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Example sentences for "animate"

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animalium; animalized; animals; animam; animarum; animated; animatedly; animates; animating; animation
  1. The African's want of making it clear in his language whether he is referring to an animate or inanimate thing, has landed me in many a dilemma, and his foolishness in not having a male and female gender in his languages amounts to a nuisance.

  2. But he despises the sinister prognostic that is held out to him, and feels proudly conscious that the sentiments that now live in his bosom, will continue to animate him to his latest breath.

  3. Kind tones and encouragement will animate the learner amidst many a difficult pass.

  4. The instructor of youth, as I have already said, is called upon to use all his skill, to animate the courage, and maintain the cheerfulness and self-complacency of his pupil.

  5. Every eye was fixed on the long heave, but no more bubbles rose up, and there was nothing to be seen save when a great streamer of weed whirled and swayed beneath them as though it were an animate thing.

  6. It was jealous, melting and delicate, and chequered with little accident, which serve to animate and maintain the flame, in its first ardency of rapture.

  7. To effect such an enterprise, there must be the zeal and charity that animate the Catholic Church.

  8. Defend thee with his care; Or in the darkness of the tomb Did God re-animate thy ashes?

  9. He bids the sun to animate His works, And light's the power of His own hands; But still His holy law, His spotless law Is richest blessing God has given mankind.

  10. For all the elements of life and the universe animate and inanimate are sexual, male or female, positive or negative, in their natural relations.

  11. It defies all analysis and subverts all law of animate and inanimate nature.

  12. In the primitive worship of the manifold phenomena of nature it is not, of course, so much their physical aspect that impresses the human heart as the moral and intellectual forces which are supposed to move and animate them.

  13. Sometimes it is the souls of the dead which are believed to animate the trees.

  14. It has been shown that plants are considered as animate beings which bleed when cut, the red juice which exudes from some plants being regarded as the blood of the plant.

  15. No sooner were the movements of our mounted men perceived, than the whole extent of country, as far as the eye could reach, became perfectly animate with living objects, fleeing and scampering in every direction.

  16. According to them, man occupies the highest place in the scheme of animate existence.

  17. Moreover, women are classed with slaves and craftsmen as factors among the animate instrumentalities of production and reproduction of the means for a free or rational life.

  18. He not merely acts in a way agreeing with the actions of others, but, in so acting, the same ideas and emotions are aroused in him that animate the others.

  19. They animate and enrich the ordinary course of life.

  20. Another point of analogy between the animate and the inanimate sphere is that the process of study in both has been from the larger to the smaller elements.

  21. Mayer's studies with what patience and devotion he instructed her, how he strove to animate her with his own spirit, and to give her something of his own immortality.

  22. The ancient spirit of Flanders seemed to animate all.

  23. If you do it to all, you carry on an extermination of the human race, against all the principles which can animate a Court of Justice, or find a seat in the human bosom.

  24. Every government would espouse the common cause; a correspondence would be opened; plans of resistance would be concerted; one spirit would animate and conduct the whole.

  25. That something should always be left to conjecture, is however not unpleasing; various opinions animate the arguments on both sides, and bring out fire by collision with the understanding of others engaged in the same researches.

  26. By such indulgence alone they could encourage emigrations, and animate the inhabitants to diligence and perseverance.

  27. Mineral water has been found in several parts, and such springs will help both to lead men to the important discovery, and animate them with the hopes of success.

  28. Use them both, and let them reciprocally animate and check each other.

  29. In any point which prudence bids you pursue, and which a manifest utility attends, let difficulties only animate your industry, not deter you from the pursuit.

  30. It is this: How can two animate substances give and receive a sensation by a union which would be insipid but for the sentiment attached to it?

  31. Consider your statue, and animate without first harassing it.

  32. Or shall I chain him to the rock, side to side by Prometheus, not for having attempted to steal celestial fire, in order to animate human forms, but for having endeavoured to extinguish that which Jupiter had imparted?

  33. That which you had has long been rotten, and you can never return to the earth with another, unless Pythagoras should send you thither to animate a hog.

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