that secret incitements to virtue were whispered in the ear of the elite; but this is an idle boast.

  8. So that those victories they boast were not the substantial joys of the happy, but the empty comforts of wretched men, and seductive incitements to turbulent men to concoct disasters upon disasters.

  9. However, you will take my exhortation in good part, as incitements are never superfluous, since there are so many obstacles and hindrances in the world, and so many infirmities in our flesh.

  10. It is for you to anticipate him, even as your conscience prompts you, without incitements from without.

  11. If it ends in a belief that there is no God, you will find incitements to virtue in the comfort and pleasantness you feel in its exercise, and the love of others which it will procure you.

  12. Our people are great readers; they do not need any incitements to read.

  13. Consequently there are none of the incitements to expenditure which exist in most modern countries.

  14. At length the evil incitements of ambition prevailed[99].

  15. At length the evil incitements of ambition prevailed--Vicit tamen in avido ingenio pravum consilium.

  16. Perhaps the people of the South thought it was necessary to protect themselves from incitements to insurrection.

  17. Ye object: The truly regenerate should love God for Himself; and ye fear that ye love Him more for His benefits (as incitements and motives to love Him) than for Himself.

  18. The Southerners saw little difference between such papers as the Liberator and such direct incitements to insurrection as Walker's Appeal; and the horrors of Nat Turner's rising were fresh in mind.

  19. If the mails cannot be used in the service of gambling and lotteries, with far more reason may we shut out incitements to insurrection like Nat Turner's.

  20. Every advance into knowledge opens new prospects, and produces new incitements to further progress.

  21. On reviewing the dreams which we have at our disposal for answering this question, we are at once moved to add as a fourth source of the dream-wish the actual wish incitements arising during the night, such as thirst and sexual desire.

  22. But Murat was the individual whose incitements were most frequent and animated.

  23. He is willing to hope you to be all obedience, and would prevent all incitements to refractoriness.

  24. Then, under the incitements of a prophet, came the revolt.

  25. Religion may preach and Law may demand that he should walk uprightly, but all his surroundings and the tone of those about him are so many incitements to evil.

  26. Who, from a martial pageant, spreads Incitements of a battle-day, 74 Thrilling the unweaponed crowd with plumeless heads?

  27. We would say, that, in the hallowed sympathies of love are incitements to purity and piety.

  28. Such is the progress of society, that conversation, social manners, and the incitements of example, now combine in furtherance of personal culture.

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