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Example sentences for "cheering"

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cheerie; cheerier; cheeriest; cheerily; cheeriness; cheerless; cheerlessness; cheerly; cheers; cheery
  1. In Buffalo he obtained a good dinner of bread and milk for twelve cents, and went to bed cheering himself with thoughts of other great men who had encountered greater hardships and had finally achieved fame.

  2. But he presently met Washington Irving, whose friendly face and cheering words revived his spirits.

  3. For these, when the band came marching down the street and took its place, set up a royal cheering that grew louder as Jefferson Bareaud, the color-bearer, carried the flag to the head of the procession.

  4. The lines stood in silence, and responded to the cheering by quietly removing their hats; so that the people whispered that it was more like an Odd Fellows' Sunday funeral than the departure of enthusiastic patriots for the seat of war.

  5. By and by, they heard a prolonged, far-away cheering and the steamer's whistle, and knew that the boat was off.

  6. He was warned to look out for Turkey Falls, and before proceeding he asked a countryman which side of the falls he should take, and received the cheering answer that, "whichever side he took he would wish he had taken the other.

  7. Another steamer proceeding across the channel is cheering Captain Boyton and dipping her ensign in his honor.

  8. Some of the authorities took charge of it; but the crowd gave it no heed as they followed up the street, cheering and tumbling over one another in their anxiety to see him.

  9. Lusty cheers were given for Paul as he mounted the outside of the coach, in answer to which he fastened the American flag to his paddle and waved it to the cheering populace as he drove out of town.

  10. A line was quickly fastened to the prize and she was towed alongside the Loa, and the entire crew joined the captors in cheering when they saw the good things.

  11. He jumped into the sea amidst the enthusiastic cheering of quite a crowd that had assembled on the beach to see him start.

  12. Boyton had not paddled many yards from the shore ere he found the water so shallow that he was compelled to wade quite a distance before getting fairly under way, then he soon left the cheering crowd in the distance.

  13. To see a pile of wood or a stump which the crew of some boat that had wandered up that far when the river was higher, had cut, was cheering amid that awful loneliness.

  14. From their wild gesticulations, he could see they were shouting; but he thought they were simply cheering him and continued his rapid approach on the swollen stream.

  15. Leavenworth and other towns were saluted, crowds always cheering on the banks, and the following afternoon, almost frozen, they landed at Kansas City, where for two miles the bank was a solid mass of humanity.

  16. And by that time the carmen took up the chorus, and began cheering and hurrahing, 'Long life and more power to Davenport Dunn!

  17. A very proud man was Mr. Binney that evening when everything was over, when they had rowed back to the boat-house with the heavy flag flapping behind them and the cheering crowd of men accompanying them on the bank.

  18. Our trip was fast becoming interesting, and with the cheering prospects of malarial fever and smallpox ahead, we began to wonder what was next!

  19. Thus the beautiful Ozma was escorted by a brilliant procession to her royal city, and so great was the cheering that she was obliged to constantly bow to the right and left to acknowledge the greetings of her subjects.

  20. You may be sure the royal children of Ev and their Queen mother were delighted at seeing again their beloved country; and when the towers of the palace of Ev came into view they could not forbear cheering at the sight.

  21. While Boulton spoke good humouredly to his partner in Cornwall with the object of cheering him up, he privately unbosomed himself to his friend Matthews in London.

  22. She blamed herself then for what seemed to her her blindness,--for having perhaps let slip opportunities of cheering him which she would have sold her soul to recall when it was too late.

  23. Swift as light and as cheering was the idea that broke in upon me.

  24. The walls were peopled by cheering clansmen, and nearly a score of pipers did much to increase the din.

  25. They were escorted by the king's own guard, and this time the populace made no sneering remarks but thronged the windows and the roofs, cheering heartily, while the Highlanders kept proud step to the shrill music of the pipes.

  26. A number of the watch on deck were strung along the rail, and the officers did not forbid their cheering the members of the wrecked tender's crew.

  27. The cheering ceased when this fact was realized.

  28. The whole house rose to its feet, cheering and clapping their hands.

  29. In due time the men were cheering loudly again, for the treasure was safe on board.

  30. As soon as the cheering had subsided, our Colonel's voice could be distinctly heard: "Fusiliers, I want you to use your legs.

  31. He was killed last night in the trenches, while gallantly cheering on his men to the attack of a body of the enemy, who, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, got close into our trenches.

  32. Well, off we went, steaming and sailing, out of Portsmouth, with any amount of cheering and shouting.

  33. She had been in the hottest fire, cheering and animating the men, and when the action was over was as active as any of the surgeons in attending upon the wounded.

  34. But the cheering broke from the throats of three hundred inveterate hero-worshippers like a tempest, and then a mist hid him from her sight.

  35. Many carried bands, and in the lulls of cheering the light breeze bore the notes of martial, if not strictly appropriate, music across the line.

  36. The Clergyman kissed two of the Bridesmaids because he was their uncle, and the Colonel (who had stopped blowing his nose and was cheering up) kissed the other two because he wasn't.

  37. The steamer passed on, and a confused burr of cheering announced that she had reached the next silent warship.

  38. These towering heights, far from overburdening and depressing the mind, draw it away from the din of the noisy world, and call forth cheering and elevating emotions.

  39. Saul appointed him his armour-bearer, thus securing to himself the cheering influence of his presence.

  40. It is strange that I should be compelled to record such scenes, without one cheering instance of manly exertion on the side of order, to relieve the odious picture.

  41. I knew you were blue, and there's nothing so cheering as music.

  42. My immediate comrade and I talked in an undertone about quarantine laws and their penalties, but we found nothing cheering in the subject.

  43. After a little introductory piece, the king arrived, and, as soon as the cheering was over, the curtain drew up for "Le Dieu et la Bayadere.

  44. Then we heard cheering on the right, and I supposed that this meant a charge on the part of Wood's men, so I sprang up and ordered the men to rush the buildings ahead of us.

  45. By this time we were all in the spirit of the thing and greatly excited by the charge, the men cheering and running forward between shots, while the delighted faces of the foremost officers, like Captain C.

  46. There was loud cheering when they came to the cleared land of the indigo fields and saw a tattered British ensign fluttering from the log stockade which enclosed the huts of the overseer and his laborers.

  47. It was already packed by a dense crowd of good-natured cheering men and women.

  48. Tommaso staggered to the breastworks and stood one man against an army cheering and calling his charge to the field of the dead.

  49. They were cheering now--the breeze wafted their cries across the little valley that separated them from our trenches: “For God and Emperor!

  50. He had resigned the cares of office to ride a new hobby and bask in the smiles of cheering thousands.

  51. On he moves, gathering to himself all waters; refreshing, cheering all lands.

  52. He felt the cheering power of spring; It made him whistle, it made him sing: His heart was mirthful to excess, But the Rover’s mirth was wickedness.

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    Other words:
    applause; auspicious; bracing; brisk; cheerful; cheering; cheery; cordial; crisp; encouragement; encouraging; energizing; exhilarating; favorable; fresh; glad; heartening; hopeful; hospitable; inspiring; invigorating; joyful; joyous; ovation; pleasant; promising; propitious; reassuring; refreshing; rousing; stimulating; supportive; sympathetic; tonic; zestful