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Example sentences for "animating"

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animarum; animate; animated; animatedly; animates; animation; animaux; anime; animi; animile
  1. It is only when we regard life with the untrammelled view of the impartial spectator, when we pierce below the substance for its animating idea, that we approximate to the artistic temperament.

  2. He repeated his instructions respecting their conduct in action, and concluded with the most animating and encouraging exhortations.

  3. The orders of the day contain the most animating exhortations to the army, and the strongest appeals to its patriotism; but there was an ominous hesitation in forming new engagements.

  4. Poetry at such times may become a great national instrument--a trumpet whence Milton or Wordsworth, Arndt or Whitman, blow soul-animating strains.

  5. In the meantime, the press teemed with the most animating exhortations to the people, to unite in defence of their liberty and property; and the stamp officers were, almost universally, compelled to resign.

  6. But this animating bustle was soon over; and now the city itself appeared before me, with its handsome, high, and uniform houses.

  7. Mrs Crummles trod the pavement as if she were going to immediate execution with an animating consciousness of innocence, and that heroic fortitude which virtue alone inspires.

  8. Besides, it is in the great work of redemption that the divine attributes are so gloriously displayed; that the most affecting appeals are made to our fears and hopes; and the most animating motives held forth for our obedience.

  9. For all that pleased in wood or lawn, While Peace possess'd these silent bowers, Her animating smile withdrawn, Has lost its beauties and its powers.

  10. It is, if we may so speak, the animating soul of his verses.

  11. In the thickest of the fight Adolphus spurred his horse through the opposing ranks, bearing down all opposition, till he faced Albert, who was issuing orders and animating his troops by voice and gesture.

  12. Matthias and Ferdinand now seemed jointly to reign, and the Protestants were soon alarmed by indications that a new spirit was animating the councils of the sovereign.

  13. The animating principle had plainly departed, and left the statue a stone.

  14. If human beings did not possess that tendency to feel within themselves the emotions of the people on the stage, they would be unable to experience vicariously the fear animating the tragic hero.

  15. The language should be appropriate to the emotions supposed to be animating the character who is speaking.

  16. This animating lyric was written by Charles Mackay.

  17. An animating choral in nine-eight tempo, with a swinging movement and fugue chorus, is rather florid for the hymn, but undeniably musical.

  18. Tis God's all-animating voice That calls thee from on high, 'Tis His own hand presents the prize To thine aspiring eye.

  19. One of Fanny Crosby's most animating hymns--with Dr.

  20. Life is a primary force; it is the source of all activity animating the universe.

  21. The soul of man is in communion with the Oversoul, which is the Source of all life and all intelligence animating the universe.

  22. Swedenborg truly says: "The warmth of life is the heat of the divine love permeating and animating the universe.

  23. What fond pursuits, what animating toils Diversify existence with delight?

  24. Animals partake of his benefits, and without his animating beams they would sink into insensibility and death: even in caves and dens of the earth, his visitation gives life.

  25. By this means, the animating heat of her body is greatly increased during the time of incubation.

  26. But of a plan, an animating conception even such slight traces as Chrestien had introduced into the story are lacking.

  27. The thing became a trumpet, whence he blew Soul-animating strains--alas, too few!

  28. Nisard, full of enthusiasm for the subject, and giving an animated and animating account of all the circumstances attending the readings, and of the different publications respecting them which followed.

  29. The appearance of his deliverer, instead of animating his courage, increased his fear and anxiety.

  30. He then imagines the beauty of a mother's smile surviving the universe, the sweetness of her voice echoing in worlds still uncreated, and the eloquence of her faith animating prayers made to the gods of another time, another heaven.

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